The Ultimate Ferret Starter Kit!

We have decided to publish this ultimate ferret start kit post in an attempt to help any of our readers who are interested in getting their first ferret. The post is broken down into four main categories.

  • Essential items.
  • Toys.
  • Life Enhancement.
  • Optional.

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Essentials For Your Ferret

The essentials category are items that we feel everyone should invest in if they are planning on owning a pet ferret. They are items that you may struggle without and that will help keep your ferret safe and healthy.

A Ferret Cage

A high-quality ferret cage is an excellent investment for both you and your pet ferret. It has fully removable leak-proof shelves to increase accessibility for tasks such as feeding and cleaning the cage

The cage has been specifically designed to have a number of wide, expansive shelf to maximize the area your ferret has available for playing.

Your ferret’s cage will serve as a safe space for it to spend its time. If you have other pets in the house you can rest assured that both your ferret and your other pets are safe from attacking each other while it is in its cage. You can click here to read independent reviews from ferret owners on the cage that we recommend.

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Although food may seem like an obvious item that you have to purchase for your ferret, do you know what the best food types are? Our ultimate ferret food list contains a comprehensive list of foods for ferrets as well as foods you should not feed ferrets with some that you may find surprising.

The Best Dry Food For Your Ferret

When it comes to dry food for ferrets, we always recommend Marshalls Premium Dry Ferret Food. Although the name gives it away, it has been specifically designed with ferrets in mind with the ideal nutrient breakdowns for them to lead a healthy life.

It has proven extremely popular with ferret owners and has established itself as the market leader way ahead of its competition. Click here to read independent reviews of this ferret food wrote by ferret owners all over the world.

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The Best Treats For Your Ferret

When it comes to ferret treats, we recommend Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Treats. Although not specifically designed for ferrets they have proven very popular.

If you have any other pets in the house such as cats or dogs you can also offer them these treats to save money on shelling out for anything else.

You can click here to read independent reviews of these treats from cat and dog owners or click here to read independent reviews wrote by ferret owners.

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Food And Water Bowls

Now that you have the food side of things covered, you are going to need something to put it in as well as your ferret’s water supply.

Almost any food any water bowls will do, just take their size into account. If you have chosen use the cage we recommended above then most food and water bowls should fit without issue.

Water Dispenser

Rather than using a water bowl, some ferret owners will choose to use a water dispenser. This helps remove the chance of your pet’s waste getting into its drinking water and causing potential problems.

A Ferret Litter Box

Next up, you will need somewhere for your ferret to dispose of its food and water. Although some people will just place some ferret litter in one corner of their ferret’s cage, other owners prefer to purchase a ferret litter box.

If you have a multi-story home then try to have at least one litter box on each floor. Once potty trained, this can help reduce the number of accidents that may happen in large houses.

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Ferret Litter

It doesn’t matter if you choose to invest in some ferret litter boxes or not. You are still going to need some ferret littler as that’s what you will place in a corner of your ferret’s cage for it to do its business.

We always recommend marshalls ferret litter as it is extremely effective. It also has an excellent reputation amongst ferret owners and has been tried and tested by people the world over.

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Toys For Your Ferret

Ferrets are inquisitive creatures, they enjoy playing for both enjoyment and as a way to relax. Toys also serve as an excellent opportunity to get your ferret to exercise while bonding with you. Not all of the following toys are required by any means but we do advise you invest in one or two.

Our post on how to make a ferret playground goes into detail on how you can best use some of these toys to make the ultimate ferret experience.

A Lazer Pointer

Although a common choice for cats, ferret owners often overlook laser pointers as a toy for their ferrets although they are very effective.

The best thing about using a laser pointer is that it requires very little effort from you to get your ferret to have a large amount of exercise.

The video below is a good example of just how efficient a laser pointer can be as a toy for your ferret.

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A Ferret Ballpit

Another longtime favorite for ferrets is the ball pit. They love playing in amongst the balls and digging to try and find stuff. Our recommended ball pit also has two holes on either side for you to attach a tube as shown in the video below.

If you choose not to attach a tube then they can serve as entry and exit holes for your ferret when it wants to leave and play with something else.

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Next up we have tunneling items, the Marshall Ferret Super Thru-Way Tunnel is ideal as it has been specifically designed for ferrets and offers the perfect dimensions for them to play in. As it is made by the same company who make the ball pool above, this tunneling system fits perfectly to the ball pool allowing you to link different play areas up to each other for your ferrets.

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A Turtle Ferret Tunnel

Although new to the market, the turtle ferret tunnel has proven very popular with both ferrets and their owners. It offers an interactive cuddly tunnel system for your ferrets to play and sleep in.

