How To Treat Heat Rash On Dogs As Quickly And Easily As Possible!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to treat heat rash on dogs as quickly and easily as possible. Although more common during the warmer months, we often see dog owners reaching out for assistance on how best to treat heat rash in their dogs.

We have researched the various treatments currently available without a prescription and in our opinion, there is only really one product that is worth your time with the rest doing little to nothing to ease your dog’s symptoms.

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The Best Product For Treating Heat Rash On Dogs

In our opinion, the only treatment for dogs suffering from heat rash that is worth your time is Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs. Although it only has a small core customer base, it does have a good reputation in the dog-owning community for treating various problems in dogs such as heat rash.

There are a small number of reviews for Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs online left by third-party, independent dog owners who either currently are or recently have used the product on their dog. You can click here to read some of them if you wish although some of them maybe about treating other problems in dogs due to the product having multiple uses in dogs.

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Features And Benefits

Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs has been specifically designed to be able to treat a whole range of common problems in dogs in one easy to use product. Some conditions that is has been designed to treat are various infections, pain relief, barrier protection against insects, and heat rash. It can be used on scrapes, bites, cuts, abrasions, and various skin irritations directly as a topical ointment to help aid your dog’s skin repairing itself.

The treatment helps to relieve hot spots and reduce itchiness meaning your dog will not have the urge to scratch its heat rash and make it worse. If your dog has suffered any hair loss or inflammation due to its heat rash Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs can also help heal the damage and reduce further hair loss.


Question – Where is Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs produced?

Answer – It is made in Phoenix, Arizona, The United States of America.

Question – How do I use Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs to treat a heat rash in my dog?

Answer – Simply apply it directly to the affected area three times each day until the rash has healed.


  • This report comments on how they have used Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs to treat a scratch on their dog but as it turned out, the product is also good at treating hot spots in their dog. They mention how this has helped stop their dog chewing at its problem areas and offer relief to their dog.

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Label Infomation

The image below shows the label for Sulfodene 3-Way Ointment For Dogs and all information displayed on it.

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