The Best Collars For Pitbulls That Pull Currently On The Market!

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best collars for pitbulls that pull currently available on the market. As pitbulls become a more popular dog breed to be kept as pets, we see more and more pit bull owners reaching out for advice on the breed.

This time we will be looking at ways you are able to stop your pit bull from pulling on its collar or leash when out on its walk. Now, there are various types of training that you can do to stop this behavior but most people don’t have the time to so this, especially when you can purchase a cheap and easy to use anti-pull dog collar that works much quicker.

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The Best Collar For Pitbulls That Pull

In our opinion, the best collar on the market to stop your pit bull from pulling while out walking is the canny collar. It has managed to quickly establish itself as one of the leading anti-pull collars on the market due to how easy it is to use and how quickly it stops your dog from pulling while walking.

With pitbulls, you may want to measure around your dog’s snout before ordering your collar. The below is a break down of the different sizes of collar best suited for pitbulls currently available for the product:-

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Features And Benefits

The canny collar has been designed to be the ultimate solution for anti-pull pain-free collars on the market. It is made from gentle lightweight material to help reduce any possible friction while also offering you as much control of the dog as possible.

It has been designed with a unique and revolutionary two hoop system. The main look works as a traditional collar that you put around your dog’s neck to help secure it for its walks while the second loop is put around your dog’s snout. You then simply take your dog out walking as normal and let the second loop do its job if your dog tries to pull.

If your dog does try to pull away from you then the second loop applies some gentle pressure to your dog’s snout pulling it down slightly. This triggers your pit bulls natural reaction to release the pressure causing it to slow its pace and stop pulling. This ingenious system has proven successful all over the world for a massive number of dog owners and a whole range of dog breeds.


Question – What size of the canny collar should I get for my pit bull?

Answer – As all dogs grow to be different sizes we recommend that you measure your dog’s snout and get the collar that will fit it best. The sizes below offer more guidance on this:-

Question – How quickly will the canny collar stop my pitbull from pulling while out on walks?

Answer – The video at the bottom of the article shows how quickly this collar can improve your dogs pulling behavior.

An Independent Video Demonstration

The video below shows how quick and easy it is to get your dog to stop pulling on its leach and collar when using the canny collar.

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