How To Make A Hedgehog Exercise!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make a hedgehog exercise. Not only will exercise help with accidental weight gain but it also increases overall health and life expectancy.

There are a number of ways that you are able to get your hedgehog to exercise in your home without the need for any expensive equipment.

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How To Make A Hedgehog Exercise

We have a bunch of hedgehog exercise ideas below that you can take advantage to help get your hod in shape quickly.

Using A Hedgehog Exercise Wheel

One of the easiest ways to get your hedgehog to exercise and get healthy is to use a hedgehog exercise wheel. They are cheap enough for any hedgehog owner to pick up with online or in a store and quick to install.

Some hedgehogs can take a while to get used to their exercise wheel. If your hedgehog is in this situation, our article on getting a hedgehog to use his wheel can help you.

A common problem we see hedgehog owners make is getting a wheel that is too small for hedgehogs. Click here to read independent reviews of the hedgehog wheel that we recommend.

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Using A Hedgehog Exercise Ball

Another popular option to get hedgehogs to exercise at home is a high-quality exercise ball. A thirteen-inch ball is large enough for the majority if not all hedgehog breeds when fully grown.

The ball will allow your hog to roam freely around your house while getting plenty of exercises. It can also be a good way to let your hedgehog out to exercise but prevent it from crawling into any nooks and crannies in your house where it will be hard to recover from. Click here to read independent reviews of this exercise ball from other hedgehog owners.

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Taking Your Hedgehog Swimming

Beleive it or not, hedgehogs are actually excellent swimmers and tend to really enjoy the activity. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise too meaning it will help your hedgehog get in shape and stay healthy.

A number of hedgehog owners will let their hogs swim in their bath or pond. We would always recommend that you observe your hedgehog when swimming in case it grows tired and requires your assistance. It is also a good idea to try to have something floating in the water such as some driftwood.  This allows your hedgehog to climb onto it whenever it chooses and take a break from swimming.

The below video shows just how much hedgehogs love playing in water and swimming.

Exercising In A Hedgehog Maze

A homemade hedgehog maze is another way to get your hedgehog to exercise in your home. Our post on how to make a hedgehog maze can be helpful if you need tips and advice on what to do.

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