What Do Rats Like To Play With? A Full Breakdown!

In this article, we will be answering the question what do rats like to play with? Over the last five or so years rats have seen an increase in the number of people keeping them as pets. This has led to a direct increase in the number of people reaching out for advice on how best to care for their rats.

One of the most common problems we see people having is how to keep their pet rats happy and entertained. We decided to research and publish this article to help as many of our readers who find themselves in this same situation. We have found a number of things rats love and we feel that investing in at least one of these will help improve your pet rats quality of life. That said, you can add as many of them as you like but adding them all is not necessary.

What Do Rats Like To Play With

Most people will usually just pick up a few rat toys and add them to their pet rats cage and be done with it. When looking at how to entertain pet rats the possibilities are endless if you use your head with everyday objects and start thinking outside the box.

Although we will be covering each of these in greater detail throughout the article, here is a short lift of our recommendations:-

Digging Box

First up, we have the tried and tested digging box. The best part about digging boxes is that you can use a bunch of different things as the box. For example, an old shoe box or an old container will work fine but you can also pick up a commercially made plastic shoe box that will work perfectly.

You can then fill the box with a number of common household items to provide your pet rat with something to dig through and play with. We would always recommend that you use something that you know is safe for your pet rat such as:-

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Next up we have high-quality wooden mazes. Many rat owners choose to make their own mazes as they can fully customize them as they please to make the ultimate play space for their pet rat. If you are not confident if your ability to make your own rat maze then there are high-quality ones that you can order online.

The best thing about rat mazes is that you are able to further enhance the play space with some high-quality rat treats. As rats are highly intelligent they will start to remember where you place the treat within the maze and head directly for it so you can change the location of the treat to mix it up.

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Puzzle Toys

Next up we have the old-school tried and tested favorite that is the puzzle toy. Unfortunately, commercially products puzzle toys that have been specifically designed for rats can be hard to find. That said, you can usually get away with a toy designed for smaller dog breeds that your rat will usually be able to play with.

Again, there are a number of things that you can do to enhance the play time with the puzzle toy by adding treats within it. Many of the newer style puzzle toys will also have a way to increase or decrease the difficulty of the toy making it harder or easier for your rat to get the treat reward. This can help to keep your pet rat occupied longer as it works harder to get its treats that are held within the toy.

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Rope Bridge

Next up we have a high-quality rope bridge, the best thing about these is you can string multiple ones together to make them as long as you need offering different levels of elevation for your pet rat to play on. Additionally, although not their main purpose, many rats also love to chew on the rope as a pass time.

If you don’t like the idea of adding some elevation into your pet rats cage with rope bridges, you can tie some of them up against the walls of their cage to help add an extra dimension and texture to the cage. Your rats may enjoy standing up against them or clawing and biting them to add something new to their day.

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Play Tunnels

Next up we have the various types of play tunnels for rats and other small animals available on the market. These can be a bit of a double edged sword as they are usually produced as a one size fits all product and then marketed for multiple small pet types. Although rats are usually fine, larger animals such as ferrets may struggle to get through them.

There are a large number of different types of play tunnels on the market but we feel the best ones are the ones that allow you to extend or change the shape of the tunnel as you please. This can help keep your rat interested for longer periods of time as your rat will have something new to explore.

Again, you can take advantage of rat treats to help keep your pet rat interested even longer. Simply place the treats at one end of the tunnel and place your rat at the other end to work its way through. You can also drop some of the treats inside the tunnel if you want to give your rat to find treats throughout the tunnel as it climbs through.

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Play Hammocks

Next up we have pet play hammocks, although they tend to me more effective if you have multiple rats, they can also be used as a place for your pet rat to sleep while also offering some elevation to your rat’s cage.

The vast majority of the designs of these hammocks are very similar and they all retail at around the same price and are in wide circulation. You can pick them up in most pet stores or online without any trouble.

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