What To Give A Constipated Kitten For Quick And Easy Relief!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what to give a constipated kitten to quickly and easily get your kitten’s bowels moving again without any risk to its health. Beleive it or not, constipation in kittens is actually a common issue and we always see a number of people asking for assistance treating it in their pet kitten.

Although there are a number of home remedies that people tend to recommend, it seems the vast majority of them do little to nothing when actually tried on your kitten. We have research as many methods commonly recommended by other cat owners to try and find out what ones are actually worth your time. We hope that this article will help as many of our readers as possible who end up finding themselves in this same situation.

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What To Give A Constipated Kitten For Quick And Easy Relief

The Best Kitten Laxative On The Market

In our opinion, the best way to quickly and easily get rid of constipation in your kitten is to use Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant. It is the market leading product in the cat laxative niche with little to no real competition out there with such a good reputation and such a low price tag. Since its release, it has only gone from strength to strength with an excellent word of mouth reputation between both cat and kitten owners.

There are plenty of reviews of Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant online left over by the current customer base of the product who are wanting to share their experiences with the product. You can click here to read some of these reviews if you like. All of those reviews are from third-party cat or kitten owners who have zero connection to our blog and are a totally independent opinion of the product.

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Features And Benefits

Over the years, Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant has evolved into its current iteration of the product. Due to all of the positive feedback from cat and kitten owners, it now has a unique formula that is just as effective as ever but taste list Tuna Fish to help encourage your cat to eat it. There are a large number of reports out there of people saying that their cats will eat it as a treat or part of their meal without realizing that it is actually medication.

Although it is officially a remedy for the removal of hairballs in cats and kittens, it works perfectly well as a laxative and hairballs are one of the leading causes of constipation in kittens anyway.


Question – Where is Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant produced?

Answer – It is made in the United States of America.

Question – Are any of the ingredients in Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant sourced from China?

Answer – No, due to the recent scares in the pet food industry, Tomlyn have taken all possible steps to remove any chance of an ingredient being sourced from China in their products.

Question – Where can I find the full ingredients list for Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant?

Answer – The image below shows the full ingredients list of the product directly from its packaging.


We have searched the web for a number of third-party, independent reports from other cat and kitten owners on Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant. We have summarised the reports to make them quicker to read for our readers but you can also click on the links to read the original report in full if you like.

    • This report comments on how they used to use a competitors product before moving over to Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant they mention how since making the switch over to this its going well. They also say how their pet cat actually likes the taste of the product and enjoys licking it from the tube eagerly.
    • This report comments on how Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant was actually prescribed to them by their local veterinarian as their cat was having issues going to the toilet and getting constipation. They mention how their pet loves it and eats it without issue seemingly thinking that it is actually a treat rather than a form of medication. They mention how they have bought this product multiple times so far and will probably keep buying it going forward due to it working so well.
    • This report comments on how they give Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant to their long-haired cats around once per week to help deal with their cat’s constipation. They mention how their cat enjoys the taste of the product and that it is the only product that they have managed to find that actually helps to prevent their cat from getting backed up.
    • This report comments on how they own two long-haired pet cats and use Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant as their go to product to help keep them regularly. They mention that both of their cats enjoy the Tuna flavor of the product and that they love it when they are given the medication. They mention how their cats were a little unsure of the product but once they got used to it, they would eat it without issue.
    • This report comments on how they have been using Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant for a while and that one of their cats actually really enjoys the products taste. They mention how they feel that the product works well and that they give their cats a tablespoon every two days to help deal with their cat’s bowel movements.

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Ingredients List

The image below shows the full ingredients list for Tomlyn Laxatone lubricant directly from the tube.

A Video On How To Administer The Product

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