How To Make A Hedgehog Maze Quickly!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make a hedgehog maze at home quickly. These mazes can be as large or as small as you like. Some hog owners decide to make large sprawling hedgehog mazes that can fill half of a room while others make smaller more manageable ones.

No matter your plans, the tips and tricks in this article will help you make your pet hedgehog a challenging yet fun maze to play in. Always supervise your hedgehog when it’s in the maze in case it decided to try an eat its way out or shows signs of stress.


How To Make A Hedgehog Maze

To make the ideal hedgehog maze, you will need a few materials. We will cover each of these below and although some of them are commonly found in the house, you can purchase them in stores or online if needed.

The Materials

Always try to get non-toxic animal-friendly materials in case your hedgehog decided to try and eat its maze.


Cardboard is one of the most commonly used materials used when making a hedgehog maze. It is ideal for making walls, ramps, obstacles, and towers.

Thankfully, cardboard is a cheap and readily available both in craft stores and online. Chances are you will already have spare cardboard around your house that you may be able to use to make your hogs maze.

If you need to purchase cardboard, we recommend trying to get corrugated shipping grade cardboard as it will make stronger, sturdier walls in the maze.

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Although not essential, a playpen designed for small animals can be used as a perimeter fence for your maze. If you plan to leave your hedgehog to play in its maze unattended then the playpen can stop your hedgehog wondering off and getting into trouble.

If you have other pets such as dogs or cats, a playpen can also help keep them away from your pet hedgehog while it plays. You click here to read independent reviews of this playpen from hedgehog owners.

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Another none essential item is various types of tubing. Adding a concealed tunnel element can be an interesting addition to your hedgehog maze for your hog to play in. That said if you have the spare time you can usually make some form of a tunnel out of cardboard if needed.

Always try to get tubing that is at least five inches wide to ensure it is large enough for your hog to safely play in.

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Finally, you will need to something to reliably attach everything together with. Although products like gorilla tape will secure the maze, if you leave any of it exposed and it gets attached to your hedgehog it may be a pain to remove. Always choose a tape that you feel is suitable!

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Finally onto the fun part! If you are anything like me then construction the maze is almost as enjoyable as seeing your hedgehog running around playing in it. Try to plan a suitable layout for your available space before starting.

If your craft skills are advanced enough, you can even try to add additional floors to the maze. If you chose to include tubing then add various tunneled areas too. Just keep in mind, if your hedgehog decided it wants to take a nap, you may want to be able to quickly get to the location of your hedgehog to put it back in its regular habitat.

How To Make A Hedgehog Maze Quickly!

Leaving A Path Of Treats

Although not essential, you can lace the maze with treats to add motivation for your hedgehog while it’s in the maze. If you need any help selecting treats then check out our hedgehog food list guide. It is the ultimate list of food and treats for hedgehogs and has a wide range of options that you can use.

A Hedgehog Maze In Action

The YouTube video below shows a hedgehog owner making her hedgehog a maze and then the hedgehog playing in it.

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