How To Tell If Your Dog Needs Its Glands Expressed!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to tell if your dog needs its glands expressed. We have seen a number of people including some of our readers asking for advice on how to work this out.

We have taken the time to research the topic so you don’t have to and we will be sharing our findings in this article. Everything can be done in the comfort of your own home quick and easily, especially once you have gone through the process a few times.

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How To Tell If Your Dog Needs Its Glands Expressed

There are two main signs that your dog may display if it requires its glands to be expressed. These are licking its backside and scooting its backside across the floor. Unfortunately, your dog may display this behavior for a number of reasons so it does not always mean that it required its glands to be expressed.

Due to this, we feel that the best option is to do a gland examination. Working out if your dog’s glands need to be expressed can actually be difficult if this is your first time doing it as you don’t know the difference in a gland that does need to be expressed and one that doesn’t.

If you think of your dogs behind as a clock face then its glands will naturally sit at around the four and eight positions on a traditional clock face with twelve being where your dogs tail meets its body.

As you will be required to touch your dog’s anus to do the examination, it is advised that you invest in some high-quality latex gloves for the procedure. It is also advisable that you also use a high-quality pet-friendly lubricant to make the procedure more comfortable for your pet dog.

Your dog’s inner glands are usually the size of a small grape but this can change slightly from breed to breed. Place the tip of your finger into your dog’s anus and check the four and eight o’clock positions. You should quickly be able to feel your dogs glands and make a judgment if they feel larger than a small grape or not.

If you feel that they are enlarged you can give them a gentle squeeze to release the liquid and then collect the expressed liquid in a cotton ball. If you find that your dogs are regularly needing to have their glands expressed then the quick and easy tweak of giving your dog a high-quality dietary fiber supplement can help.

The increased fiber in their diet will help to bulk up their waste and as your dog passes it, their glands will naturally be emptied. If you don’t want to do this examination yourself then your local veterinarian will be able to do it for you as well as empty the glands if required.

The video below gives an excellent demonstration of what you should be looking to do throughout the whole process of the examination.

How To Express A Dog’s Glands Externally

If you choose to express your dog’s anal glands yourself then get in a position where you will be able to complete the procedure explained above. Once you have confirmed that your dog’s gland does need to be expressed, simply apply gentle pressure.

Be warned that the fluid in the glands can squirt out some distance and that it may hit you do we advise that you position yourself to the side of your dog. There may be a little blood mixed in with the fluid but this can be normal if your dog’s glands currently have an infection.

The video below gives an excellent demonstration on how to squeeze your dog’s glands.

How Often Should You Express Your Dog’s Glands

There is no easy one size fits all answer to this as all dogs are different and have their own individual circumstances. Sometimes your dog may need this process to be done multiple times per month whereas other dogs may never need it to be done.

What Dog Breeds Need Their Glands Expressed The Most

To our knowledge, there is no real connection between some breeds needing to have their glands expressed more than others. As we mentioned above, it is more down to each dog’s personal circumstances rather than their particular breed.

Can A Dog Express Their Own Glands

If the dog’s diet has enough fiber in it then your dog will be able to empty their glands naturally as they pass waste. If there is a problem with the glands then your dog may try scooting its behind across the floor or licking its behind to express its glands itself but they have a low chance of success.

My Dog Is In Pain After Having Its Glands Expressed

There are a couple of reasons this may happen with the most common one being that the glands are infected. Either way, our advice is to seek assistance from your local veterinarian professional as soon as possible. A professional examination will help identify the problem while also being able to offer advice on the best medication to give your dog to treat the problem.

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