The Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs On The Market!

With the french bulldog breed becoming more and more popular every year, we are seeing an increasing demand for specific dod food that is suitable as an everyday feed for your pets. At the time of writing, the French Bulldog is the sixth most popular dog breed in North America corresponding in the increase of our readers reaching out to us to ask for the best dog food for french bulldogs on the market.

In this article, we are going to be taking a look at five different high-quality dog foods that your French Bulldog will love! Each offers their own unique benefits for your pet and have excellent feedback from their current customers with some having managed to grow dedicated regular buyers who swear by their particular dog food.

The Honest Kitchen – The Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs On The Market.

First up, we have the Honest Kitchen, although they have grown their product range to include a number of different dog food products, for this article, we will be focusing on their human grade dehydrated grain free dog food. As this is a dehydrated dog food, you are able to adjust the amount of water you add to the food mix to adjust the consistency before giving it to your dog. Before serving, simply add the food mix to your dog’s bowl. add water and wait three minutes and then server to your pet.

The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food comes in a number of flavors so your French Bulldog is spoiled for choice. They offer the food mix in the flavors of free-range chicken, cage-free turkey, range raised beef and wild caught fish. That said, their range raised beef seems to sell out quickly so if your French Bulldog has developed a flavor for beef, it is probably a good idea to stock up as and when you can.

The Best Dog Food For French Bulldogs On The Market!

Unlike most dog food brands, The Honest Kitchen are extremely proud of their 100% human grade badge meaning they have put the time, effort and love into meeting all of the standards set by the FDA to ensure that their food mix is safe for consumption by humans. Talk about having a spoiled pooch.

Each serving is around 514 calories with a macronutrient breakdown of 31% protein, 14% fat and 35% carbohydrates. When first transitioning your French Bulldog onto The Honest Kitchens food mix, we suggest you reduce the size of the suggested serving size to around 1/2 and adjust accordingly depending on how much food your dog eats or leaves behind. When transitioning from your current dog food, start with a mixture or 3/4 current brand, 1/4 The Honest Kitchen and then slowly increase the amount each day until the meal is 100% The Honest Kitchen. This tends to make the process smoother with your dog being able to slowly transition.


Question – Where are the ingredients for this food sourced?

Answer – The ingredients used in this food are sourced from the United States of America.

Question – Where is this dog food produced?

Answer – The honest kitchen produce all of their food in the United States of America.

Question – How do I prepare this dog food for my dog?

Answer – Simply add water as instructed on the side of the packaging.

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Northwest Naturals Raw Nuggets

Next up, we have the Northwest Naturals Raw Nuggets mix. Again, it is available in a range of flavors but their lamb recipe seems to be their most popular offering. The nuggets of food are easily small enough for a French Bulldog to eat without and struggle due to their size. You can also use the nuggets as treats, there have been multiple reports that this has been effective, especially during the training phase.

Around 45% of the mixture is protein based made out of lamb, lamb liver, lamb heart and ground lamb bone. The majority of the rest of the ingredients are either a number of different vegetables that are jam-packed with vitamins and minerals with the remainder being made up of egg. Provided that you give your French Bulldog plenty of exercises, the Northwest Naturals Raw Nuggets can help support a healthy lifestyle for your dog.

Cheap Dog Food For French Bulldogs.

Although these are not specifically designed for puppies, the Nuggets have been designed to be easy to break down, even by hand meaning that you are able to use this as a puppy food mix. There have been multiple reports of people mixing crushed up nugget with either gravy or bone broth (our post on how to make bone broth for dogs) and feeding it to their litters of puppies without problems.

We have received a few questions recently asking for suitable dog foods for senior dogs, we would just like to add that these nuggets will be fine for a senior dog. That said, we would recommend that you break the Nuggets down and add a little warm water before feeding if your pet has any jaw problems.

As this offering from Northwest Naturals can be used as a regular feed, a feed for puppies and as a dog treat, we feel that it has definitely earned its place on the list for the best dog food for french bulldogs.


Question – Where can I see the ingredients for this dog food?

Answer – The image below shows the full ingredients list for this dog food.

Question – Where can I see the nutritional breakdown for this dog food?

Answer – The image below shows the nutritional breakdown for this food.

Question – Where is this product produced?

Answer – It is made in Portland Oregon.

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Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Our next recommendation is Stella & Chewy’s Freeze-Dried Dog Food. It has managed to grow an excellent reputation amongst small dog owners with over 2100 reviews on Amazon averaging four and a half stars! As you would expect, it is available in multiple flavors such as Beef, Chicken, Duck, Lamb, Rabbit, Turkey, Pheasant, Venison and Surf and Turf but due to the products immense popularity most flavors sell out quickly, even from large retailers.

Rather than being a dog food mix, this offering from Stella and chewy comes in the form of a pattie similar to the size of a fully grown man’s palm meaning you can simply place it in your dog’s bowl and leave it to enjoy its meal.

With their meat sources guaranteeing at a minimum of at least 95% meat content in their products that are always grass fed, cage free or wild caught and the Stella and chewy team then mixing in 100% organic fruit and vegetables  you can rest assured your beloved French Bulldog is getting a quick and easy nutritious meal.

The unique formula for each pattie has been designed to assist your dog with healthy digestion, a vibrant coat, clean teeth and healthy gums. Each pattie is 100% grain free meaning there is no unwanted wind after meal times.

On the off chance you are reading this and you have a medium, large or extra large dog breed then we would not recommend you use the Stella and chewy freeze dried dog food as a main meal but only as a treat as the price would spiral out of control to meet the needs of a large dog. These are specifically designed for small dogs with much lower calorie and dietary requirements.


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Royal Canin French Bulldog Dry Food

Moving on, we have the first dog food that has specifically been designed for French Bulldogs, the Royal Canin French Bulldog Dry Food mix. When searching for the best dog food for french bulldogs on the market, this has to be a contender! It has been specifically designed for the French Bulldog breed taking into account their brachycephalic jaw type with kibble size being designed for easy consumption of the meal.

Although the French Bulldog is a small breed, they are usually very muscular. The high protein content of the Royal Canin food helps your pet maintain its natural muscle density while offering a number of vitamins and minerals to help keep its coat glossy and digestive system running smoothly.

There are multiple reports by dog owners stating that feeding their dog the Royal Canin food helped reduce gas issues with some reporting issues being removed completely after as little as a week of being moved from their old food brand. If you live in a warm climate then the vitamins within the food may also help treat any skin issues that your dog is suffering from due to exposure to the heat.

A single bag will keep your pet fed for around six weeks if served for two regular sized meals per day. If your French Bulldog is over Ten years old or has jaw problems then it is advised you mix the food with warm broth to help soften it before being offered to your dog.


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Healthy Breeds – Freeze-Dried Treats for French Bulldogs

Our final recommendation is new to the market and although it can be used as a regular meal for your dog for one day a week, it is actually designed to be used as a treat for your pet. With a number of early reports of dogs loving both the beef liver and chicken flavors you can rest assured you have made a good choice for French Bulldog treats when picking up this offering from Healthy Breeds.

With a small kibble size specifically designed for French Bulldogs, your pet will be able to snack on these treats without a problem. They are also made of either 100% chicken breast or 100% beef liver offering a quick and easy delicious snack. With both flavors being jam-packed with high-quality protein, using this snack will help maintain your dog’s natural muscle density while also offering a number of vitamins and minerals to promote a healthy life.

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