How To Make Your Own Ferret Bedding!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make your own ferret bedding. Thankfully, there are a wide range of designs and styles available, especially if you are into your arts and crafts.


Chances are that you have a number of items in your house right now that you are able to use as cheap ferret bedding. The items in this article have been successfully used as bedding items by not just ferret owners but general pet owners the world over.

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Using Old Newspaper

Old Newspaper is one of the most common bedding substitutes used by ferret owners the world over. It is cheap, fast, and efficient. Most households will have a newspaper at least once per week, this is usually enough paper to provide both bedding and ferret litter until the next newspaper is ready.

Ideally, you will cut the newspaper into long thin strips before adding it to your ferret’s bed. This will make it easier for your ferret to rearrange the paper how it sees fit for maximum comfort and warmth.

Filling A Shoe Box

If you don’t currently have a bed for your ferret you can use an old shoe box. Shred your newspapers and fill a shoe box to keep it contained. You can tape the lid onto the shoebox and cut a hole in the side of the box to serve as an entrance. This will help keep the warm air inside the box and help your ferret stay warm.

Old Towels Or Rags

Another common item used for ferret bedding is old towels or rags. They are warm, soft, and easy for your ferret to rearrange as it sees fit. They don’t need to be put inside a bed to help increase warmth. Your ferret will either dig under the towel or wrap the towel around it to sleep.

The image below shows a ferret comfortable and snug in an old towel.

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Using An Old Pair Of Pants

Old pants are another popular bedding substitute, You can either put the full pair of pants in your ferret’s cage but doing it this way may not be warm enough. In our opinion, the best way to turn old pants into bedding for your ferret is to cut off both of the legs, put one inside the other and then sew them together.

If you live in a colder climate you may want to add some shredded newspaper or other fabric between the two legs before you sew them together. This will help increase the warmth offered by them. You can also sew one end of the legs closed to further increase the potential warmth and add either cardboard or plastic to the open end to keep them open similar to the image below.

Using An Old Jumper

Similar to using a set of old pant, old jumpers are another popular item. You can use the same strategy as above and cut the arms off to make a stand-alone bed. The best use we have seen of a jump for a ferrets bed is to leave the arms attached, put one arm inside the other, add paper scraps between the arms and then sew them in place leaving the body of the jumper attached.

Your ferret can then use the arms for extra warmth if required, lay in the body of the jumper for moderate warmth, lay under the jumper for minimal warmth or lay on top of the jumper if it just wants warmth.

Homemade Ferret Hammocks

When it comes to homemade ferret hammocks there are a number of different styles and materials they can be made from. The possibilities really are endless and can be very elaborate if you choose and have the time and patience to put into it.

While researching the topic we found that this hammock pattern is one of the most popular amongst small pet owners. It is easy to make and very efficient for your pet ferret. The image below shows two ferrets relaxing in their hammock after a long fifteen minutes of doing very little.

Homemade Ferret Cubes

Very similar to ferret hammocks, there is a wide range of styles and materials you can use for your ferret cube. Again they can be very elaborate if you have the time to make it. During our research, we found this pattern that is very popular amongst small pet owners.

Ferret Tents

Nowhere near as popular as hammocks or cubes, ferret tents are quiet the project when it comes to pet based arts and crafts. This pattern seems to be one of the most popular out there but can be quiet the challenge.

Other Pet’s Beds

Ferrets tend not to be shy and will often share (read take over) the bed of another one of your pets. They have no problems using the same bed as your dog or cat as shown in the image below. If you are confident your ferret is friendly with the other pets in your house, this may be a potential option to use.
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