How To Stop A Dog From Eating Cat Poop – Home Remedies!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to stop a dog from eating cat poop via using a number of different home remedies. Coprophagia (the act of eating poop) can be common in dogs for a number of reasons. Although some of the underlying reasons a dog may do this can be hard to treat, the vast majority of them can be treated quickly and easily at home for cheap.

After publishing our article on How To Get Your Dog To Quit Eating Poop we noticed people asking for an article on how to get a dog to stop eating cat poop too so we decided to research the topic and publish this. Our hope is that it will help as many of our readers in this same situation as possible.

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How To Stop A Dog From Eating Cat Poop

Although home remedies can be effective, a premium quality treatment such as For-Bid Coprophagia Deterrent is much more effective than home remedy treatments. You simply add it to your cat’s food and it will make your cats poop taste vile when your dog eats it and help stop your dog from wanting to eat cat poop.

If the cat that is pooping in your yard is not yours and you are unable to control what it eats then improving your dog’s diet is the best way to go. The most common reason a dog will eat cat poop is to try and complete its nutritional profile and top up its vitamin and mineral requirements.

The easiest way to do this is to start supplementing your dog’s diet with a high-quality doggy multivitamin. This will help top up your dog’s nutritional profile quickly and easily completing any gaps in its vitamin or mineral intake helping to reduce the urge to eat poop. If you are unsure as to what multivitamin to get your dog, our article on The Best Vitamins For Dogs On The Market Right Now will be able to help you.

Additionally, you can switch your dog over to a high-quality dog food that will usually meet your dog’s required nutritional profile helping to stop it wanting to eat poop. Our post on The Ultimate Dog Food List On The Market will be able to help you choose the best dog foods for this.

How To Stop A Dog From Eating Cat Poop – Home Remedies!

Moving on, we will now be looking at a number of coprophagia home remedies that you are able to take advantage of in an attempt to get your dog to stop eating cat poop. Unfortunately, all of these methods do require you to have access to what the cat is eating so if the cat pooping in your yard belongs to someone else then giving your dog a high-quality multivitamin or putting it on a high-quality dog food is probably the best way to go.

Supplement Your Cats Diet With Pineapple

The quickest, easiest, and most effective home remedies to get your dog to stop eating cat poop is to start supplementing your cat’s diet with a high-quality source of pineapple.

This will make your cat’s poop start to taste foul to your dog and deter it from eating cat poop in the future. Over time this can form a new habit in your dog of not eating cat poop and then supplementation of pineapple in your cat’s diet can be stopped.

Getting your cat to eat pineapple can often be a challenge in itself. Cat’s are obligate carnivores meaning they have evolved to survive on a diet of meat and often turn their nose up at other food types. Due to this, it is usually best to use dried pineapple and then either crush or grate it over the top of your cat’s meal.

Pineapple is safe for cats to eat and is not toxic, that said some cats can have an allergy to the actinidain in pineapples that can result in vomiting. If your cat starts to vomit after consuming pineapple, stop this method and try one of the other ones.

Supplement Your Cat’s Diet With Parsley

Although less effective than using pineapple, you can add parsley to your cat’s meals to achieve a similar effect. Although totally harmless to your cat, the parsley will warp the taste of its poop to something your dog will find bad. The taste is not as foul as the effect from pineapple but it can still stop your dog from eating your cat’s poop.

Thankfully, parsley is very cheap and often already held by many dog owners as a herb for their own food in their kitchen. This makes it a treatment that you can start using quickly to get your dog to stop eating cat poop quickly. If you don’t have any parsley in your kitchen then you can order it via Amazon for cheap.

Can A Dog Get Sick From Eating Cat Poop?

If your dog ate cat poop and is now vomiting there are a few things that could be causing the problem and we recommend that you seek assistance from your local veterinarian as soon as possible.

One of the most common problems is toxoplasmosis, a parasitic infection that is commonly associated with eating cat poop. Other symptoms of the condition in dogs can include:-

  • Shortness of breath
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Diarrhea
  • Inflammation of the eyes
  • Weight loss
  • Tremors
  • Fever
  • Refusal of food
  • Lethargy

There are usually three different stages of toxoplasmosis in dogs with them being Acute, Chronic Fetal. No matter the stage, we always recommend that you seek assistance from your local veterinarian as soon as possible. Some dog owners report treating the condition with sulfadiazine or pyrimethamine that they have sources themselves.

We do not advice this as you may not be sure of the dosage that your dog requires or the amount of the active ingredients in the self-sourced treatments and can often do more harm than good. A quick check-up with your local veterinarian will be able to tell you exactly whats wrong with your dog and offer the best medication possible to help get your dog better quickly without risk.

How To Stop A Dog From Eating Cat Poop – An Independent Video

The video below is from an independent third-party source also based around getting your dog to stop eating cat poop quickly.

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