How To Potty Train A Puppy When You Work Full Time!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to potty train a puppy when you work a lot. Without life’s getting busier and busier with less and less free time being available we are seeing more and more people asking for ways to house training or potty train a puppy if they work full time.

These tips and tricks can be done by most people, no matter how busy they are. They have proven successful time and time again.

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How To Potty Train A Puppy When You Work Full Time

Although we hate leaving a puppy alone during the day while we go to work, it is a necessary evil to be able to pay the bills. The following methods are what we feel are your best choices for potty training your new puppy while working a full-time job. We have arranged them in order of effectiveness to make the lives of our readers as easy as possible.

Doggy Day Care

Although some dog owners don’t agree with sending their pets to doggy daycare, it is almost always the kindest option when faced between that and leaving them in the house all day alone until you get home from work.

The vast majority fo doggy day care services will be able to offer potty training as a part of the package. This means that you can rest assured that while you are at work all day, your pet dog is being taken care of in a social environment while also being potty trained.

There are two main types of doggy daycare available. The first and most popular one is where the person offering the service will accept your puppy into their house during the booked hours and take care of it for you while also potty training it. The second, and usually more expensive one is where someone will come to your house to take care of your dog during the booked house. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that you will have to take into consideration before making your decision.

Use A Fresh Patch

We discovered the fresh patch system when researching our post on how to potty train a sog in an apartment. It is essentially a hydroponically grown patch of grass that you can have in your house that encourages your puppy to go potty on it rather than other locations of your home.

That said, it is much more effective when you are able to offer plenty of positive verbal and physical encouragement for correct use. That said if you do choose to hire a doggy daycare service then you can always talk to them about teaching your puppy to use a fresh patch system at their home. When you get your puppy back it will then be familiar with the system and what it is expected to do with it.

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A Dog Walker

Often much cheaper than a doggy daycare service we covered earlier in the article is a dog walking service. They will take your dog out for a walk once or twice per day allowing it to do its business outside of your home while also getting some exercise.

A dog walking service does not exactly potty train your puppy for you but it helps to get your puppy used to holding it until it is outside. It also helps get your dog some social interaction and enrichment throughout the day whereas it would usually just be sat in a house alone.

Dog walking services are available from the following third party sites:-

Help From Family Or Friends

This one depends on where you live and your distance to friends and family. If it is possible, you can call in some help from them to help get your dog some social interaction throughout the day while also helping to get it potty trained while you are out at work. This is not possible a possibility for everyone due to location but if you are able to do it then take advantage of the opportunity.

How To Potty Train A Puppy When You Work Full Time!

Making Trips Home During Breaks

Again, another one that depends on the location of your home and your place of work. Not everyone will be able to get home from work during their breaks but if you can, take advantage of it and use the opportunity to potty train your puppy while you can.

This will also help break up the periods that your puppy is alone in the house helping it get some enrichment rather than being bored and destroying things. Although many people may turn away from even trying this method, the look your puppy gives you when you get home is usually worth the effort.

Take Your Dog To Work

Another one that is is not suitable for everyone is to take your dog to work with you. Many tech-based jobs have incorporated this practice that many military bases have had for hundreds of years and that is to take your dog to work with you.

Due to this, more and more industries have begun to have kennels/dog areas constructed in their work grounds for their employee’s dogs. In our opinion, this practice will only get more popular as time goes on and it is seen as a job perk by more and more people.

If you work in a large company with many people, as around as you never know. Your employer may already have something like this in place that you are unaware of.

Weekend Training

By far the least effective but potty training your dog on the weekend may help you stop and future accidents. Combine this with a fresh patch and maybe a dog walker or a doggy day care service for the best possible results.

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