How To Potty Train A Dog In An Apartment!

With modern living, more and more people are starting to move into high rise apartment buildings in big cities. Many people living in apartments would love to have a dog but are worried about potty training their pet. We have decided to take a look at how to potty train a dog in an apartment in this article to help any of our readers in this situation.

Many people instantly think of their dog having to go potty on newspaper and worry about stains and smells in their home. Thankfully, A number of excellent dog apartment potties have made it onto the market over the past few years.

These products replace the old school newspaper with a fully contained container for your dog to go potty. The better ones also break down the ammonia in your dog’s pee to reduce smells lurking in your home.

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How To Potty Train A Dog In An Apartment

The process of potty training a dog is essentially the same no matter if your dog is going potty in an apartment or outside. The only thing that is going to change is the location your dog does its business. If you have already read our article on how to get your dog to pee outside, you can use the exact same process but just change the training location.

Choosing A Location For Your Dog To Pee

Unlike teaching your dog to go potty outside, there’s no real reason to teach your dog a signal to encourage it to pee on command when it outside. As your dog will be peeing inside the majority of the time, choosing the correct location in your apartment is an important step.

Depending on the layout of your home it can actually be a challenge to choose a location. People tend to avoid the living room as it is the most traffic area and probably where guests will be entertained. The last thing many dog owners want is their dog taking a pee in their front room while they are entertaining guests. The kitchen and dining rooms are where we prepare and consume food respectively.

How To Potty Train A Dog In An Apartment.

Although high-end apartment potties will usually have the ability to neutralize the smell of urine, there may be splashes and accidents making them poor locations for the dogs potty. Your bedroom can also be a bad choice as your dog will require access to your bedroom 24 hours a day. It won’t take long before your dog jumps on your bed and claims it as its own. Once this happens it can be a challenge to get your dog to use its own bed.

Common locations include hallways and garages but it totally depends on your living space. If you install a cheap dog door then you can even use a small storage space in your apartment. The dog door will allow you to keep the main door closed while offering 24-hour access to your dog to its potty. We recently published this post on how to get your dog to use a doggie door that may help you train your dog for this system.

How To Get Your Dog To Use A Doggie Door!

Choose Your Training Timing

The only time you can work on potty training your dog is when it needs to potty. This means you need to understand the timeframes where there is a high chance of your dog needing to pee. Common training periods include in the morning when your dog first wakes up and around half an hour after drinking.

If you are taking advantage of your dogs morning pee, try to remember to always have one of your dog’s favorite treats to hand. When you first get up, grab the treat and wait for your dog to wake. Show your dog the treat and lead it to your apartment dog potty. The majority of them have been designed to encourage your dog to pee on them. You can also use the various encouraging sprays on the market to get your dog to pee at that location.

Potty Training A Dog In An Apartment.

This is usually done by the use of pheromones triggering your dog’s instinct to mark their scent over the top of it to keep its territory. Taking advantage of this can be a massive time saver when training your dog to take a pee in an apartment.

When your dog is first interacting with its potty, try not to pay any specific attention to it. Your dog can misinterpret this as play time and it can also trigger anxiety in your dog making it not want to pee. Once your dog has done its business, ensure you offer plenty of verbal and physical praise as well as feed it one of its favorite treats.

Building The Habit

Consistency, patience and plenty of positive reinforcement are key. Some experts suggest it can take between three and six weeks for a habit to form but signs can show well before then. Most dog owners report the habit of their dog doing it’s business in the apartment with a week.

The Best Dog Apartment Potty

When it comes to the best dog potty for apartments we always recommend the Fresh Patch Disposable Dog Potty. This dog litter box houses real living grass that encourages your dog to make potty on it. The grass also acts as a natural odor neutralizer. Some other products on the market use a chemical based ammonia neutralizer to prevent smells.

It has been specifically designed to be successfully used by all different dog breeds. It is perfect for potty train dogs ranging from puppies to aging or senior dogs to pee in an apartment. It’s enclosed design helps protect against spillages and allows quick and easy cleaning or removal.

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How To Potty Train An Older Dog In An Apartment

Contrary to popular belief, you can teach an old dog new tricks although it usually does require additional patients. Through life, your dog will have developed its own set of habits. The added task of breaking these habits is added to training your senior dog to make potty in the apartment.

Tip – If your older dog pees in an undesirable location in the apartment, try cleaning it up with rag scraps and then putting those scraps on your apartment potty. The scent of your dogs uring on the potty can help encourage your dog to use it in the future.

In addition to using the method suggested above we also recommend scolding be implemented. This does not have to be anything severe. A simple finger point and a sharp, loud authoritative “NO!” can be enough.

Some people do choose to use a dog training collar. There is no need to have the collar set to shock, studies have shown that the collars are just as effective if you have it set to vibrate or sound the audible alarm.

Dealing With The Smells

During the training process, accidents are inevitable. It is important that you remain calm and focus on moving forward with your dog. These accidents can leave some staining and the scent of urine. A high-quality Enzyme-Powered Pet Odor spray is perfect for these situations.

The active enzymes in the spray quickly break down the ammonia in the urine and remove the stains and smells. As it is specifically designed for pets, it is safe to use in an area where your pet will use.

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