Should You Use Eco Earth For Leopard Geckos?

In this article, we will be taking a look at using eco earth for leopard geckos. With leopard geckos being one of if not the most popular type of gecko to keep as a pet, we always see people reaching out for advice on how best to care for their pets. This is by far one of the most popular questions that we see “Is eco earth safe for my leopard gecko?”.

Before getting into it, we would like to mention that every substrate has is negatives no matter what product you choose. The problem with eco earth is that many people have posted their opinions based on theory and over time these have been accepted as fact and then repeated by other gecko owners without them actually trying it. There are a number of leopard gecko owners currently using eco earth without issue and you can click here read some of their experiences if you like. Additionally, there are other substrates and base layers such as Reptile Carpet that you can use if you want to avoid eco earth.

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Should You Use Eco Earth For Leopard Geckos

Although we will be covering the main points throughout the article, we highly recommend that you watch this excellent video of an independent leopard owner testing eco earth to debunk many of the common myths of the product.

Does Eco Earth Cause Impactation

Without a doubt, one of the most common things that we see people ask is “Can Eco Earth Cause Impaction?” as your leopard gecko will end up eating it over time. Whereas there is a small risk of impaction as there is with any small substrate that you may use, you can see in the video above that it is unlikely that your gecko will actually eat the eco earth and get impaction.

You can simply monitor the poop of your leopard gecko to monitor it for signs of having eco earth in it. This will give you a guaranteed answer as to if your gecko is actually eating the substrate or not.

Does Eco Earth Cause Irritation

Another common thing that we see people mention is that using eco earth may cause irritation to the eyes, nose, skin, vent or ears of your leopard gecko. While researching this point we found a number of people mention that this may happen but we could not find a single one saying that is had happened to their gecko. This leads us to believe that this is simply based on theory rather than experience and fact.

Can It Cause Respiratory Problems

Again, the theory is that the eco earth will retain moisture, raise humidity, and lead to respiratory problems in your leopard gecko. Although the theory is sound as eco earth can retain moisture that may, in turn, lead to an increase in humidity, we were unable to find reports from leopard gecko owners actually reporting respiratory problems as a result of this.

Eco Earth Is Not Their Natural Terrain

We one hundred percent agree with this one. A leopard gecko has clawed, unwebbed feet that are made for living in rocky areas or placed with hard packed sand or dirt. Eco earth tends to be a soft, loose substrate that does not match up to the natural habitat that your leopard gecko has evolved to live in.

Thankfully, this one is relatively easy to fix. You can use eco earth as the base layer in your terrarium and add in rocks and other features as you please. There are also a number of high-quality features available that have been specifically designed for pet leopard geckos and other reptiles that can offer a firm footing like these:-

Adding one or more of those features to your leopard geckos terrarium will allow it to have firm surfaces to walk and bask on as it pleases.

Does Eco Earth Become A Spawning Ground For Bad Bacteria

The theory is that when your gecko poops, the eco earth will actually absorb the fluids and become a breeding ground for bad bacteria. We have not seen many people mention this in all honesty and again, the people mentioning it do seem to be posting their theory rather than their experiences.

As you can see in the video at the top of the article, eco earth actually helps to reduce the odor of your leopard geckos waste and provided you change it out regularly as you should with any substrate, this should not be a problem.

Using Eco Earth With A Humid Or Moist Hide

We have found a number of reports from leopard gecko owners using eco earth that it makes the ideal substrate to be used with a moist or humid hide. Our article on the Best Leopard Gecko Moist Hide On The Market may be able to help you pick out the best hide for your gecko if you have not chosen one already. A few reports mention how eco earth makes the perfect substrate for female geckos to dig into when they are about to lay their eggs or be used as a dig spot.

An Excellent Video Of An Independent Leopard Gecko Owner Doing Tests With Eco Earth

This is the same video embeded at the top of the article but we wanted to add it at the bottom too incase you skipped over it above. We highly recommend that you watch it as it is only short but very high quality!

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