How To Make Your Cat Fat And Healthy!

There are a large number of reasons your cat could be underweight. It may be ill, it may be old or it may have just gone off its current cat food brand. No matter the reason, it is important you do your best to get your cat upto a healthy weight ASAP. We often see people asking how to make your cat fat so we decided to publish this article.

One of the easiest ways to get your cat to gain weight is to feed it calorie dense cat foods. We published the below article for our readers a few weeks back that covers these different foods in depth.

The Best Cat Food To Gain Weight On The Market!

What Food Will Make A Cat Fat?

If you don’t have the time to read the above article, here is a quick overview. The most fattening cat food we were able to find during our research is the Clinicare feline Liquid Food. It is a liquid based cat food that is around 237 calories per can. Although this will be too much for your cat to eat in one sitting, you can use it over a number of days.

It can be used as a stand-alone meal for your cat to supercharge its calorie intake if required. Most cats should be able to transition from their current food brand to this without and problems. This is the perfect food if your cat suffers from jaw problems due to a cat being able to consume it via licking alone. If your cat is picky you can also mix it with your cat’s current food brand to avoid disruption. This is an easy way to increase the calories of your cat’s current meals.

The food has all the vitamins and minerals your cat requires and has been designed for a higher fat content. A higher fat content means higher calories per mouthful resulting in a fatter cat quicker. A number of owners have reported noticing their cat has gained weight after only five days of use.

It has a very faint smell of cat food while having the appearance of milk. Its liquid consistency makes it easy to add to dry and wet cat foods without having an effect on taste. When our readers ask how to make your cat fat, our first answer is to use a food like this. Its cheap, quick, easy and should be everyone’s first choice to get their cat to put weight on.

How To Make Your Cat Fat And Healthy!

How Can You Make Your Cat Fatter Without Changing Its Food?

Our next suggestion on how to make your cat fat is high-calorie liquid gels. These are another quick and easy way to get calories into your pet so it to gains weight quickly. Each teaspoon contains 28 calories and a ton of different vitamins and minerals. All you have to do is add as little as a teaspoon to your cat’s meal to increase its calorie intake.

Required calorie intake changes between indoor and outdoor cats so you will have to adjust their meals accordingly. An indoor cat should be given around 20 calories per pound of lean bodyweight and outdoor cats getting 35 calories.

If your cat is old or has jaw problems and struggles to chew then you can feed it this gel directly from a spoon. This is a quick and easy way to increase your cat’s intake and get it to put weight on quickly. A number of cat owners have reported seeing a visible difference in body mass and energy in only three days.

If your cat is underweight due to illness feeding it a number of small spread out meals may be best. If you decide to use this strategy then mixing in a calorie dense gel can be an excellent tool. It takes up a small amount of stomach space while offering a large number of calories.

How To Make Your Cat Fat!

How To Make Your Cat Gain Weight Without Changing Its Diet

Our next go to response on how to make your cat fat is to reduce its activities. If your cat is an outdoor cat and underweight due to illness this can be very effective. Simply keep your cat indoors until its bodyweight has returned to what it was prior to getting ill.

Although this is only a small temporary change, it can save upto 150 calories per day. This may not sound like much but it can be around a third of your cats daily calorie intake. This coupled with one of the above foods is able to help your cat gain weight extremely fast.

Some cat owners seem to struggle with the ethics of this method as they feel it is cruel. If this is the case, you have to think of the greater good and remember that it is only temporary. PETA has published this article on how to keep your cat happy while indoors that may give you some ideas.

How To Make Your Cat Fat With Supplements

Calorie dense cat treats and another excellent way to get your pet cat to gain weight. Although there are a number of different products on the market Temptations are one of the best. They have managed to get over 1500 positive reviews on with excellent feedback from customers.

Depending on how many treats you give your cat per day, they can become more expensive than the above options. Depending on the reason for your cat’s weight loss you may be able to use kitchen scraps as treats. Any meat or fish scraps can go down a treat while helping your cat gain weight.

How to get your cat to put weight on.

How To Make Your Cat Fat With The Veterinarian

If the above suggestions fail then we recommend you seek the advice of a veterinarian. Your cat may have an underlying medical issue such as an illness or even worms. If your cat does have worms it could be the reason for its weightloss while being easy to treat.

A full veterinarian checkup could also do your cat the world of good by identifying any other issues it has. Jaw problems are common amongst senior cats and can be a reason for a loss of apatite. Throat problems are also common with both being relatively easy to fix.

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