How To Prevent Fish From Getting Stuck To Filter!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at how to prevent fish from getting stuck to filter to help protect the fish in your aquarium. Although rare, we have noticed a number of aquarium enthusiasts reaching out for assistance on protecting their smaller fish from getting sucked into their aquarium filters.

We have researched the various method out there and decided to publish this article to help any of our readers who find their self in this same situation. Although we will be covering a number of different methods, you should be able to protect your fish by only implementing one or two of them rather than all of them.

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Use A Foam Pre-Filter

In our opinion, the quickest and easiest method of protecting your fish from being sucked into a filter is to use a cheap high-quality foam pre-filter. They work by placing a physical barrier between the water of your aquarium and the actual filter itself to prevent your fish from being sucked into it or getting stuck on it.

They are quick and easy to use and have a minimal effect on your water flow as the holes in the foam still allows a large amount of water to freely flow through them and get to your filter or pump. As they have been specifically designed for this purpose and use in an aquarium, there is no possible contaminants on them or impurities that may cause problems with your tank. When aquarium enthusiasts approach us looking at how to keep fish out of a filter we always recommend these.

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Hide Your Intake With Decorations

Next up on our list are aquarium decorations. There are a large number of different decorations that can be used for this but the basic idea is that you put your filters inflow inside the decoration to prevent your fish from being able to get to it while allowing water to get to it.

Although some decorations may still allow your fish to get close to your filters intake you can use additional decorations or plants to make it harder and help keep your fish safe. The more creative you get the better, we have seen some excellent ideas where the intake of the filter has been extended with additional tubing that is hidden under substrate to get the intake to a specific decoration.

Again, as aquarium decorations are specifically designed to be used in a tank with fish, plants, and other animals there is no risk of contamination when using this method.

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Use Tights To Protect Your Fish From The Filter

Next up on our list is to cover your filter intake with a pair of cheap women’s tights. This works similar to the pre-filter method explained above and puts a physical barrier at your filters intake to prevent your fish being sucked into it or limit them getting stuck.

The main problem with using women’s tights is that some of them have chemical coatings on them that can potentially cause problems with your water. Even if you were them multiple times before adding them to your tank, there is still a small risk so we always recommend a high-quality foam prefilter than only costs a few dollars more that is totally safe.

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Make Sure That Your Fish Are Healthy

Although this one may seem like common sense, it is often overlooked by many aquarium enthusiasts. Even very small fish should not have any problems out swimming a correctly set filter if they are healthy. When we mention healthy many people think of obvious problems in the fish but things such as the nitrate levels in your water can have an effect on some fish so remember to take things like this into account too.

Check The Input Flow On Your Filter Is Set Correctly

The final mistake that we see people make, especially new aquarium enthusiasts make is that they will set their input flow too high on their filter. This will increase the suction power and end up either sucking fish in or getting fish stuck on the filter.

Double check the instructions that came with your filter or check out the manufactueres website as it will explain the recomended settings for various sized fishes. It is usually a quick and easy but high effective method that you can take advantage of to help keep your pet fish safe.

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