The Best Dog Food For A Heart Murmur Available On The Market!

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best dog food for a heart murmur available on the market today. Although any dog breed can end up getting a heart murmur, they tend to be more common in small breeds.

We see a number of dog owners reaching out asking for assistance on what dog food they should be giving to their dog suffering from a heart murmur. Although there are no specific foods on the market that have a solid reputation that has been designed for dogs with heart murmurs, there are some for general heart health that can help with your dogs quality of life.

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The Best Dog Food For A Heart Murmur

In our opinion, the best dog food on the market to feed a dog with a heart murmur is Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry. Although it is a niche product, it is perfect for improving your dog’s overall heart health and can help to stop its heart murmur getting any worse.

Due to it filling such a small niche, there is only a small number of dog owners currently taking advantage of the product meaning there are not many other reviews of the product out there. If you do want a third opinion on the product then you can seek advice from your local veterinarian on the product.

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Features And Benefits

Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry has been specifically designed by one of the leading dog food manufacturers in the world to help boost your dog’s heart health and improve its quality of life it already has a heart condition. It is jam-packed with essential Omega Three fatty acids that help with inflammation throughout the whole body, not just the heart.

The sodium content of the food mix has been kept to ideal levels to further reduce the blood pressure and workload of the heart in your dog. In addition, it has an increased level of various B vitamins in the food mix to further increase cardiovascular health.


Question – Where is Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry made?

Answer – It is made in North Sioux City, South Dakota, The United States of America.

Question – Do I just feed Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry to my dog as I would with a regular dog food?

Answer – Yes, it’s ingredients have been designed to work passively when ingested by your dog. Essentially this is a regular dog food with unique ingredients to help with various heart issues in pet dogs.

Question – Where can I see a full ingredients list for Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry?

Answer – The image below shows the full ingredients list for the product directly from the manufacturer.


As we mentioned earlier in the article, Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry is a product filling a specific niche in the market and currently has a small customer base. We have managed to find the two reports below on the product from third-party, independent dog owners who have no connection to our website.

We have summarised the reports to make the quicker to read but you can click on their links to read the full report in full if you wish.

  • This report comments on how their dog loves Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry even though he is a very picky eater. They confirm that it has helped deal with their dog’s Congestive heart failure and they confirm that they are very happy with the product.
  • This report comments on how their dog is a very picky eater since having to move over to a low sodium diet due to heart issues. They mention that they turned to Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry in the hope that it would be able to help strengthen their dog up. They confirm that their dog loves this food rather than turn its nose up at it as it has done with the competing products out there.

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Nutritional Profile

The image below shows the full nutritional profile for Royal Canin Early Cardiac Dry directly from the manufacturer.

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