How To Make Your German Shepherd Smell Better!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make your german shepherd smell better. There are a number of different causes and treatments for the various reasons your dog may smell. We will be covering as many as possible in this article as well as the various methods you can use to prevent the smell.

These tips and tricks are simple, free or cheap, and easy to implement into both yours and your german shepherds routine. They have been tested by dog owners the world over and been successful over and over again.

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How To Make Your German Shepherd Smell Better

What Has Your Dog Come Into Contact With Recently?

German Shepherds can be an extremely active dog breed, they love to run around and roll in things while playing. They are also very inquisitive towards their environment and will usually explore new things with their mouth.

These are usually the most common causes of your german shepherd smelling bad. If they have been out playing rolling around in stale water or poop and picking up out of date food or dead animals in their mouth, they are going to start to smell.

Your german shepherd’s coat will pick up and absorb smells causing them to lingers. If you have a long haired german shepherd then this can become even more of a problem as their top coat can hold the cause the smell in their undercoat.

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An effective way to counter this problem is to do your best to ensure your dogs play area is clean. Alway, be sure to bath it once a month, twice at most although it’s not recommended as it can cause issues with their naturally occurring skin and fur oils.

When bathing your dog always be sure to use a high-quality doggy shampoo as human shampoo is usually too hard on your dog’s skin and fur and can cause issues with its naturally occurring oils. If your dog hates taking a bath, our article on getting your dog to enjoy bath time may be able to help you.

How To Make Your German Shepherd Smell Better!

Keep Your Dog Dry

Another common reason dogs become smelly is due to having wet or damp fur. Thankfully this is an easy issue to correct and takes minimal effort. Each time your dog has a bath goes for a swim or is out for a walk in the rain be sure to thoroughly dry its coat.

Many people will just let their dogs air dry, a few will towel dry them, and fewer still will towel dry them and then use a hair dryer on their pets. It won’t take much time and effort to take that extra step but it helps keep your dog healthy and prevent it getting smelly.

Taking the time to thoroughly dry your dog will help prevent the yeast bacteria developing in your dog’s fur that is the main cause of them smelling due to being wet.

Be Sure To Deal With Sweat

Dogs sweat in a totally different way to humans. Their respiratory system plays an important roll in regulating their temperature but they so have some sweat glands on their paws. Although sweat itself is usually scentless, bacteria can be attracted to the salt sweat and your dogs paw tissue makes the perfect home. As some of these bacteria begin to grown, foul-smelling orders can be emitted as a by-product of them producing energy.

In our opinion, the easiest way to correct this problem is to use a high-quality doggy anti-bacterial wipe. Once each day, take a wipe and clean your dog’s paws with it. This is the cheapest, quickest, and the most cost-effective way we have found to deal with this problem.

Make Your German Shepherd Smell Better!

Stinky Breath

Another common scent problem with german shepherds and dogs, in general, is stinky breath. Just like humans, dogs will also develop stinky breath as tartar and plaque build up on their teeth.

Many dog owners will brush their pet’s teeth with a doggy toothbrush and specifically designed doggy toothpaste. This will help reduce the plaque and tartar in your dog’s mouth and can help the smell go away.

Other dog owners will choose to feed their pet dental hygiene treats. Our post on the best dog treats for teeth can help you choose the best product.

Although rare, an abscess or tooth infection can also cause your dog’s breath to smell bad. You will usually be able to see the signs of a tooth infection just by looking in your pet’s mouth. If you suspect this is the case then take your dog to your local veterinarians as soon as possible.

Excess Gas

Excess gas can be very common in your dog. Many dogs suffer from either lactose or gluten problems and having these in their diets can cause digestive upset and excess gas. Although aimed at puppies, our article on the best dog food for german shepherd puppies offers advice on what to look for in your dog’s food.

The main things to look for in your pet’s food is that it is grain free, free from dairy protein sources and ideally free from artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Get your german shepherd to smell better.

Skin Disorders

There are actually a large number of skin disorders and infections that your dog can pick up while out playing on its walks. Some are less common in german shepherds while others can be more common, especially if you have a long-haired german shepherd.

You can usually see the signs of a skin infection on your dog, look for red patches, locations where your dog keeps itching and places where the fur is starting to fall out. If you think your dog does have a skin disorder then take it to your local veterinarian. The majority of skin problems are very easy to treat with the correct medication, the problem is some of the medication is prescription strength so requires a veterinarian to issue it.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can actually be very common with german shepherds. As they are usually a very alert breed, they have their ears pricked up listening to their surroundings. This can offer bacteria a chance to enter the ear and take hold, although usually harmless, a yeast infection in your dog’s ears will produce a foul smell. Again, you can usually look in your pet’s ears and see signs of infection with ease.

If you do suspect an ear infection then a trip to the vets is in order. The majority of ear infections can be treated quickly once the correct medication has been prescribed for your pet.

Get your dog to stop smelling.

It May Not Even Be The Dog

There are actually a number of different things common in most households that can smell similar to a wet dog. Sometimes, your bundle of fur gets the blame when it may not even be their fault.

Here are a few common household things that can smell like a wet dog:-

  • Organic waste in a bin.
  • A wet carpet or rug.
  • Furniture that is due a deep clean.
  • The dog’s bed.
  • Damp.
  • Blocked pipes in the dishwasher.
  • A dirty mop head.
  • Old sweaty shoes.

Infected Glands

Although your dog’s glands will naturally secrete its scent for marking its territory, and infected gland usually produced a foul-smelling liquid. Infected glands can be a little difficult to see yourself so we advise you to take your pet to the local veterinarians for a full checkup if you suspect that this may be the problem.

Making your dog smell better.

My German Shepherd Smells Sour

Unfortunately, the exact cause of a sour smell can be any of the above that involve infection. The sour smell is usually caused by the bacteria infecting your dog and its cause can be a little difficult to pinpoint.

Our advice is to take your dog to your local vets for a full checkup.

My German Shepherd Smells Like Fish

If your dog smells like fish then it is probably due to it having infected glands or anal sacks. As covered above, take it to your local veterinarians for a full checkup.

My German Shepherd Stinks After A Bath

As explained above, this is actually very common and usually the owner’s fault for not drying their pet correctly. Do your best with a towel and then finish the drying process with a hair dryer to ensure that your dog is actually dry to prevent its coat from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you are certain that your dog has been dried correctly then perhaps it has one of the issues covered in the article. Some dogs do just have a naturally stronger “doggy smell”. If this is the case then our article on how to make your dog smell good between baths can be useful to you.

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