What Kind Of Milk Is Best For Puppies!

In this article, we will be taking a look at what kind of milk is best for puppies. Although there are a number of reasons you may have to bottle feed or supplement a puppies calorie intake with milk, we see a steady number of people asking for assistance year round.

We hope that this article will help any of our readers looking for powdered milk for their puppies. We have researched the various products out there and although we feel many are a waste of money, we feel that we have found a winner that is cost effective and provides everything that your puppy needs.

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What Kind Of Milk Is Best For Puppies

We have seen a number of suggestions while doing out research ranging from the sensible to the pointless. When we found a new suggestion we decided to research the product to see what its reputation is like on the market and to see if it is a practical choice.

The Best Powdered Milk For Puppies On The Market

In our opinion, the absolute best-powdered milk for puppies on the market is Pet Ag Esbilac without any doubt at all. It is the market-leading, cost-effective milk substitute for puppies and has an excellent reputation amongst puppy owners. Although a few rival products have their slice of the market, none of them come close to having the customer base size of Pet Ag Esbilac.

As it has such a large customer base, Pet Ag Esbilac has plenty of reviews by third-party, independent puppy owners on the market. If you like, you can click here to read some of these reviews by other puppy owners sharing their experience with this milk for puppies.

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Features And Benefits

Pet Ag Esbilac is currently available in two forms, liquid and powder to try to meet the needs of all puppy owners out there. It is the ideal milk substitute for newborn puppies all the way up to the six weeks of age mark and beyond.

It is jam-packed with all of the vitamins and minerals that your growing puppy requires to meet its full nutritional profile each day without it drinking its mother’s milk. Its formula has been specifically created to be as quick and easy for your puppy to digest as possible while always being highly palatable.


Question – Where is Pet Ag Esbilac made?

Answer – It is produced in the United States of America.

Question – Are any of the ingredients in Pet Ag Esbilac sourced from China?

Answer – No, even before the recent pet food problems from China, Pet Ag were taking steps to source the best possible ingredients from a number of high-quality sources.

Question – Where can I see the full ingredients list for Pet Ag Esbilac?

Answer – The image below shows the full ingredients list for the product directly from the tub.


We have summarised some reports from third-party, independent puppy owners that we have found on the web below. None of the puppy owners who left these reviews have any connection to our website and all of these either currently are or recently have used Pet Ag Esbilac to feed their puppies.

Although the reports are summarised for ease of reading, you can click on the links for each report to be taken to the original to read it in full if you like.

  • This report comments on how they decided to use Pet Ag Esbilac as a milk substitute for their three puppies that they had adopted. They mention that at first they were only two weeks old and had to be fed often. They mention that on this milk formula their puppies gained were as expected and that they grew up to be healthy happy dogs. They then go on to mention that they later adopted yet another puppy and also decided to feed her this exact same milk formula.
  • This report comments on how they purchased their puppy from a breeder who sold us the puppy way too young without their knowledge. They mention that their puppy was not fully weaned and they quickly needed to find a suitable milk substitute for puppies. They say that they decided to give Pet Ag Esbilac a try and that they managed to wean her with only two cans of the product. The finish by saying that they would recommend this powdered milk to any other puppy owners in a similar situation.
  • This report comments on how they foster puppies and have had a fair few of them that required bottle feeding. They say that in their opinion, Pet Ag Esbilac is what kept them growing at a healthy rate and that they currently have two puppies that are going through this process without issue and gaining appropriate amounts of weight.
  • This report comments on how they rescued a puppy that’s mother had unfortunately died and required bottle-feeding. They mention how they were struggling to get her to eat and she had digestive issues with real food so they decided to switch her over to the Pet Ag Esbilac puppy milk. They finish by saying that in as little as seven days their puppy was one hundred percent better and was able to work on solid food.
  • This report comments on how had their puppy from as young as only two weeks old and that they turned to Pet Ag Esbilac as their go-to feed. They mention how their puppy loved it and that it worked out much cheaper than getting it from their local pet store.

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Nutritional Profile

The image below shows the nutritional profile for Pet Ag Esbilac direct from the packaging.

An Independent Video On How To To Feed

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