Will Cats Poop On Slate Chippings? What To Use And What To Avoid!

In this article, we will be answering the question will cats poop on slate chippings or not and looking at some other solutions that you can take advantage of to stop a cat pooping in your yard.

We have noticed a steady number of people reaching out for advice mainly to stop their neighbor’s cats from pooping in their yards but sometimes from the actual cat owner wanting to keep their cat from pooping in their plant pots.

We have researched the subject and decided to publish this article in an attempt to help any of our readers who find themselves in this same situation.

Does Slate Chippings Deter Cats

Well the short answer is yes, using slate chipping can deter cats from pooping in the locations that they are applied. The thing is, slate chippings can be expensive, even the cheapest slate chippings that we could find online will still set you back a fair bit if you have a large area to cover.

That said, if you only have a few plant pots or some small flower beds then slate chippings can be perfect. They offer a one time use solution that can quickly and easily prevent cats from pooping in a small area of your yard or garden.

That said, if a cat is desperate enough they will poop anywhere no matter what you do meaning using slate chippings may only reduce the occurrence of cats pooping in a location. Additionally, the slate chippings can stop your cat from pooping where you put them but it will not stop a cat from just using somewhere else in your garden needing you to clean it up anyway.

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A Better Solution For Larger Yards

Using a product like a high-quality cat mace can help stop a cat from pooping anywhere in your garden. It is much cheaper than using slate chippings and it can be spread over much greater distances.

The main problem with using something like cat mace is that if the cat is your own it will deter it from going out into your yard or garden. On the flip side, if you are just wanting to keep a stray cat or a cat from somewhere on the neighborhood getting into your garden to use it as a toilet then this can be perfect!

The product works by taking advantage of its active ingredients causing a nasal irritant to cats who come into your garden encouraging them to leave quickly. You can use it in on your lawns, flower beds, plant ports, and landscaped areas. You are also able to use it in other locations too such as basements, storage areas, and cellars.

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The Ultimate Solution

In our opinion, the ultimate solution for keeping other peoples cats out of your garden is to use something like PestAway Ultrasonic Cat Repeller. For the same price as a few bags of slate chippings that will only protect a small area of your garden, these can protect the whole area with ease.

It can be set up to use either ultrasonic sounds, flashing lights or both to scare cats out of your yard before they can poop when the motion sensors detect a cat.

The video below offers a more in-depth overview of the tool as well as a visual demonstration on how it works.

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