How To Remove Warts On Dogs!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at how to remove warts on dogs quickly and safely. Although there are a number of methods available to remove any warts on your dog we won’t be looking at any that require veterinary surgery in this article.

Instead, we will be focusing on the various effective dog wart treatments that you can use from the comfort of your own home. These products range from pharmaceutical grade dog wart treatments to a number of home remedies that have stood the test of time.

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How To Remove Warts On Dogs

Ordinarily, your dog’s body will build up an immunity to the virus that is causing any warts on its body. Typically this time frame can range from a few months to a year or so depend on the age of the dog and the virus strain that is causing the wart.

Although warts will usually disappear on their own, this is usually a bad option to take due to the sheer amount of time that is required for the wart to fade. Not only is it common for warts on dogs to bleed and then become infected causing additional problems, they can also cause other issues such as tiredness and lack of appetite.

Thankfully, there are a number of doggy wart treatment products available on the market that you can take advantage of that will help treat your dog’s wart quickly and easily to reduce the chances of infection or any secondary symptoms.

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The Best Dog Wart Treatment On The Market

When it comes to commercial dog wart treatments, we feel that Naturasil Dog Warts Treatment is the market leader by far without any real competition. There are some products that are available with a veterinary prescription that perform slightly better but Naturasil Dog Warts Treatment is an over the counter treatment that you can get online or at stores.

Over the years it has grown an excellent reputation amongst the dog-owning community establishing itself as the go-to wart treatment for pet dogs. You can click here to read the third-party, independent reviews left by dog owners who are currently or have recently used this product on their pets.

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Features And Benefits

Naturasil Dog Wart Remover has been specifically designed to target and destroy the viruses responsible for all strains of common warts in dogs. Its formula has been created to be painless and free from any scarring or harsh chemicals.

Its unique, all-natural formula works by soaking into any warks on your dog to help treat it from the inside. The included applicator brush that is included with the package is perfect for the delicate job of applying the treatment to your dog’s warts.


Question – What should the wart on my dog look like if this product is working?

Answer – There are two main treatment types depending on the virus causing the wart in your dog. The first works by turning the wart black and shrinking in size until it is gone, the second work by turning the wart black, scabbing it over and then it dropping off.

Question – How long does this treatment take to work?

Answer – Again, this depends on the virus causing the wart on your dog. It can take less than a week to show signs of improvement up to around the three-week point.

Question – Does this cause my dog any pain?

Answer – No, your dog will not be able to feel the treatment getting rid of its warts.


As with all products that we recommend, we always like to share some third-party, independent reports of these products from dog owners who either have or are currently using it on their dogs. As usual, we have summarised the report below but you can click on the link to each report and read it in full if you choose.

  • This report comments on how the owners are happy they bought this product after initially being skeptical. They go on to say how they followed the application instructions on the label of the product and their dog’s wart was gone within only seven days.
  • This report comments on how their senior dog has two large warts with more growing. They go on to say how they were very painful for their dog and that they would sometimes bleed. They then go on to say how the warts soon decreased in size before drying up and improving their dogs quality of life.
  • This report comments on how this product helped to reduce the size of their dog’s wart before it finally fell off from daily treatment.
  • This report comments on how their dog had multiple warts while some simply disappeared from treatment with this product and others turned black and then dropped off.
  • This report comments on how their dog had severe warts but after starting treatment with this product, the signs of improvement were quickly displayed.

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Ingredient Profile

The image below shows the full ingredient profile as well as how best to use the product.

Instructions on How To Remove Warts On Dogs With The Best Product For Dog Wart Removal On The Product.!

How To Get Rid Of Dog Warts At Home

Although not as effective as the commercial products like the Naturasil Dog Wart Remover covered above, there are some home remedies that you can try as a treatment for your dog’s warts. They may take longer to treat your dog’s wart and some are only effective against specific wart virus strains so you may see no change at all.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar For Dog Warts

A high-quality apple cider vinegar is one of the go-to home remedies for bacterial, viral, and parasitic problems that has stood the test of time.

It works perfectly as a home remedy to treat your pet dogs warts quickly and easily. Simply use it as a topical treatment and apply it directly to the problem area of your dog’s wart. Do this twice per day for at least a week and then access the situation.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, there are multiple viruses that can cause warts in your dog. Apple cider vinegar can be used to treat the vast majority of wart strains but there is a small number that it will have no effect on.

When assessing the situation, keep using the apple cider vinegar treatment on your dog if you see any improvement over the course of the week.

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Using Castor Oil To Treat Dog Warts

A high-quality castor oil is another common household items that can be quickly and easily used to help treat any warts on your pet dog. It has been used as a topical treatment for a number of different skin and hair issues for hundreds of years.

Similar to the apple cider vinegar covered above, apply the castor oil directly to your dog’s wart twice per day for around a week and then assess the situation. You should be able to see a visible difference in your dog’s wart in around a week or so when using castor oil on it twice per week. If not then chances are that the wart is from one of the virus strains that castor oil is not very effective against.

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Using Garlic To Treat Dog Warts

Although less effective than the two home remedies above, there are some reports of garlic being used as a way to treat any warts that your dog may be suffering from. The reports suggest that you cut off a chunk of garlic from a clove and then tape it directly to the area of your dog that has the wart.

If you are wanting to use a home remedy then we would suggest that you try either the apple cider vinegar or castor oil methods above.

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