The Best Yogurt For Dogs!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at the best yogurt for dogs available on the market right now. Before getting into the article we want to say that you should always avoid a yogurt that contains xylitol, an artificial sweetener as it is toxic to dogs.

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The Best Yogurt For Dogs

In our opinion, the best yogurt-based product for dogs is Activia. Not only is it one of the market leaders but they have an excellent reputation for their brand. As with most yogurts, it is actually designed for human consumption but it is xylitol and perfectly good for dogs.

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Question – Does Activa contain xylitol?

Answer – At the time of writing, it does not and this is unlikely to change. Always check the label for your yogurt before offering it to your dog though. If xylitol is listed then don’t give it to your dog. The image below is a full list of ingredients for Activia Strawberry flavor at the time of writing.

Question – Should I keep this product refrigerated once received?

Answer – Yes, always keep the yogurt refrigerated.

Question – Where is Activia produced?

Answer – Due to the demand for the product, there are multiple factories all over North America and Europe that produce the various Activia products.

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Nutritional Profile

Although the nutritional information does change slightly due to flavor, the image below shows the nutritional breakdown for Activia Strawberry flavor.

The Nutritional Information For The Best Yogurt For Dogs!

Benefits Of Giving Your Dog Yogurt

Promoting The Growth Of Good Bacteria

If your dog has had any recent problems with digestive upset or has been on a course of anti-biotics then Yogurt is an excellent way to help its natural gut bacteria bounce back. The probiotics in the yogurt will help the good bacteria in your dogs gut grow at an optimal rate and can have them back to normal levels in as little as five days.

Vitamins And Minerals

Yogurt is an excellent way to help get extra vitamins and minerals into your dog’s diet without much effort. Simply use it as a treat for your dog or add it as a topper or side to their dog’s regular meal.

Yeast Infections

Yogurts can be an excellent way to treat yeast infections in dogs. The Candida Albicans strain of yeast can take advantage of unstable gut bacteria in your dog. Not only does the yeast help promote the growth of good bacteria as covered above but it also helps to deal with the yeast infection.

Treating Diarrhea

Similar to treating the yeast infections above, giving your dog a bowl of yogurt can also help to treat diarrhea in your dog. Again, it reinforces your dogs gut bacterial health and helps deal with the bad bacteria that is causing your dog to have diarrhea.

Can You Give A Dog Greek Yogurt

The short and simple answer is a yes, you can give your dog greek yogurt. That said, there are some conditions that can affect this. For example, if your dog is lactose intolerant then some yogurt types may affect your dog and give it some digestive upset.

Greek yogurt tends to be better for your dog digestive system overall provided that it does not have issues with lactose. The increased levels of probiotics in the yogurt help promote healthy bacteria in your dogs gut promoting overall gut and digestive health.

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