How To Make Your Dog Muscular Quickly!

There are a number of reasons that you may require your dog to gain muscle. It may be to help it recover from surgery or you may have an active working dog that needs to build its strength up. In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make your dog muscular as quickly as possible.

These tips and tricks will help your dog build muscle and strength while also minimize any fat gain. You have to understand that this is a process and it takes time. Rest is also an important part of building muscle and we recommend that your dog gets at least eight hours sleep per night if possible for maximum results.

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How To Make Your Dog Muscular

When it comes to how to make your dog gain muscle, you have to understand the three keys to muscle building. These are:-

  • A high protein diet with a calorie surplus.
  • Load-based exercise.
  • At least eight hours sleep per night.

Although muscle growth can occur by targeting your dog’s diet and providing it with load-based exercise, to maximize the growth of dog muscles, all three have to be present.

There is a dedicated section to each of these factors below in this article to help our readers maximize their dog’s results. That said, similar to humans, there is no easy solution to get your dog to gain muscle. It will take time and effort on both your part and your dogs but the results can be outstanding.

How To Build Muscle On A Dog With Food

The key to building your dogs muscle with food is to ensure their diet is high in protein and offers a calorie surplus. The additional protein helps your dog’s muscles to repair and grow while the additional calories provide the energy required for the process.

The Best Dog Food To Build Muscle

In our opinion, Taste of the Wild High Protein dog food is the best mass-market product to help you reach your goals. It has a guaranteed protein content of 32 percent meaning your dog is getting plenty of high-quality protein each day.

Taste of the wild pride themselves on providing real meat protein sources too. Some of the competition use dairy products to add extra protein to their food mix. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing when it comes to muscle growth but it usually results in excess gas in your dog.

The handy, easy to read serving guidelines on the back of the packaging will help you ensure you are giving your dog the optimal amount of food to help it grow. It is currently available in nine different delicious flavors although their lamb flavor often sells out as soon as it becomes available.

At the time of writing it has managed to earn over 13,000 positive reviews from dog owners on averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars!

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Muscle Building Snacks And Treats

When it comes to dog treats that promote muscle growth we always recommend jerky. Although some people choose to treat their dog with jerky designed for humans, this can often be expensive.

Thankfully, a range of dog treat jerky has been released onto the market. It is high protein and low fat, helping to promote muscle growth in your dog. Around 68 percent of each treat consists of protein derived from real meat sources.

Another popular dog treats alternative to dog jerky is meat based table scraps. If you often cook things like chicken, beef, lamb, or any other meat-based dish, the scraps can serve as a treat for your dog. They will be high in protein and assist with your dog’s muscle building diet.

The Best Dog Muscle Building Supplements

When it comes to muscle building supplements for dogs we always recommend bully max. They are Veterinarian approved dog supplement specifically designed to assist with your dog’s muscle growth.

Their social media campaign has been so successful the #bullymax hashtag is used by proud dog owners to show off their dog’s muscle growth. Their patented formula has been so successful that they have earned over 850 positive reviews on at the time of writing.

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The below photo is an example of what Bully Max Supplements can do for your dog when used in combination with proper diet, good exercise and at least eight hours of sleep per night.

Dog Muscle Building Workouts

When it comes to muscle building workouts for your dog the workout really does depend on your dog’s job. For example, a slept pulling husky or malamute will require a totally different workout program to a speed based greyhound.

Due to each job requiring their own unique training workout, we feel you will be best suited if you search for your specific needs on Google or YouTube.

How To Encourage Your Dog To Sleep All Night To Maximise Muscle Growth

First and foremost, one of the most important aspects of helping your dog get a full nights sleep to promote muscle growth is to ensure it has a high-quality ccomfortable dog bed. The definition of a high-quality dog bed will change depending on your circumstances. For example, some people let their dogs sleep indoors, other keep them outdoors. Some people live in warmer climates, some in colder. The main point to take away is to get your dog something that it feels comfortable on no matter what.

The next thing is to make sure your dog is warm enough. If you keep your dog outdoors then this can sometimes present a problem, especially if you live in a colder location. We recently published this article on the best dog kennel heating solutions that will help you keep your dog warm outdoors.

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