The Increasing Popularity Of Dog Vlogging!

After posting about the popularity of pet based Instagram accounts like the Doug The Pug account a few weeks back, we had the concept of “dog vlogging” brought to our attention. Essentially, it is a blend between the ever-popular concept of regular vlogging that has been popular for years now, the concept of viral pet videos, and the rapidly growing idea of having social media accounts just for your pets.

The idea is that you basically vlog your dogs day by recording what it gets up to and then you upload the footage onto sites like YouTube and share shorter clips on Instagram. Some of the Dog Vlogging channels based around dogs with odd personalities who end up getting up to entertaining things during their walks are actually getting close to breaking the 100,000 subscriber count mark too.

Now, the thing is, when it comes to dog vlogging, it can take a fair amount of investment to get the equipment that you need. Unlike a person who knows that they have to be careful with the recording equipment, your dog just wants to go off and run around and enjoy its time. A vlog channel based around a human can get started with your smartphone as most modern phones have great cameras and microphones on them.

If you try to mount your expensive smartphone to your dog though, it’s going to end up getting broken very quickly. That’s why most dog vlogging channels are based around using some type of action camera with a GoPro being the most popular choice. In addition to this, you need a way to mount the camera to your dog too with the official GoPro Fetch dog harness probably being the most popular solution.

Although not essential by any stretch, you can also pick up the GoPro Karma Grip gimbal that will also mount to the GoPro Fetch harness. The Karma Grip provides you with some smooth video footage to help make the videos easier to watch for a potential audience and make it more likely that they will actually subscribe to the channel too.

If you want more guidance on the gear you need for dog vlogging you can read this post as it offers some more information as well as multiple examples showing you what type of video footage you can expect. Once you have all your gear all that you have left to do is mount the gear to the dog and take it out for its walks. If something funny happens when you upload it your dogs YouTub account and share it with the world.