The Best Food For A German Shepherd With A Sensitive Stomach!

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best food for a german shepherd with a sensitive stomach. Unfortunately, sensitive stomachs can be common in dogs. Although there are some medical issues we will cover later in the article that can cause digestive upset, the most common reason by far is your dog’s diet.

Switching over to a more equitable dog food can, and often will clear up the symptoms of a sensitive stomach in your german shepherd.

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The Best Food For A German Shepherd With A Sensitive Stomach

When it comes to the best food for german shepherd stomach problems we always recommend a taste of the wild dog food. Not only is it our number one choice for german shepherds with a sensitive stomach but our number one choice for dogs in general as it is such high quality.

It has proven extremely popular and has an excellent reputation with the dog-owning community all around the globe. You can click here to read some third party independent reviews from dog owners on this product and how it has helped with their dog’s sensitive stomach if you like.

It is currently available in these flavors:-

Features And Benefits

The three most common reasons that your german shepherd may be suffering from a sensitive stomach is its food containing either lactose, gluten or low-quality meat. Thankfully, the risk of all three of these potential causes is totally removed by switching your dog over to a taste of the wild dog food.

It’s protein sources are 100% real high-quality meat, the type of meat does change depending on the flavor you purchase. For example, if you purchase the venison and bison flavor then your dog will be getting its protein from the venison and bison in the food mix. There are no cheap low-quality dairy substitute protein sources included at all meaning there is no lactose in the food removing the chance of it causing a sensitive stomach in your german shepherd due to it being lactose intolerant.

As a taste of the wild dog food only uses high-quality meat sources, there is no risk of your dog having any digestive upset from low-quality meat sources in the food either. As well as removing the risk of digestive issues in your german shepherd, the high-quality protein sources also support the growth of strong lean muscles.

A taste of the wild is also 100% grain-free as they see no reason to pack their food with low-quality filler grains to cut costs. Due to this, there is no risk of your dog having any digestive issues caused by any gluten intolerance issues that it may have.The carbohydrate sources in the food mix are all from high-quality fruit and vegetable superfoods filling the food mix with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support a healthy lifestyle in your dog.

The vitamins and minerals in the superfoods in the food mix contribute to your dog’s eye, bone, coat, skin, and teeth health as well as ensure it has plenty of energy available for activities.

Reports From

As usual, we have a number of reports from independent dog owners currently using this product as their chosen dog food. They comment on how it has helped with their dog’s sensitive stomach issues amongst other things:-

  • This report comments on how the dog owner tried a number of different dog foods with no luck before switching over to a taste of the wild. Since making the switch, their dog’s digestive issues have cleared up and they have noticed increased energy levels in their dog as well as an improved coat.
  • This report from a different dog owner comments on how feeding their dog a taste of the wild helped stop digestive issues as well as excess gas.
  • This report from another dog owner also comments on how using the taste of the wild dog food cleared up their dog’s sensitive stomach.

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Question – Is this food made in or are any of its ingredients sourced from China?

Answer – No, The majority of the ingredients are from the United States with a small number coming from New Zealand, Germany, and Belguim. The factories the foods are made in are located in California, South Carolina, and Missouri.

Question – Is this dog food AAFCO certified?

Answer – Yes.

Question – Is this available as a wet dog food?

Answer – Yes, you can get it from here.


Nutritional Profile

The screenshot below shows the full nutritional profile of the venison and bison food mix.

The nutritional profile of the best food for german shepherds with stomach issues.

The screenshot below shows the full ingredients list of the taste of the wild food mix for the venison and bison, the rest can be seen here.

The full ingredients list for a taste of the wild dog food, ideal for a dog with a sensitive stomach.

The Second Best Food For A German Shepherd With A Sensitive Stomach

Our second recommendation for a dog food ideal for your german shepherd with digestive issues is BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free. Similar to the taste of the wild product above, it has proven to be a very popular product amongst dog owners in general. Due to its high-quality ingredients and lack of grains and dairy, it is also ideal to help you avoid any digestive upset in your dog. You can click here to read independent reports from dog owners currently using this food mix for their dogs with previous sensitive stomach issues.

Features And Benefits

Again, this dog food from Blue Buffalos wilderness range contains high amounts of real meat. Due to this, there are no requirements for them to add in any low-quality lactose based products that can trigger your dog’s lactose intolerance and result in tummy problems.

