How To Make Your Ferret Smell Better!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make your ferret smell better. As you probably know, ferrets can get a little smelly, especially during breeding season. Thankfully, there are a number of different ways you can reduce the scent of a ferrets musk.

Thankfully these tips and ticks can be used by anyone. They are either free or low costs yet very effective at deodorizer your ferret as well as your house. If these methods fail then you are able to visit your local veterinarian and have your ferrets scent glands surgically removed. Please note that this procedure will prevent the majority of musk production but your ferret’s natural body odor will still occur. With the removal of the musk scent, your ferret’s natural body odor will still occur but is much easier to treat.

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How To Make Your Ferret Smell Better

Check Your Ferrets Diet

Diet is one of the most common reasons behind a ferrets scent. As ferrets are obligate carnivores they have evolved to live on a diet of meat. Due to this, they have no or little ability to digest any of the following:-

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Fruit Juices
  • Sugar
  • Corns
  • Soy

"I get big get small one"

A common problem is ferret owners feeding their ferrets cat, kitten or dog food rather than a high-quality ferret food. The majority of these products are less than ideal and contain the above ingredients as filler content in their food mix. Although dog food should be avoided completely our articles below can help you improve your ferret’s diet:-

Although your ferret can digest fish, it often has an effect on the smell of both your ferret and its waste so should be avoided too. Improving your ferret’s diet can be one of the easiest ferret deodorizers available. As you have to spend money on your ferret’s food anyway, there is rarely an additional cost to you.

Wash Or Change Your Ferrets Bedding Regularly

Over time your ferret’s scent will build upon its bedding, as your ferret sleeps the scent transfers back to its fur and can make your ferret smell bad again, even if it has just been washed.

Different ferret owners use different bedding if you are using a high-quality disposable pet bedding then simply change your pet’s bedding once every week. If you use a ferret hammock or old rags as your ferret’s bedding we recommend you wash it at least once per week. When washing your ferret’s bedding be sure to use an unscented detergent and hot water as some ferrets can have reactions to scented detergents.

Not only does this reduce the smell of your ferret’s cage but it also prevents the scent of your ferret transferring from its bedding back onto its fur.

Bathing Your Ferret

One mistake many ferret owners make is bathing their ferret too often. Ideally, you will only wash your ferret once per month, twice maximum but it’s not recommended. Washing your ferret too often usually results in their skin drying out and their oil glands kicking it up a notch and working over time. This only ends up making your ferret smell worse, quicker.

Another common bath time problem with ferrets is using the wrong shampoo. Generic pet shampoo is usually too hard for your pet ferrets skin so always use a specific shampoo designed for ferrets.

Even though it is only a slight change in PH in the formula, it massively reduces the risk of your pet ferrets skin glands kicking in an making your ferret smell again quickly.

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Use A Deodorizing Spray

There are a number of different ferret deodorizer sprays on the market that have proven themselves to be very efficient ferret odor solutions as well as popular in the ferret owners community. Some of them are scented and act similar to a humans deodorant while others act similar to a sort of ferret Febreze.

Different brands of ferret spritz have to be used slightly different to each other. This is due to different brands using different ingredients and strategies. When using a ferret deodorizing spray, always go by the manufacturer’s instructions on the label of the product! This will stop any avoidable suffering with your ferret due to you accidentally spraying it too many times.

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Homemade Ferret Deodorizer

There are a number of different homemade ferret musk deodorizers that you can use to help mask the smell of your pets in your home. Many people have these items in their homes already so you should be able to try them instantly to see if they help you hide the smell.

If you choose to use these methods near your ferret’s cage be sure to monitor your ferret for any potential effects they may have on your pet. Also, be aware that ferrets tend to be sensitive to the scent of citrus to try to avoid it whenever possible.

Using Essential Oils

High-quality essential oils are very common in the western world. They have a number of uses but have also proven to be efficient at masking the smell of pets.

They are cheap, easy to use, and very common in stores. Simply follow their instructions to fill your home with their scent to mask the smell of your pet ferrets.

Another advantage is that there are a number of different oils available to match your preferred scent.

Using Burn Incense

Burning high-quality incense is another popular choice that people use to scent their house. It has proven effective at helping to mask the smell of your pet ferret in your home while keeping costs low.

Similar to using essential oils, there are a number of different scents available to you so you are sure to be able to find something that matches your preferred scent. Just be sure to try and avoid citrus scents as we have previously mentioned.

Can You Remove A Ferrets Scent Glands

This changes from country to country but the removal of a ferrets musk glands is a popular procedure in North America. The American Ferret Association even released a press release on their stance on the procedure.

Although it can be helpful in reducing your ferret’s ability to spray its scent on demand, your ferret’s natural body odor is not effected meaning it will still have a scent. Due to this, there have been multiple times where pet stores have been close to being forced to change the name from “descenting” to “gland removal” but at the time of writing, nothing has been changed in the law.

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