How To Make My Hedgehog Lose Weight!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make my hedgehog lose weight quickly and safely. Hedgehogs can be prone to weight fluctuations for a number of reasons with one of the most common ones being accidental overfeeding by the owner.

The tips and tricks we will be looking at in this article will be able to help you get your hedgehog back to a healthy weight. Depending on the breed of your hedgehog and its current weight, this may take a little time. It is better to use the strategy of slow and steady wins the race rather than try and get quick results.

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How To Make My Hedgehog Lose Weight!

When it comes to a hedgehog losing weight it comes down to manipulating the equation of calories in vs calories out, the two main pillars of weight loss. These are:-

  • Restricting your hedgehogs daily calorie intake.
  • Increasing your hedgehog’s daily calorie expenditure.

An overweight hedgehog may require a transition period where you slowly introduce the below changes into their lifestyle. If you feel your hedgehog is closer to being obese rather than just overweight then we recommend you seek professional advice from your local veterinarian before trying any of this.

How To Make My Hedgehog Lose Weight!

Taking Advantage Of Exercise

Excercise is an excellent way to not only bond with your pet hedgehog but also help it lose weight. We recently published a dedicated post on how to make a hedgehog exercise that goes into more detail than this post will but here goes.

Here are some common ways you are able to get your hedgehog to exercise:-

The above activities are relatively easy for any hedgehog owner to do with their pet. They increase its activity levels as well as its daily calorie expenditure helping it lose weight.

Make My Hedgehog Lose Weight!

Perfecting The Diet

The diet side of things is where most hog owners tend to go wrong with the reason almost always being exactly the same. Not only do they feed their hogs unsuitable treats but they also accidentally overfeed their hog resulting in unnecessary and avoidable weight gain!

If you think you may be falling prey to this then check out our ultimate hedgehog food list guide. It covers a massive amount of different food types and treats that your hedgehog can eat as well as offers advice on when to use them.

Another common problem that we see hedgehog owners repeating and resulting in their hogs gaining weight is that they will use an unsuitable staple food. We always recommend you use a high-quality hedgehog food as your hogs staple meal. Some hedgehog owners choose to feed their hogs cat food. If you fall into this basket then our post on the best cat food for hedgehogs may be able to point you in the right direction of what product to use.

Switching over to a better staple food for your hedgehog can help not only get its daily calorie intake inline but also get its macronutrient breakdown in line and help with weight loss.

Fattening up your hedgehog.

Is Your Hedgehog Now Underweight?

A common problem with hedgehog owners is they try to change their hedgehog’s weight too quickly. This usually results in a total swing from one side of being at an ideal weight to another. If you have accidentally overdone it and your hedgehog is now underweight, our article on making your hedgehog gain weight can help you.

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