How To Train Your German Shepherd Not To Pull On A Leash!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to train your german shepherd to not to pull on a leash! A young german shepherd can be a notorious puller when first being leash trained.

These tips and tricks are quick and easy to implement and can stop your dog pulling on its leash quickly. Dog training is a process and takes time, although you can expect quick results from these methods, they will not be overnight.

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How To Train Your German Shepherd Not To Pull On A Leash

Use A Collar Designed To Stop Pulling

Although we will cover them in more detail later in the article, a canny collar can be an excellent way to teach your german shepherd not to pull on its leash while walking. They have an excellent record for training dogs not to pull and are totally painless.

They work by having an additional hoop on the leash that you wrap around your dog’s snout. If your dog tries to pull when walking the canny collar will apply pressure to its snout with no additional effort from you and gently pull your dogs head down. This slows your dog’s pace and gets it back in line walking with you and at the pace you set.

Over time, your dog will begin associating its head being pulled down slightly with it trying to pull away from you. The video below is a good example of how these collars work.

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How To Train Your German Shepherd Not To Pull On A Leash!

Use Age To Your Advantage

Although you can teach an old dog new tricks, the process is usually easier if you start training when your dog is young or a puppy. Younger dogs tend to be keener to explore new things and have increased energy levels. These can be used to your advantage as your puppy is more likely to respond well to training.

Focus Your German Shepherds Attention

As the name suggests, german shepherds were originally bred for herding. This means that the majority of them are naturally attracted to any motion nearby. Unfortunately, this fills the world with distractions that interrupt training and encourage your dog to pull on its leash to play with the distraction.

Our article on getting your dog to come when called may help you with getting your dog to focus its attention on you. With a come command learned you will be able to get your dog to focus on you when it gets distracted while out walking and reduce it pulling on its leash.

Take Advantage Of Treats

Positive reinforcement for desired behavior works a treat for most kinds of dog training. No matter if your dog corrects its pace itself or due to the canny collar kicking in, wait until it matches your pace for a few seconds without trying to pull and then offer it a treat.

We always recommend that you used stewart pro freeze dried treats as your dog treats. They are excellent quality, delicious and 100% meat. For example, the chicken liver flavored ones pictured right contain nothing other than 100% freeze-dried chicken liver.

Denied Your Dogs Goal If Possible

If your dog pulls on its leash and gets to reach its target and do as it pleases then it may accessible reaching its target as a treat and pulling on its leash as acceptable behavior. It is important that you do your best to prevent this habit from forming as early as possible.

If you are walking your dog on a canny collar, this is automatically done for you as your dog will usually slow its pace as soon as it puts enough tension on the leash to activate the second hoop. If you are using a different style collar or a harness then you will have to manually correct your dog’s movements

The Best Collar To Stop German Shepherds Pulling On Their Leash

The canny collar came out as the best product in our post on the best dog collars to stop pulling. It has proven extremely popular with the dog-owning community, especially amongst owners with dogs who used to pull on their leash.

Features And Benefits

It offers one of the easiest training methods to stop your dog from pulling on its collar. It is totally pain-free, safe, kind to your dog, and effective. It has been specifically designed to be easy to fit to your dog in a matter of seconds to help save you time during your busy day.

The system has been designed to be as easy to use as possible. Once fitted, you simply take your dog for a walk as normal. If your dog pulls on its collar, it applies pressure to the second hoop and ends up pulling its snout down without any additional effort from you. Your german shepherd will quickly learn to walk at your pace and not to try and run ahead.

Once your dog has been trained not to pull you can still use the canny collar for your dogs walks. Just don’t attach the second hoop to your dog’s snout. This way, if your dog randomly starts pulling on its leash again, you can always quickly attach the second hoop to its snout and get back to training.

Train Your German Shepherd Not To Pull On A Leash!


Reports From Current Users

  • This report comments on how the collar fits and that the owner’s dog was still happy and bouncy while wearing it on its walk.
  • This report comments on how it is actually the second collar the dog owner has purchased as they are so efficient.

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Question – Does the collar come with carabiners for using the collar without the additional hoop?

Answer – Yes, everything required for the various setups is included in the box.

Question – Where should I measure to ensure I order the correct size?

Answer – Check out the official sizing guide for full instructions.

Question – How old should my dog be before training starts?

Answer – Dogs are usually found at the three-month point.

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