One thing we would mention is that it is the perfect place for your ferret to try and store food for later. Check it regularly to ensure it is clean and free from rotting food. You can click here to read independent reviews from ferret owners on this toy.

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Swimming Rings

If you are wanting to get your ferret swimming then these mini swimming rings are perfect! Although they were designed for dolls, this report and this report both from ferret owners confirm they work perfectly for ferrets to swim.

As they are not specifically designed for ferrets, ensure there is plenty of space for your ferret to breath with them on. Our post on teaching your ferret to swim may help you if you want to get your ferret swimming.

Making Your Own Ferret Toys

We have the below posts that can help you make your own ferret toys:-

Items For A More Comfortable Life

These items are not essential as they have substitutes that you can use from stuff around the house. If you do choose to purchase any of these either your ferrets or your own life will become more comfortable.

Cage Cleaner

A good cage cleaner can make your life much easier when it comes to cleaning time. It is quick cleaning, animal safe and has a fresh smelling formula that cleans your ferret’s cage with long-lasting results.

There are a number of homemade solutions people can use such as vinegar mixtures. Although these may get part of the job done, they usually lag behind a professional cleaner. This is why we haven’t listed a cage cleaner as an essential item.

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Litter Scoop

Another item that people usually swap out for common stuff around their house is a litter scoop. It can be very efficient at cleaning out your ferret’s cage and litter box.

Over time this will save you a bunch of time and effort at a minimal cost. There are a number of things around the house people use as a substitute that can work though if you use your imagination.

A common one people use is an old wallpaperer scraper.

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Ferret Shampoo

As ferrets can become smelly due to their scent glands being active, we recommend that you wash them once per month, twice at most. Any more and you are risking your ferret developing skin conditions as well as a few other problems. If your ferret does smell then our article on how to make your ferret smell better may be helpful.

Human shampoos can also remove the essential oils that your ferret requires on its fur. Some pet shampoos are suitable but we recommend that you use a ferret shampoo to avoid any problems.

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Nail Clippers

As time goes on, you will have to clip your ferret’s nails regularly. Whereas some sharp human nail clippers will work, they may splinter your ferret’s clays. This can result in infection as well as cause problems walking for your ferret if not treat promptly.

There are a number of different pet claw clippers on the market. We recommend that you use these Veterinarian Grade Pet Clippers when clipping your ferret’s claws. They will reduce the chance of accidental splintering of the nail to help protect your ferret. Click here to read independent reviews of these nail clippers.

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Although some people may feel that bedding is essential, this does depend on your climate and other things that you put into your ferret’s cage. For example, things like a ferret hammock covered below is enough to keep your ferret warm.

If you live in a warm climate then bedding may not be essential for your ferret. If you live in colder climates then its probably a better idea to add some form of bedding or a blanket of sorts. Your ferret will wrap itself up and keep itself warm as it desires.

If you are into your arts and crafts then you are able to make your own bedding if you like. Our post on how to make your own ferret bedding will help give you a number of ideas on what you are able to do.

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These items are optional non-essential but may serve a valid purpose depending on factors such as the temperature where you live and the type of cage you plan to use.

A Ferret Hammock

Kicking off our optional items is the ferret hammock. Not only can it be used as a hammock but also a cube and a play mat.

If you set it up to be a cube then you can also place a small sheet or towel into it and have it also serve as your ferrets bedding area.

One thing we will say is that you have to make sure it is correctly fitted before letting your ferret near it. The last thing you want is your ferret climbing in only to fall to the bottom of the cage and hurt itself.

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Fleece Blankets

Our next item is fleece blankets. They can be put inside your ferret’s hammock or just added to the cage as a source of warmth for your ferret if required.

Additionally, you can layer the base of your cages with them to make it kinder on your ferret’s paws. Some people try to use towels but the claws of your ferret can get stuck on the fabric and potentially causing it distress and anxiety.

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A Pet Playpen

Although far from essential, a pet playpen can provide you with a second secure area for your ferret to go. This can be helpful for when you are cleaning your ferret’s gage.

You can also break down the playpen and use sections of it to block off doorways and other locations you want to prevent your ferret from going.

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A Harness And Leash

If you plan on walking your ferret in an open space then a good harness and leash can be essential. It will give you a way to quickly control your ferret when needed to help get it out of danger. For example, get your ferret out of the reach of a dog or traffic.

That said, if you are planning to keep a house ferret then there’s rarely a need for a leash or a harness.

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Travel Bag

Again, not an essential item but if you are planning on traveling with your pet ferret then you may want to invest in a dedicated travel bag.

Additionally, if you are planning on working your ferrets then you are going to want a way to transport them between your home and your hunting location.

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