What Do Baby Hedgehogs Eat? A Full Breakdown!

In this article, we will be answering the question what do baby hedgehogs eat? Now the answer to this does depend on the situation. If you have found a random baby hedgehog in your garden that you only want to help refuel and let it go on its way there are many more options.wildlife rehabilitator

The foods that are most commonly available in most households that you can offer a baby hedgehog are human baby food, none fish-based dog food, and none fish-based cat food. These can make a good one off meal to help recharge the baby hedgehog and help it on its way or you may want to invest in a food specifically designed for hedgehogs if you think the baby hedgehog is actually living in your garden. If the hedgehog shows no interest then it may not be fully weaned from its mother. Never offer it cow milk as it can cause digestive upset in hedgehogs, if you suspect that the hedgehog is not fully weaned then you can contact your local wildlife rehabilitator center for advice.

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Foods For A Long-Term Pet Baby Hedgehog

If you are keeping a baby hedgehog as a pet then there are many more food options open to you that you can use to supplement a core hedgehog food and offer your hedgehog a balanced and healthy diet. These food types include:-

Live Mealworms

One of the most common food types fed to pet hedgehogs is live mealworms. They can be used as a treat or as a large part of a hedgehogs diet. They make the ideal dietary supplement for baby hedgehogs as they are jam-packed with plenty of nutrients.

Due to mealworms being such a popular food source for many different types of pet they are widely available and very cheap. If your baby hedgehog does not take to mealworms, our article on how to get your hedgehog to eat mealworms may help.

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Milk Replacement

Although cows milk can cause digestive upset in hedgehogs, there are a number of high-quality milk replacements available that hedgehogs can have without issue. We would like to note that this should not be used as a replacement for a mother hedgehogs milk for her young! It is best to leave a baby hedgehog to drink its mother’s milk until it is at least four weeks of age and starts to wean naturally.

That said, this milk can be used to supplement the diet of a weaned baby hedgehog as it is jam-packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

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Live Crickets

Next up, we have live crickets, another very popular food source for pet hedgehogs that are also suitable for baby hedgehogs. Similar to mealworm, they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals for your pet hedgehog and also offer plenty of protein per cricket.

Although crickets are not as popular as mealworms for as many different types of pets, they are still in wide circulation and easy to source for a low price. Although live crickets are commonly used as a treat they can be used in conjunction with a regular food to help supplement your baby hedgehogs diet.

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Next up on our list, we have wax worms, another popular supplementary bug that can be fed to baby hedgehogs. Unlike mealworms and crickets, waxworm have a much higher fat content so should only be used as a treat or a way to help a baby hedgehog gain weight.

They are a little harder to source but can usually be picked up from specialist pet stores who are based around supplies for reptiles or amphibians or you can just order them off Amazon.

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Cat Or Kitten Food

Although many hedgehog owners use a specific pet food designed for hedgehogs these days, there are still a number who use cat food. The majority of cat foods currently on the market are NOT suitable for hedgehogs but some like I And Love And You Naked Essentials can be used.

If you would like to know more about cat foods that are suitable for hedgehogs then our article on the Best Cat Food For Hedgehogs On The Market may help you find the best possible cat foods in your location for hedgehogs.

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