It is also grain free getting its carbohydrate sources from high-quality fruits and veggies that are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals for your dog’s health. This removes any risk of a gluten intolerance issue flaring up and causing your dog problems. Additionally, the food is also supplemented with Blue Buffalo’s LifeSource Bits to further increase the vitamins and mineral profile of the food mix.

Reports From

Again, there are a number of reports available online from dog owners currently feeding their dog this product who had previously had a sensitive stomach when fed other foods.

  • This report comments on how they changed over to the blue wilderness food after being adviced to try it by a vet to stop digestive issues in their dog. After switching over, the owner reports that the issues stopped occurring in their dog.
  • This report comments on how their dog would often throw up after eating but this stopped once they swapped over to blue wilderness.
  • This report from another dog owner also comments on how this food is perfect for their dog who was previously prone to digestive issues.

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Question – Does this food mix contain canola oil?

Answer – No.

Question – Is anything in this food from China?

Answer – No, their website confirms that everything is from the United States.

Question – Does this dog food contain sodium?

Answer – The food ingredients profile shown below does not list sodium as an ingredient.

Nutritional Profile

The image below shows the full nutritional breakdown for this dog food.

The nutritional breakdown for the second best dog food for sensitive stomachs.

The image below shows the full ingredients list for this product.

The ingredients list for the product that is ideal for german shepherd prone to digestive problems.

What To Look For In A Dog Food For Sensitive Stomachs

If you decided to find your own product to feed your german shepherd with stomach issues then here are a few things to look for in the food:-

“Meat” Listed As An Ingredient

Some low-quality brands will pack their food with low-quality meat that has bad protein to fat ratios so they can label their product with “contains real meat”. This is usually listed simply as “meat” on the product ingredients list with no additional information. Check the ingredients list of any product you consider and avoid it if you see this.

A high-quality product will list the type of meat contained within their food much. For example, it will list “Chicken Meat”, “Lamb Meat, “Beef or “Lamb”. Meals are also acceptable so don’t be dismayed if you see things such as “chicken meal”, “lamb meal”, “beef meal”, or “lamb meal”.

Grain Free

We can’t stress this one enough! Try to always make sure that any dog food or treat you feed your dog is grain free. As we have already mentioned in the article, the grain will trigger any gluten intolerance your dog has and result in a digestive upset.

It can be difficult to find grain free treats as grain is a cheap and easy to use filler ingredient. We always recommend our readers use Stewart Pro freeze dried treats. They are 100% meat with no added ingredients and judging by the reaction they get from dogs, they are delicious. You can read independent third party customer reviews from dog owners on this treat by clicking here.

The Best Food For A German Shepherd With A Sensitive Stomach!

Dairy Free

Although cheap dairy protein substitutes such as whey are rare in high-quality dog foods, they can be common in the budget options. If your dog’s food contains dairy products then it can trigger a reaction to the lactose in the food causing stomach problems.

If you do see any dairy products listed on the ingredients of a food you are considering we would advise you avoid it anyway. Try to find foods that get their protein sources from real meat rather than cheap vegetable or dairy substitutes.


Although egg whites are usually fine, some dogs can have allergies to egg yolk. This can often lead to excessive gas, vomiting or diarrhea in your dog. It tends to be a rarer allergy in dogs when compaired to the others listed above but it is just something to keep in mind when looking for your new dog food for your german shepherd.

Soy Free

Although rare, dogs can also have reactions to soy products in their foods. If you are trying to find a vegan or vegetarian-friendly dog food then soy may be one of its ingredients. Chances are your dog’s stomach upset is actually due to one of the problems listed above so a soy-based dog food can be tried but if the problem persists we would put it on one of the foods we mentioned earlier in the article.

If you are wanting to convert your dog to a vegan diet, our article on how to make your dog vegetarian or vegan may help.

Signs Of A Sensitive Stomach In Your Dog

Although it is usually obvious, here are some of the most common signs that your german shepherd may have a sensitive stomach.

  • Excessive Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Soft Stool
  • Lack of appetite
  • Hypersalivation
  • Decreased Mobility After Eating
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Blood In Stool
  • Swallowing

If you notice any of the above issues in your dog then there is a good chance that it is suffering from stomach issues. If you have changed your german shepherd’s food and it is still experiencing these issues then we recommend that you take your dog to the local veterinarian for a check-up.

A more serious condition may be the cause of your dog’s problem and it may require professional assistance. Although rare, surgery may be required but your local vet will be able to better advise you than we can.

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