How To Trim Dog Nails That Are Overgrown!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to trim dog nails that are overgrown. If your dog’s nails are left to grow too long they can begin to curl back and end up cutting into its own paw. Unlike cats, it is rare for a dog to put much effort into keeping its own nails in order so it relies on human support.

We have seen a number of people asking for help and assistance on how to cur dog nails that have been left to overgrow. After researching the topic, we decided to publish this article in an attempt to help as many of our readers in this same situation as possible.

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How To Trim Dog Nails That Are Overgrown

In our opinion, the most common mistake people make is using either human nail clippers or even worse, scissors to try and cut their dogs nails. Neither were designed for this specific tasks and can actually do more harm than good. Our number one piece of advice is to get a pair of high-quality dog nail clippers that have been designed to make trimming your dog’s nails as quick and easy as possible.

If your dog’s nails are making that clicking sound when against the paving stones on its walk then it is definitely time to trim its nails. The clicking sound tends to happen a week or so before walking on its overgrown nails can start to cause your dog some serious discomfort.

Items Required

Secure Your Dog

There are a number of ways that you can secure your dog. Some people are able to simply give the command to sit or stay and then proceed to trim their dog’s nails without any further issues. Some dogs simply hate the action of having their nails clipped and will try everything they can to avoid it.

One simple trick is to wrap your dog in a blanket as if it was a baby. This will restrict its movement while also giving you the control required to pull one single paw out at a time to trim its nails with ease. The video below shows a few other painless restraint techniques that you are able to do to secure your dog for nail clipping if required.

Trimming The Nail

Once you have your dog secured and one of its paws in your hand, try to move its toe away from the fur and pad as best as possible to allow easy access for your dog nail clippers. If your dog’s nails have already curled back onto its paw pads then this may not be possible to do but try to apply a little pressure to see how your dog responds. If it shows any signs of pain, stop applying the pressure.

Tip – Shining a light or a torch onto your dog’s nails can be helpful in seeing where its blood vessels are located. This will only work if your dog has white or light colored nails though but it can offer that sense of assurance that you will be getting a clean cut through the nail without causing your dog any pain.

Take your dog nail clippers in your dominant hand and line them up against your dogs nail leaving a small distance to your dog’s blood vessels that you detected using the torch method above. You can then simply apply pressure to the Clippers and take off the excess nail. If your dog’s nails are black or dark and you are unable to see where its blood vessels are then you can always play it safe and only cut around half of the excess nail off.

If your dog’s nails are dark colored then you can clip one nail, release your dog’s paw so it places it back on the ground flat so you can see if there is enough space with the excess nail removed. If your dog is able to place its paw flat on the floor then you have found the ideal length to cut its nails too. Proceed to cut the remaining nails to the same length. You can finish by brushing the nail over with a high-quality nail file to smooth off any rough edges but this step is not essential.
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The Best High-Quality Dog Nail Clippers On The Market

In our opinion, the best high-quality dog nail clippers on the market are the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer. Since their release, they have managed to establish and maintain their reputation of being the market leading dog nail trimmer on the market. Not only are they extremely high-quality but they retail at around the $10 mark.

As with any market-leading product, there are plenty of third-party, independent reviews online from the dog owners who either currently are, or recently have used these clippers to clip their dog’s nails. If you like, you can click here to read these reviews for an independent opinion on this product.

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Features And Benefits

They are made from stainless steel with a flawless design to ensure that you get a secure, clean cut every time when using the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer. This reduces the risks of nails splitting and causing your dog avoidable pain that is common when using a pair of scissors instead.

Their built-in safety stop helps to protect both you and your pet dog when trimming nails. Not only does this keep you both safe from avoidable snips but it also give you and your dog the peace of mind that there will be no accidental cuts to help make the whole process easier. Once your dog is used to having its nails trimmed without and accidents, it will stop trying to avoid you trimming its nails for it.

The rubber covered blades help keep you comfortable while cutting your dog’s nails while also helping you to apply the required pressure to guarantee a clean cut every time.


Question – Are the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer noobie friendly if I have never used doggy nail clippers?

Answer – Yes, they are easy to use and if you are not confident in clipping your dog’s nails, only reduce a small amount of excess nail each time but repeat the process every week or so.

Question – Can the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer be used to clip black of dark-colored nails?

Answer – Yes, as they are made from stainless steel with very sharp edges they will get through any dog nail quickly and easily.

Question – Can the safety stop on the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer be turned off?

Answer – Yes, it has a simple rotator that will enable or disable the safety stop as you require.


As with any market-leading product, Safari Professional Nail Trimmer has a bunch of independent, third-party reports online that we have summarised below. You can click on any of the links for each report to read the original in full if you choose.

  • This report comments on how the dog owner has a German Shepherd that they use Safari Professional Nail Trimmer. They go on to mention how they would recommend the standard size of the product for any dog around the size of a German Shepherd.
  • This report comments on how they use the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer on both their cats and their dogs. They then go on to comment on how the Clippers are comfortable to use on your hands while the blades are very sharp and perfect for trimming your dog’s nails.
  • This report comments on how their dog is terrified of having her nails clipped. They mention how their dog would cry even if the owner touched her paw. They go on to say that their friend was a pet groomer and they recommended they use a pair of Safari nail clippers. They also mention how they had tried a competitors product in the past that was not able to give clean cuts when trimming their dog’s nails but the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer gives a quick and clean cut.
  • This report comments on how their dog has thick and hard nails and other competing products were simply unable to even make a dent in their dog’s nails when it came time to clip them. They go on to say how even though they are relatively weak and unable to apply much pressure, the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer gets through their dog’s nails without issue.
  • This report comments on on how the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is the best doggy nail trimmer they have ever used. They mention they provide excellent flexibility when trimming your dog’s nails.

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