The Best Collar For A Large Dog That Pulls!

In this article, we will be taking a look at the best collar for a large dog that pulls currently available on the market. Although dogs pulling on their leash is a common occurrence, it can be worse when you have a large dog as the dog’s size, weight, and strength may control both the pace and direction of the walk.

We have researched the various collars available on the market and decided to publish this article to help any of our readers who own large dog breeds and have problems with their dogs pulling while out walking. Each of these collars has an excellent reputation with the large dog owning community as well as a proven track record of being able to help stop pulling while walking.

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The Best Collar For A Large Dog That Pulls

First up on our list of dog collars for large dog breeds that pull is the PetSafe Gentle Leader. Since the collars release it has managed to establish itself as the market-leading anti-pull collar for dogs of all shapes, breeds, and sizes. It has an excellent reputation within the dog-owning community with plenty of owners of large breeds already using it.

With this collar being such a popular product, there are plenty of third-party reviews online left by independent dog owners sharing their experiences using it. You can click here to read some of these reviews if you like as getting the opinions of other dog owners always helps.

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Features And Benefits

The PetSafe Gentle Leader is currently available in eight different colors and five different sizes with the large (sixty to one hundred and thirty-pound dogs) and extra large (over one hundred and thirty-pound dogs) being best suited to larger dog breeds.

The collar helps to stop your dog pulling during walks by taking advantage of its secondary hoop that you apply to your dog’s snout as shown in the image above. While you are walking this secondary hoop will apply pain-free pressure to your dog’s snout forcing its head down. This helps to trigger your dog’s natural instinct to slow its pace and match yours. Over time this will help break the dog’s habit of pulling away while walking without any expensive training lessons.

The nylon straps are padded with neoprene to make it as comfortable as possible while in use. Its straps are fully adjustable to allow you to customize the fit to your specific dog breed and size to ensure the collar works to its maximum potential. Additionally, the straps have been designed to prevent choking while walking unlike some competing anti-pull collars on the market.


Question – After using the PetSafe Gentle Leader and my dog is used to walking at my pace, can I use a different collar system?

Answer – Yes, there are plenty of dog owners out there who have done this without issue. If you have a stubborn dog who starts pulling again start walking with the PetSafe Gentle Leader fitted again until it stops. You can also simply remove the secondary hoop from your dog’s snout while walking rather than use a different collar.

Question – Will the PetSafe Gentle Leader work with an extendable dog leash?

Answer – Yes it will but while initially getting your dog used to not pulling away from you it would be better to use a shorter leash anyway.


  • This report comments on how they have a large Golden Retriever that is terrible during walking as he likes to pull. They mention that he would just drag his wife around and make walk time miserable. They mention how they saw the PetSafe Gentle Leader on YouTube and decided to give it a go. They comment on how their dog has no problems wearing the collar and that he will not walk next to them during walk time without any pulling at all.
  • This report comments on how they have a Great Dane that is around one hundred and eighty-five pounds and doesn’t know his own strength. They mention how the PetSafe Gentle Leader does not hurt your dog but does let you control their walking pace and that their dog managed to understand the concept of the collar within a day and now doesn’t pull while walking.
  • This report comments on how they have an eighty pound German Pointer that is very strong and pulls during walk time. They mention that they decided to give the PetSafe Gentle Leader ago and that their dog quickly stopped pulling during walks.
  • This report comments on how they were told about the PetSafe Gentle Leader but didn’t think that it would help their Great Dane at all. They then go on to mention how they feel that this is a game changer and that their dog go more and more used to the collar over the course of a day or so.

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The Second Best Collar For A Large Dog That Pulls

Next up we have the canny collar, another popular anti-pull collar system that works in a similar way to the PetSafe Gentle Leader covered above. It has established itself as one of the market leading collars in the niche but we feel that the PetSafe Gentle Leader takes the top spot these days due to its massive user base and how quickly it managed to become the market leader after introduction to the market.

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Features And Benefits

The canny collar offers a cheap, effective way to stop your large dog from pulling while out walking. It is a safe, kind, and comfortable way to train your dog not to pull away with minimal effort required from you. It works on the exact same principle as the PetSafe Gentle Leader covered above. It uses a secondary hoop that you place around your dog’s snout to control its pace without the need to cause any pain or expensive training lessons.

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