How To Train Your Cat To Sleep At Night!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to train your cat to sleep at night. As much as we love our cats, they can sometimes be a pain, especially if they start interrupting their owners sleeping patterns.

These tips and tricks may be able to help get your cat to sleep through the night. If they can’t get your cat to sleep through, they will be enough to teach your cat to leave you alone and let your sleep. One of the main points you have to remember is that this is a training process, it takes time and requires consistency and patience.

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How To Train Your Cat To Sleep At Night

If your cat won’t sleep at night then try as many of these different methods as possible.

Use A Pet Corrector

Pet correctors are an excellent tool for discouraging unwanted behavior in your dog or cat. They work by emitting a high pitch sound that cat’s don’t like.

If your cat wakes you up during the night, use a quick blast of your pet corrector. Cat’s are usually startled and will run away from their initial experience with a pet corrector. This is not due to it causing them any physical pain. The sound it emits triggers your cat’s defensive instinct as it has been designed to sound like a predator.

The idea is that over time your cat will associate the sound with waking you up and be discouraged from doing it again in the future.

Take Advantage Of Playtime

One of the main causes of your cat not sleeping through the night is having excess energy. A common cause for your cat coming to you during the night is a feeling of a lack of attention.

Taking advantage of playtime can be effective at countering both of these. Not only does it burn off your cat’s excess energy but it also acts as a bonding activity. Simply grab an interactive cat toy such as a laser pointer and begin to get your cat to chase it.

Doing this can not only help your cat sleep through the night but also stop it feeling the need to wake you up for attention.

Automating Play Time For The Budy Cat Owner

Many cat owners lead busy lives these days. You may have a full-time job and children to take care of. Coming home and finding the time to entertain your cat can be challenging.
There are a number of high-quality automated cat toys you can pick up cheap. These can be used to keep your cat entertained while you get on with other tasks around the house.

Time Your Cats Meals

Although an easy change, tweaking your cat’s meal times can actually have a massive effect on your cat’s ability to sleep through the night.

Feed your cat just before bedtime and try to make sure its one of its largest meals of the day. This will trigger your cat’s instinct to sleep. Feeding your cat just before bed can also reduce the risk of it waking during the night and waking you up to be fed.

If you deploy this strategy and your cat still wakes during the night wanting to be fed, look into getting a reliable timed feeding device for cats. You can set these up to feed your cat during the night for you and further reduce the chances of your cat waking you up for food. Cat’s usually learn to go to the feeder for food rather than wake you up in no time.

Get Your Cat A Friend

How To Train Your Cat To Sleep At Night!Although this may not be a realistic solution for all cat’s, getting a second cat can help keep your cat occupied. This will give your cat a friend to play with during the day to burn its energy off. Additionally, if it does wake up during the night, it is more likely to wake the other cat up to play rather than you.

Some cats can be anti-social though. Unless you know that your cat is sociable to other cats we wouldn’t recommend you go out and purchase a new cat.

As your cats play around during the night the noise they make could also wake you and interrupt your sleep.

Separate Sleeping Locations

Another simple but often overlooked method is separating sleeping locations. Many cat owners will let their cats sleep in their bed with them. If this is the case, no matter the reason for your cat waking up during the night it will probably wake you.

Get your cat to sleep in another room away from you and keep your bedroom door closed. If your cat has developed the habit of sleeping in your bed with you then it may protest initially. Our article on how to get your cat to sleep in their own bed may be helpful in this situation.

Avoid Offering Attention

If your cat does wake you during the night, try not to give it any attention. If attention was your cat’s goal then you are only playing its game. This increases the chances of your cat repeating its actions in the future.

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