The Five Best Dog Chew Bones For Your Trusty Pet!

Keeping your dog entertained and occupied can be a challenge, especially if your time is occupied by another task and for whatever reason, you are unable to focus on your pet. One quick and easy trick can be to either feed your dog or give it a chew toy. In our search to discover the best dog chew bones on the market, we have discovered a wide range of products. Some are worth picking up while others should be given a wide birth.

In this article, we will be going over the top five dog chew bones that we could find. These chews are good for all dogs over six months of age and can help to keep your dog occupied leaving you free to focus on other tasks. We have chosen some that are non-edible but will last for a long time and some that are designed for short-term use but your dog can eat while chewing.

The Benebone Real Flavor Wishbone Chew Toy – The Best Dog Chew Bones

First up, we have the Benebone real flavor wishbone chew toy available in three different flavors, Bacon, Chicken and Peanut to keep your dog focused on the chew. Although the flavors of each of the chew bones have been designed to be unique, most people tend to find their dog will play with either flavor equally rather than end up preferring one. It also comes in a small, medium and large variants to ensure it can keep dogs of all sizes occupied.

Although not the main purpose of the wishbone, multiple dog owners have reported that leaving their dog to play with the toy helps keep their teeth clean with some dog owners even reporting that they have never had to have their dogs teeth cleaning in ten years due to their dog playing with a wishbone chew every day.

The Five Best Dog Chew Bones For Your Trusty Pet!

This chew bone does include real food ingredients, its main purpose is to keep your pet occupied rather than as a source of food so it is advised that you replace the toy when your dog manages to wear it down. Most dog owners tend to find that even a heavy chewer will take around a year to chew through a single wishbone. Although it has been designed to reduce the risk of parts of the bone breaking off, some very small parts may splinter and if this occurs they should be removed before your dog is able to consume them.

With a focus on both scent and flavor, Benebone has managed to produce a chew bone that dogs love to play with. Benebone have managed to grow a loyal following of dog owners who regularly purchase their products. To date, they have almost 6000 customer reviews on with an average rating of four and a half stars.


Question – Do dogs tend to prefer one flavor of the Benebone wishbone chew toy over another?

Answer – Like humans, all dogs have their own unique preferred flavors and tastes. The majority of dogs will enjoy all flavors of the Benebone wishbone chew toy but they will naturally develop their favorites.

Question – Do Benebone wishbone chew toys break up into small sharp bits during use?

Answer – The Benebone wishbone chew toy has been specifically designed to minimize the chance of any small sharp bits breaking off.

Question – I have a very heavy chewer, will the Benebone wishbone chew toy last or be useless after five minutes like competators products?

Answer – The Benebone wishbone chew toy is a tough chew that will be able to stand the test of time even with heavy chewers.


  • This report comments on how their dog uses the Benebone wishbone chew toy multiple times each day to satisfy its chewing needs. They go on to comment on how some of the competitor’s products are often ignored for up to a week by their dog.
  • This report comments on how their dog prefers the Benebone wishbone chew toy over the leading competitor’s products. They theorize how it may be down to its unique shape or the delicious flavor of the bone.
  • This report comments on how their dog is able to destroy chew toys that are even labeled as indestructible. They then go on to comment on how their dog loves its Benebone wishbone chew toy and how he hasn’t managed to do much damage to it yet.
  • This report comments on how the Benebone wishbone chew toy is their dogs go to bone of choice. They also include an image to show the type of wear and tear you can expect the bone to hold up against.
  • This report comments on how their dog loves the Benebone wishbone chew toy. They go on to mention how they have four or five of the chews in their house for their dogs as its the only chew toy that it is not able to instantly destroy.

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The Nylabone Dura Chew

Next up, we have the Nulabone dura chew, essentially two chew bones for the price of one. Again, the dura chew comes in the sizes of small, medium and large in the flavors of chicken with peanut butter or chicken with bacon. There is a variant designed specifically for puppies available but due to their popularity, they often sell out quickly, even from major retailers such as Amazon.

The dura chew has been specifically designed for dogs who are aggressive chewers. Made from an extra durable nylon blend that is splinter proof ensures your dog can chew away to its heart content. The material has been designed to break off from the main bone in shards that are smaller than a grain of rice. If your dog does consume one of these shards that fall of the main bone then it won’t be a problem as dogs of all sizes are able to either digest or pass it without any problems.

The Best Dog Chew Bones.

