How To Make Your Cat Lose Weight Safely!

If your cat is overweight then it is important to try to get it back to a healthy weight as soon as possible. This will help your cat lead a healthy happy life and extend its life expectancy. We have seen a number of people asking how to make your cat lose weight so we decided to publish this article.

These tips and tricks can be used by anyone to quickly and safely get their cat to lose weight. They are also cheap and easy for the cat owner to implement so we hope they help as many of our readers as possible!

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Dealing With The Diet Problem

We recently published this article on how to get your cat to eat less. It is an excellent article if you are looking for ways to improve your cat’s diet as quickly as possible.

How To Get Your Cat To Eat Less!

Why Is My Cat Getting So Fat

To better understand how to get your cat to lose weight, you must first understand why your cat is overweight. Outside of a handful of medical conditions, an overweight cat is usually the fault of the owner. Although it may be difficult to admit, your cat being overweight could be your fault. Thankfully, changing a few bad habits can get your cats weight back in order helping it live a healthy life. An obese cats life expectancy drops drastically so getting your cat to lose weight can help it live longer.

Lack Of Exercise

Lack of exercise is one of the most common reasons cats become overweight. It can be especially prevalent in indoor cats as they often find somewhere to sleep. Most cat breeds tend to sleep for around 12-16 hours each day, this is totally natural. The problem gets out of hand when overfeeding is factored in too.


Overfeeding is another extremely common problem and a reason for feline obesity. All of those treats throughout the day add up and cause your cat to gain weight. Again, this tends to be a larger problem for indoor cats.


Misfeeding can also be a major reason behind your cat putting weight on. It occurs when a cat food with a higher calorie content designed for outdoor cats is fed to indoor cats. The additional calories in the food mix cause the cat to gain additional weight needlessly. A lower calorie cat food designed for indoor cats can be a quick and easy switch to counter this problem.

How to make your cat lose weight

How To Make Your Cat Lose Weight Safley

Exercise is more of a treatment than a prevention method of obesity in cats. In our opinion, simple cat exercising it is the best feline obesity treatment available. Although there are a number of pet supplements on the market, they tend to have mixed performance and reviews.

The Best Indoor Cat Exercise Toys

In our opinion, the best cat exercise toys on the market are laser pointers. They are cheap and easy to use for cat owners of all ages as they require minimal movement on your part to get your cat running all over your house. Playing with a laser pointer can be a fun way to bond and play with your cat too while helping it get back in shape.

Cats see the little red laser light and their instincts kick in almost forcing them to chase it. As small movements in your wrist can cause the location of the laser to drastically change its location. You can have your cat exercising while you sit back and watch TV.

Although there are a few different types of cat exercise equipment, on the market we feel they are too gimmicky and usually a waste of your money.

Some Great Excersises For Your Cats

How To Get A Cat To Lose Weight With Multiple Cats

Another question we see asked a lot is “how to feed two cats when one is overweight” or “how to keep fat cat from eating other cat’s food“. This can be as easy as feeding your cats in separate rooms to deal with any food issues.

When it comes to exercise, laser pointers can be an excellent tool as multiple cats can both play with the same toy. Having multiple cats can also be a good way to encourage exercise as cats often play fight and wrestle.

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