How To Make Your Own Ferret Food!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make your own ferret food. Although a relatively common process, many ferret owners put the wrong types of food in their homemade ferret food. Check out our ultimate ferret food list if you are unsure what types of foods you can and can not feed your ferret.

If you don’t have time to read the article, try to avoid all fruits and vegetables, chocolate and keep fish to a minimum. Try to include cuts of fatty meats raw or cooked is fine. You can also include an egg if you like but make sure you don’t offer your ferret one egg more than once a week.

Although fats are the essential energy source for your ferret protein is also important. We recommend you try to keep your homemade ferret food within the below macro guidelines:-

  • At least 30 percent protein.
  • At least 15 percent fat.
  • No more than 5 percent fiber.

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On a side note, remember that it is common for pet ferrets to protest when offered new foods and avoid eating them. You could make your homemade ferret food perfectly and your ferret may turn its nose up at it. Our article on getting your ferret to eat new foods can help you if you face this issue.

How To Make Your Own Ferret Food

Although you can use a bowl and whisk, a cheap blender will make the process of making your own ferret food much easier to do. We also recommend that you use a ferret vitamin supplement such as better in the raw for ferrets to increase the vitamin and mineral profile of the food.

How To Make Your Own Ferret Food!

This is how we recommend that you make your homemade ferret food:-

  • Open your blender and a cup and a half of water to it.
  • Add half a cup of your chosen ferret vitamin supplement power.
  • Place the lid back on your blender and give it a quick blast just to mix the power and the water together.
  • Next, add two pounds of your chosen meat. This is our post on ideal foods for ferrets if you are struggling to come up with ideas.
  • Although not essential, some people also choose to add gravy to their blender. Some ferret owners are under the belief that ferrets should not be fed gravy but it is safe for their consumption.
  • Again, place the lid back on the blender and give it a blast to mix the water and power with the meat.
  • Next, seperate the contents of the blender into as many zip lock bags as possible. We recommend a single serving size of half a cup so advice you fill each ziplock bag with around half a cup of the food.
  • You can then freeze your ziplock bags and feed them to your ferret whenever required.

Keep your usual feeding pattern with your ferrets and supplement their diet as required.

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