Similar to the wishbone above, the dura chew is also able to help clean the teeth of your dog during use by controlling the buildup of plaque and tartar while keeping your dog occupied. There are multiple reports from a number of dog owners online stating that even their senior dogs with teeth or jaw problems enjoy chewing on the dura chew.

Multiple dog owners have reported that their 70 pound plus aggressive chewer pets not only love the dura chew but also are unable to destroy it helping them stay occupied for longer. In the hunt for the best dog chew bones, you can rest assure the dura chew has something to offer all dogs.

In the small chance that your pet dog does not show much interest in the dura chew, soak the chew in a meat or bone broth (our post on How To Make Bone Broth For Dogs) of your choices such as chicken or beef for 24 hours and then offer it to your dog. In our experience, your dog will love playing with the toy and start to develop the habit of playing with it that will stick.


Question – Do these chews stain your carpets and furniture?

Answer – No, The Nylabone Dura Chew has been specifically designed to be stain free.

Question – Is The Nylabone Dura Chew ideal for dogs who love to chew?

Answer – Yes, these have specifically been designed for dogs who are heavy duty chewers.

Question – How long is The Nylabone Dura Chew?

Answer – The small chew is around 3 inches, the medium chew is around 4.5 inches and the large chew is around 8 inches.


  • This report from a veterinarian technician comments on how they have seen a number of dogs be brought in to their veterinarian office due to injecting some chew toys. They go on to comment on how they have never seen this problem happen with a product from Nylabone. They then go on to list a number of positives for the product and whey they are a good investment.
  • This report comments on they have a great dane puppy and that she loves The Nylabone Dura Chew. They go on to say how their dog chews on her Nylabone every day and how the chew toy holds up to her chewing with little signs of damage.
  • This report comments on how Nylabones main competitors products are unable to compare to The Nylabone Dura Chew. They go on to mention how they are purchasing more of these chew toys as they make an ideal distraction for their dog instead of it chewing their shoes.
  • This report comments on how the owner always buys these bones for their dog as his pets love them. They also go on to mention how The Nylabone Dura Chew has never broken down into smaller bits as some other products do.
  • This report comments on how their dog likes to shred anything it can get in its mouth. They mention how its other toys can be destroyed in as little as five minutes but The Nylabone Dura Chew are lasting five or more weeks per bone.

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An Independent Third Party Review Of The Nylabone Dura Chew

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The Pet ‘n Shape Beef Bone

Next up we have the pet n shape beef bone, the first all natural chew bone on our list made from real USA free range grass fed beef bones. Available in three sizes, medium, large and extra large this bone is not recommended for small dogs due to the size of the bone pieces potentially being too big for their jaws.

The beef bone is a delicious and healthy snack that is perfect for medium to extra large aggressive chewers. The unique roasting process developed by pet n shape for this bone ensures that it is weakened enough to be fully digestible by your dog meaning they can eat the whole thing and that there is no need to supervise your dog when playing with this chew bone.

Cheap Dog Chew Bones.

With pet n shape being a small family owned business, they pride themselves of trying their products out on their own dogs first with a number of videos on their YouTube channel of their dogs enjoying playing with the chews. If your dog enjoys the beef bone then there are some other excellent variants offered by pet n shapes such as their beef shin bone, the beef rib bone, the mega bone and the titan’s bone.

A word of warning when giving your dog a beef chew bone, as they are real roasted bones they can stain furniture and carpets so try to only give them to your dog when they are outdoors or in a room with wood flooring. Most medium dogs will take a minimum of at least three months to get through a single bone without losing interest. There are multiple reports of larger dogs who are aggressive chewers still taking around the three-month mark to break the bone down before it needs replacing.


Question – Are are the pet ‘n shape beef bones produced and sourced?

Answer – They are both produced and sourced in the United States of America.

Question – WIll these the pet ‘n shape beef bone stain carpets or furniture?

Answer – Yes, these are real bones with biological matter on them that can stain.

Question – How long are the pet ‘n shape beef bones?

Answer – They range between three and four inches per bone.


  • This report comments on how they have a labrador that is a mega-chewer and usually destroys things in a matter of minutes. They then go on to say how their labrador has been on the same pet ‘n shape beef bone almost two months. They include a photo of the bone after the two months to show how it has changed during use.
  • This report comments on how they have two large dogs that are both heavy chewers and usually destroy everything. They then show a picture of their bones after three months of use to show how their dogs have been unable to get through them.
  • This report comments on how their dogs chew on the pet ‘n shape beef bones for hours and they last without issue.
  • This report comments on how the owner used the pet ‘n shape beef bones to keep their puppy occupied. They then go on to say how they were able to keep their puppy occupied for hours.
  • This report comments on how their dog loves the pet ‘n shape beef bones as a chew treat and walks around with the bone in its mouth non-stop.

