How To Make Your Dog Quit Shedding!

Although we all love our pet dogs, shedding can be an unavoidable bane of our lives. Most dog breeds will shed their fur at least once per year, some dogs shed more than others and some will shed multiple layers of fur. In this article, we will be going over how to make your dog quit shedding.

Although your requirements will change breed to breed, these tips and tricks can the majority of people. Our readers should be able to use them on their dogs to reduce the burden of the shedding season.

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How To Make Your Dog Quit Shedding

There are a number of different methods you can use to either stop or reduce the shedding of your dog. Some are more effective for excessive dog shedding and some are more effective for shedding short hair.

During the dog shedding season, there are multiple commercial and homemade remedies you can use. We have tried to include something for all dog owners in this article to help them through the shedding season.

The Best Tools To Stop Your Dog From Shedding

First, we will be covering a number of commercial products designed to help you during the shedding season. These include effective preventative methods such as shedding shampoo to daily specialized grooming. Here are the products we will be covering in this section of the article.

Shedding Shampoo

DeShedding Shampoo is an excellent tool you can take advantage of during shedding season. Not only does it promote a healthy skin and coat but it also helps work towards reduced shedding. Its unique formula is enriched with both Omega 3 and 6 acids to aid in promoting fur health. Depending on your breed of dog this can not only minimize but also sometimes totally prevent shedding. In addition to this, it also has calendula extract and papaya extract. Another two excellent ingredients for attempting to minimize or prevent shedding.

The use of the product changes slightly depending on if your dog is a seasonal or year-long shedding breed. If your dog sheds year round then it is advised that you use this shampoo at least once per month. This should be enough to minimize shedding in most breeds and prevent it completely in other.

If your dog is a seasonal shedder then it is advised you give your dog two baths separated by at least two weeks before shedding season starts for its breed. Once into shedding season use the shampoo at least once per month to minimize or prevent shedding.


The Furminator grooming tool has quickly become one of the most popular de-shedding groomers on the market. At the time of writing it has managed to get over 11,400 positive reviews on Amazon from dog owners.

It works by having its stainless settle edge ran through the topcoat of your dog. This helps the dog owner quickly and easily remove loose hair early on in the shedding season. Not only does this help prevent the matting of hair but it also helps prevent unnecessary shedding. During the shedding season, many dog breeds end up with matted hair with healthy fur being involved. When removed the healthy fur is often brushed out too. This can sometimes lead to additional un-required shedding.

The tool comes with a FURejector button that is easy to use and releases removed hair at the push of a button. This leaves you to groom your dog in peace without worrying where the hair is going. The FURminator is available in a number of sizes with one available to fit all popular dog breeds.

Hertzko Deshedding Tool

Whereas the Furtminator above is designed to help de-fur your dog and prevent further shedding. The Hertzko Deshedding Tool is designed to specifically help get rid of heavily matted fur without causing your dog pain. The vast majority of dog owners will be fine using the FURminator but some heavy shedding breeds usually benefit from a specifically designed tool like the Hertzko.

The Best Dog Food For Shedding Season

Although changing your dog food during shedding season is far from essential, we thought we would mention it. Changing dog foods will not prevent shedding in any way but it can sometimes reduce it and can your dog an easier time.

The Wellness Simple Natural Dog Food has been designed to help increase the quality of your dog’s coat and skin. A healthy coat with healthy skin can help reduce the amount of fur lost each shedding seasons.

Home Remedies To Stop Your Dog Shedding

Over the years people have come up with different dog shedding remedies that can be done right from your home. Although we have found some strange and wacky ones, we will be covering two that are backed by science.

How Much Olive Oil Should I Give To My Dog To Help With Shedding

The first is to add Olive Oil to your dog’s diet. This works by increasing the Omega fats your dog consumes. These are one of the main active ingredients to have healthy skin and fur and can help with shedding.

Unfortunately, there is no exact measurement that you should give your dog. As you will know, different dog breeds are different sizes. Other dog breeds such as huskies have specialist metabolisms that affect their digestion. Most people usually start with a Tablespoon for a medium-sized dog and adjust accordingly.

How to make your dog quit shedding

Using Coconut Oil For Dog Shedding

Another common home remedy for dog shedding is to add natural coconut oil to your dog’s meals. As with the olive oil, there is no exact measurement to give your dog. Again, most people add a tablespoon and then adjust as required.

It works in the same way as olive oil too by increasing the amount of Omega fatty acids in your dog’s diet. These, in turn, help with your dog’s skin and fur and can have an effect on shedding.

The Worst Shedding Dog Breeds

With all of the above taken into account, some dog breeds are going to shed no matter what you do. You just have to grin and bear it and perhaps use a FURinator to help minimize hair spread.

The worst dog breeds for shedding include:-

  • Saint Bernard
  • Great Pyrenees
  • Chow Chow
  • Akita
  • Siberian Husky
  • Golden Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • Alaskan Malamute

If you own one of the above breeds then it’s better just grit your teeth and get used to shedding.

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