8 Essential Tips For Keeping Ferrets Happy!

In this article, we will be going over our list of Eight essential tips for keeping your pet ferrets happy no matter what. These tips have been tried and tested by ferret owners the world over and have a really high success rate at keeping your Ferret Happy.

Provide Plenty Of Enrichment

Ferrets are naturally a very inquisitive animal and love to explore. One of the main problems new ferret owners fact is providing enough enrichment for their new pets and keeping them occupied. If your ferret keeps biting its cage or scratching the floor of its habitat, it could be due to boredom.

Thankfully, there are a number of different quick and easy things that you can do to change this. We have published a number of different articles on this that are linked below that can help you provide enrichment to your ferret’s life:-


Make Sure You Feed Your Ferret Meat

Ferrets are obligate carnivores meaning they have to have meat in their diet to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle. Many people make mistakes in their diet such as feeding them dairy. vegetables or dog food.

A poor diet can be a leading cause of upset in your ferret leading to both digestive and mental issues. Correcting your ferret’s diet is another quick and easy way to improve its life with minimal effort.

Our articles linked below can help you perfect your ferret’s diet:-


Play With Your Ferret

Although ferrets are usually solitary creatures in the wild, they can actually become sociable when domesticated. There are a number of people who play games with their ferret and report that their ferret enjoys the activities.

Our ultimate ferret starter kit goes into some toys that ferrets enjoy playing with that you may be able to take advantage of. The video below goes into some of the activities you can do with your ferret.

Ferret-Proof your House

Ferret proofing your house can be a pain but in our opinion, it is essential. As we mentioned earlier in the article, ferrets love to explore. They will scuttle down any hole or gap they can find in your home in an attempt to find food or shelter.

This can result in a number of problems such as your ferret doing its business or leaving food in locations that you are unable to get too easily. Over time this can cause problems by potentially leading to disease.

Ensure That Your Ferret Has A Dark Area

Ferrets really enjoy the dark, providing them with a dark area in your home can give them comfort and a feeling of safety. Building your ferret its own tunnel is quick and easy but can pay off in no time.

Other simple ways to add darkness to your ferret’s life can be things as simple as:-

  • A cardboard or shoe box.
  • An old handbag or backpack that you don’t use anymore.
  • Some old tube left over from house repairs or renovations.
  • An old pair of pants that you no longer wear.

Keep Up With Your Checkups

A healthy ferret is a happy ferret. Although the vast majority of ferrets will probably be fine without ever needing to go to see their veterinarian. Many people choose to keep up with their regular annual veterinary checkup with their ferret for peace of mind.

Always Keep Learning About Ferrets

The key to being a good pet owner to always continue learning about your chosen type of pet no matter what. In this day and age, there is no reason not to keep learning when we have Google and YouTube at our very fingertips. We have published a large amount of content regarding ferrets and how best to care for them available at the link below that may help you.

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