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Nutritional Profile

The pet ‘n shape beef bone contain one single ingredient and that is beef bone.

The Nylabone Edibles Dog Chew Bones

Next up, we have our second entry from Nylabone, this time from their edibles range. With five different flavors based on chicken, bacon, beef and bacon, roast beef and filet mignon available your dog will be spoiled for choice. They have also introduced the variety pack that contains multiple flavors to help prevent your pet getting bored of the same flavor. Similar to the other offerings on our list, these are also available in a number of sizes to ensure there is something for dogs of all sizes.

The chew bones have been made with the goal of keeping your dog occupied while also assisting with it having a healthy lifestyle. Each bone is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals while being totally free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The formula has been designed from the ground up to be highly digestible by your dog so it can eat until your heart’s content.

The Best Cheap Dog Chew Bones.

Rather than being a long lasting chew bone like our other recommendations, an aggressive chewer will probably be able to get through these in fifteen minutes or less of constant chewing but this does depend on the size your order. If you have a small dog that is an aggressive chewer then you could try ordered the next size up to see if it slows your dog down.

Although the majority of people report that these bones are stain free, there have been some reports of some flavors leaving marks on light colored furniture but they are easy to remove with warm soapy water.


Question – Are the Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones safe for your dog to eat?

Answer – Yes, they have been specifically designed for your dog to chew them down and then eat them if the dog chooses.

Question – Where are the Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones produced?

Answer – They are produced in the United States of America with the highest possible ingredients.

Question – How many weeks old should you wait before giving the Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones to a puppy.

Answer – This totally depends on the dog breed of your puppy, larger and medium dog breeds will be able to manage these much sooner than the smaller breeds.


  • This report comments on how their dog loves the Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones and confirms that the owner has been using this product for a while. They then go on to say how their dog is very picky and has turned its nose up at most chew bones on the market, even more expensive options.
  • This report comments on how their dog is not only a chewer but picky dog too. They mention how their dog can sometimes have some stomach issues depending on the food it eats but that the Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones are without any digestive upset.
  • This report comments on how they use these treats to keep their dogs occupied and how they have subscribed to receive them regularly to use with their dogs.
  • This report comments on how their dog loves Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones. They go on to comment on how they are perfect to help satisfy their dogs need to chew.
  • This report comments on how they give this to their dog as a way to keep her occupied.

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Nutritional Profile

The image below shows the nutritional information for Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones.

The image below shows the full ingredients list for Nnylabone edibles dog chew bones.

The Smokehouse Meaty Mammoth

Our final offering is the smokehouse meaty mammoth, a 100 percent natural beef bone that has been slow roasted and then smoked to preserve its rich natural flavor while still ensuring it is digestible for your dog. Unlike the other recommendations on this list, the meaty mammoth only comes in one size and as the name suggest, it is large meaning it may not be suitable for small dogs or puppies.

Unfortunately, the marrow in these bones will leak as your pet chews on it and it can leave marks and grease on furniture so it is advised you only give them to your dog when outdoors or in rooms with wood flooring. A positive is that it is close to o free unlike some of its competitors, once the marks have been cleaned up, there is no nasty lingering smell left behind.

There are multiple reports of dog owners with large dogs, even a great dane who are aggressive chewers taking over a month to get through each bone. When your dog does manage to break the bone down, the roasting process smokehouse put the bones through ensures any parts that do drop off and get eaten by your dog are fully digestible.


Question – Do these need to be refrigerated after their initial use?

Answer – No, once given to your dogs they do not require refrigeration.

Question – What length is the smokehouse meaty mammoth?

Answer – As they are a natural product and not made in a factory, they are different lengths but range from eighteen inches to twenty-two inches in length.

Question – Will the smokehouse meaty mammoth stain my furniture and carpets?

Answer – As it is a natural product with the remnants of meat on it, it can stain your furniture.



We hope this article has helped save you time in your search for the best dog chew bones on the market but giving you some recommendations that you are able to look into as chew bones for your dog. Although the price range for each of the bones is quite similar, the duration of use for each bone does vary giving the opportunity for some deals depending on the size of your dog and how aggressive of a chewer they are.

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