How To Make Your Dog Smell Good Between Baths!

Although many dogs will lose any built up odors after a long bath, some dogs will still smell. Some breeds are worse than others for this and their lifestyle also comes into play. For example, an outdoor working dog is more likely to have this problem than an indoor pet. In this article, we take a look at how to make your dog smell good between baths.

We will be covering a number of commercial products on the market as well as a few homemade solutions you can use.

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The Best Dog Deodorant Spray

The best smelling dog spray on the market right now is the Wahl doggie deodorant spray. It has quickly gained a loyal following of dog owners who love the product. Its distinct scent is strong enough to mask the majority of odors that may linger after a bath.

The unique mixture not only deodorizes your dog but also helps to refresh skin and coat. Its plant-derived ingredients are safe for your dog and are much friendlier to their skin than cosmetic solutions. If you live in a location where it rains often then this can also be used to mask the smell of wet dog.

How to make your dog smell good between baths.

How To Make Your Dog Smell Good Between Baths

There are a number of things that people usually do wrong when bathing their dogs. These can result in your dog smelling bad even after its bath. If you ensure you implement these tips correctly then it will minimize the chances of your dog smelling after a bath.

Use A Shower Head

Many people will either use an outdoor hose to wash their dogs or regular indoor bath. These can almost be a waste of time due to the amount of water coverage your dog coat gets. If you are using an outdoor hose adding a garden shower head can help remove this problem.

If you are using a regular bath then the use of your bathroom shower is the remedy. If you don’t have a shower in your bath, for example, you have a walk-in shower then wash your dog in there.

This will help you control the water distribution across your dog’s coat and help ensure an all-around wash. This will get rid of the problem of “patch washes” where a small patch of your dog’s fur remains dirty and smells.

Use Warm Water

Another common problem is that people wash their dogs in cold water. Warm water is a much better option if possible. It is better at quickly breaking down embedded dirt in your dog’s fur and removing it quickly. This helps reduce the wash time of your dog as well as get rid of more dirt and odors.

The warm water can also help relax your dog for the wash and make it a much easier process. As you probably know, some dogs hate getting bathed.

Use A Dog Shampoo That Smells Good For A Long Time

A common reason that dog odor remains, even after a bath is the shampoo use for the wash. Many people use a shampoo designed for humans to use. This is another waste of time that is quick and easy to remedy. Human shampoo is designed for human hair and struggles to cope with dogs fur.

There are a number of specialist dog shampoos on the market that are cheap and easy to use. They have been designed from the ground up to be able to clean your dog’s coat and keep your dog smelling good for a long time. As prevention is usually better than cure, we feel dog shampoos are one of the best dog odor remedies.

Essential Oils To Remove Pet Odor

A large number of people have reported using essential oils to remove pet odors. People use them both during and after the bathing process to help reduce bad smells. The best part is that they are cheap and easy to use with many people having them in their home already.

Essential oils can be used to make a homemade dog freshener spray recipe and then stored in a spray bottle. As and when you need it you can get it out and respray your dog to help get rid of bad smells. Many people experiment with the amount of each essential oils they put in their homemade dog perfume and can end up getting a really nice smelling mixture.

Homemade Dog Deodorizer

Although there are a large number of different household products you can use to make a homemade dog deodorizer, these are some of the most common.

Different people use these in different ways to help deal with the odor of their dogs. A number of people will mix them together to blend the smells and some prefer using just one. This is down to the individual dog owner and their own personal preferences.

Although we haven’t tried it ourselves, we have seen some people who use scented beard oils. As they have been designed to specifically stick to a thicker type of hair and still smell nice they may work. The main problem is that there are so many different products on the market with different ingredients. We would imagine that the majority of them are safe to use on your dog, we also recommend you do some research before using them on your dog.

How To Make Your Dog Enjoy Baths

Theres no point putting in all of this time and effort to make your dog smell nice between baths if your dog hates baths so much it does everything it can to avoid them. Making sure that your dog takes regular baths is part of the battle in having a dog that smells good. If your dog hates bath time then our article on how to make your dog enjoy baths may help you.

How To Make Your Dog Enjoy Baths!

The Below Video Shows Some Additional Methods To Make Your Dog Smell Nice Between Baths

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