How To Prevent Bloat In Dogs!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to prevent bloat in dogs. Although common, there are a number of quick and easy tricks that you can use to your advantage when trying to combat or prevent bloating in your dog and the best part is, they are usually free or cheap.

We will be covering the easiest ways that we know of to prevent your dog from bloating up as they have proven to be effective time and time again. the world over. Although there are some high-quality suppliments available to reduce bloating, there are some quick and easy changes that you can make too.

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Make Sure You Are Feeding A High-Quality Dog Food

One of the most common and easily avoidable reasons that dogs end up with bloating is that they are being fed a low-quality dog food. These usually contain grains, dairy, low-quality cuts of mean, and a number of other ingredients that are used to cut costs and pack the food out. Switching over to a high-quality dog food as well as using some high-quality dog treats can work wonders for your dogs bloating.

Although this change is quick and easy to make, it makes a massive difference and you will be able to see the difference in your dog within days. Depending on the food type you are currently feeding your dog, it may actually be cheaper to swap them over to a better dog food. Many of the brands that are perceived as being the top dog food manufacturers actually product sub-par food and charge top dollar for it.

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Use A Regular Ground Level Dog Bowl

Although it was previously thought that feeding your dog from an elevated food bowl was beneficial, research has actually shown the total opposite.

Using a regular ground level food bowl that supports the way dogs have evolved to eat is almost always better. There are a small number of medical conditions where your veterinarian will advise you to use an elevated food bowl but outside of that, we don’t recommend it.

Let Your Dog Relax After Eating

Another leading cause of bloating in dogs is exercise directly after eating, once your dog has had a meal, give it at least an hour before doing any real exercise. This will allow your dog’s food to digest better and prevent any bloating.

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Slow Down The Speed That Your Dog Eats

The vast majority of dogs out there will wolf down their meals at lightning speed. Although not a major cause of bloating in dogs, eating their meals too quickly can sometimes cause dogs to bloat up.

There are a number of different “Puzzle Bowls” on the market that you can use to slow your dogs eating pace down. As you can see from the one in the image to the left, they have small obstacles that force your dog to work around them and prevent them hoovering all their food up.

Additionally, the one in the image above is a ground level bowl so it pairs up with our point earlier in the article on making sure that your dog eats at ground level.

Reduce Serving Size, Increase Over All Meals

Another common cause of bloating in your dog is to feed them too much food in a short space of time. Thankfully, this is easy to remedy by making one simple change to your dog’s diet plan. Simply reduce the amount of food you offer your dog for each meal while increasing the number of meals your dog gets each day.

This will help prevent bloating in your dog as well as working in conjunction with our point above on slowing your dogs eating rate down. Your dog will still get the same number of calories and nutrients per day, it is just spread out over more meals to reduce the bloating.

Use A Probiotic

There is a number both probiotic and prebiotics on the market that can be used to supplement your dog’s diet and reduce the levels of bloating.

If you have tried the methods above then we advise that you try one of these suppliments to help support healthy digestion in your dog and promote a healthy gut.

A Healthy gut is much less prone to bloating while also improving your dogs overall well being.

Offer Plenty Of Fresh Water

Dehydration is another reason that your dog maybe bloating up. Thankfully, a quick and easy way to counter this is to ensure that your dog always has a source of clean water available. The traditional dog bowl works fine but some dogs refuse to drink much water in this way.

You can use a pet water fountain to keep fresh running water available for your dog at all times. The sound and sensation of the cool running water can often encourage your dog to drink more and help reduce the levels of bloating.


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