The Best Substrate For A Pacman Frog!

Round and with large, wide mouths, the pacman frog gets it’s namesake from its resemblance to the popular video game character. These interesting creatures are popular in the pet trade for their ease of care and needlessness for physical affection. So instead of having to hold them, pet them, and provide them your touch to make them feel cared for, these pets thrive best when you take every detail of their environment into account.

One of the things you might want to know about the pacman frog is that it isn’t the best of swimmers. That said, your habitat needs to have the right substrate since this is where your pacman frog will often stay. Wondering which choice comes out on top as the best substrate for pacman frog pets? Here are two of our favorite picks.

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Exo Terra Plantation Soil

Pacman frogs don’t swim, but being that they are amphibians, they thrive best in environments with high levels of humidity. So of course, the best substrate for these creatures would be those choices that help to manage the microclimate to improve the moisture level of the air. The Exo Terra Plantation Soil (Click here to check for product prices and availability) makes an excellent choice for that reason as the material retains moisture and helps increase the humidity in your containment. In effect, this substrate can prevent dehydration of your pet, and promotes healthy skin and respiration.

This material is all-natural and organic, able to serve as a suitable plantation soil. In the care of your pacman frog, this can be an essential since these creatures commonly thrive in habitats with lots of different kinds of greenery. Positioning small plants in its containment won’t only help make the environment more authentic, but will also help promote the humidity levels in the air.

Much of the effort you spend on pacman frog care will be focused on the maintenance of your enclosure. That’s because these animals don’t necessarily need affection from their owners. So the only way you can actually care for them is by optimizing the conditions they’re living in. That said, you should expect to have to clean out droppings and waste material ever so often.

Fortunately, the Exo Terra Plantation Soil lets you spend less time on cleaning and more time observing your interesting little amphibians. The material helps with the natural composting of waste, and minimizes odor, allowing you to extend the time between each substrate change. That said, you can also perform spot treatment by removing some of the material and then replacing just what was soiled to reduce the time you spend maintaining your containment.

At less than $1 per quart, this affordable substrate is definitely a suistainable choice for pet owners trying to work on a budget. The long lasting, hardy material can stay in place without the need for a replacement for several months, allowing you to extend a single purchase for over a year, depending on how often you maintain and clean out waste.

All things considered, this premium, natural substrate definitely offers impressive performance to keep your pacman frog happy and healthy. Be sure to read up on a care sheet to find out what you can do to help optimize this material to maximize your frog’s lifespan.

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Zoo Med Repti Bark

Now here’s a great investment for those who are looking for a re-usable substrate material that limits the need for new purchases. The Zoo Med Repti Bark (Click here to check for product prices and availability) is unique in that the material can be used over and over again when you find the need to clean out the entire containment. Simply soaking the material in hot water after 2-3 months of use can give you fresh looking, fresh smelling substrate that you can reuse to freshen up your pacman frog’s space. That means much less spending on new substrate, and the ability to keep refreshing your containment with a single bedding for over a year.

On top of that, the Zoo Med Repti Bark makes a good choice for the pacman frog because of its natural tendency to retain moisture. Specially developed to trap moisture, this material releases humidity into the microclimate to meet your pacman frog’s needs. The material also wicks away waste material and keeps it isolated in the base of the containment, making it easier for you to perform spot treatment and preventing waste from moving around in your frog’s space.

Of course, any pet owner wants the best for their pet. And that’s why Zoo Med uses natural, organic material to create its pet friendly substrates. Without any harsh chemicals, dangerous additives, or synthetic oils, this material absorbs odors without the hep of chemical-based products. This means that your pacman frog can enjoy a long healthy life without the risk of long-term toxicity that’s commonly associated with products that use risky synthetics.

On the topic of price, the Zoo Med Repti Bark is definitely worth the cost. Considering the fact that you might be able to reuse the material three to four times after the first application, then you don’t have to worry about buying new substrate for over a year. Simply soaking the material in hot water when it’s time for a cleaning can give you that fresh substrate look and feel.

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Final Thoughts

Your pacman frog needs a unique environment to thrive and survive. So be sure to offer it exactly what it needs to prevent any health concerns. If you want your pet to see through 8 happy years of life in your care, then you should be careful to make the right choices for its environment. That all starts with the best substrate for pacman frog pets. Be sure to check our choices and find out how they can help improve the care you provide your little amphibian. These substrates were designed for humidity loving creatures like yours, so they’re guaranteed to meet your pet’s health needs with ease.