How To Trim Hedgehog Nails Quickly And Easily!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to trim hedgehog nails as quickly, easily, and safely as possible for both you and your hedgehog. With hedgehogs growing in popularity year by year we are seeing more and more people reaching out for assistance on how best to care for the pet.

We decided to research the various methods and products out there to help hedgehog owners trim their pets nails and decided to publish this article. Our hope is that it will help as many of our readers who are also hedgehog owners and find themselves in this same situation as possible.

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How To Trim Hedgehog Nails Quickly And Easily

If your pet hedgehog has overgrown hedgehog nails then this is how we would recommend that you go about trimming its nails:-

  1. Secure your hedgehog in a towel to restrict movement if your hedgehog likes to wriggle.
  2. Place your hedgehog on your lap, some people prefer to put their hedgehog on their back whereas some people prefer to leave it on its feet.
  3. Take your hedgehogs paw in your non-dominant hand and hold your high-quality small animal nail clippers in your dominant hand. We always recommend you use a set of specifically designed clippers to clip your pet’s nails as scissors or human nail clippers can result in splintering your nail and causing pain to your pet hedgehog.
  4. Clip the end of your hedgehogs nail off but be sure not to touch the faint pink line in the nail as it contains nerves and will cause pain. If your pet hedgehog has black nails then you can sometimes see the nerve core by shining a torch from the back of the nail to the front.
  5. Repeat the process on all nails until the trimming is complete.

The Best Nail Clippers For Hedgehogs

In our opinion, the best nail trimmers for hedgehogs currently available on the market are the Shiney Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals. They have an outstanding reputation within the community of small pet owners and is trusted by people all over the world.

These people have left plenty of reviews of their experience with the product online. You can click here to read some left over by other hedgehog owners who use them to clip their pet hedgehogs nails or click here to read reviews from other small animal owners.

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Features And Benefits

These clippers have been specifically designed to securely make a clean cut through the nail to prevent splintering and remove the risk of avoidable pain that can come with using regular scissors or human nail clippers. They are eco-friendly and have been fitted with razor sharp stainless steel blades to quickly and easily cut through the nail.

The grips have been designed to be as ergonomic as possible offering you a comfortable and secure hold the help remove the chance of accidental slips. Unlike some of the products from the competition, the blades are totally hypoallergenic removing the risk of any problems after clipping your hedgehog’s nails.


Question – Can Shiney Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals be used to clip a baby hedgehogs nails?

Answer – It depends what age you class as a baby, there are reports of people using them from a very young age but we would not recommend that you use them before your hedgehog is six months old at least.

Question – Can Shiney Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals be used to cut my hedgehogs nails if it has a nail infection?

Answer – We would recommend that you seek advice from your local veterinarian on this. There are a number of fungal and bacterial infections that could weaken your hedgehog’s nails and result in splintering when trimmed.


    • This report comments on how they have been using this nail clippers for their pet hedgehog and that they feel they work great. They mention how they like using these more than regular nail clippers designed for humans and that they would recommend them for anyone else who has a small animal as a pet.
    • This report comments on how they feel these nail clippers work nicely for their pet hedgehogs nails. They comment on how they are easy to use and that it cuts their hedgehogs nails well. They also mention how they would also recommend these to other small animal owners.

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An Independent Video Demonstration

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