How To Make A Ferret Tunnel!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make a ferret tunnel for your pet to play in. We will be covering both commercial and homemade solutions so you have various options on how to move forward with your ferret’s toys.

As you may have guessed, ferrets love playing in tunnels. It is their natural instinct to explore tunnels and they make an excellent addition to your ferret’s toolkit.

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How To Make A Ferret Tunnel

When looking to make a ferret tunnel system you will be surprised at what you have laying around your house that you can use as a tunnel. Although we will be covering how to make a DIY ferret tunnel later in the article, here are some basic items you may have in your house that you can use.

Spare Tunneling

This image is a good example of a tunnel made with spare tunneling.

Although you can pick ferret friendly tunneling up cheap online, some professions will use it as part of their job, and it can often be left over from home repairs or upgrades so some households do have access to it.

The image above shows a simple ferret tunnel made out of some spare tunneling that has been wrapped around a structure in the owners home. Even something as similar as this can add that extra dimension to your ferret’s life.

The image below is another good example of a ferret tunnel made out of spare tunneling. Rather than making a long-term structure as the owner above has, the owner below simply puts the tunneling on the ground for their ferret to play with. This may be a better option if you have to clear your ferret’s toys away at the end of each day.

Cardboard Boxes

This is a good example of a ferret maze made from cardboard boxes.

Many households will have leftover cardboard boxes in their homes from soft drinks, alcohol or food similar to those shown in the image above. You can make a variety of different ferret tunnels system by simply attaching these boxes and taping them together.

If you have enough spare space in your home you can start with a simple design and then add additional levels to it over time as you get more boxes. Many people will also add in different types of cardboard such as the cylindrical types of cardboard that certificates are usually shipped in. Just be sure they are wide enough for your ferret to get through safely.

Spare Bottles

This image is a good example of a ferret maze made with spare bottles.

Another common DIY tunnel system used by ferret owners involves bottles. Although the image above includes cardboard boxes to add that dimension of darkness to the tunnel. The bottles in the tunnel make up an additional element.

Almost all households will have spare plastic bottles, we will show you a method to make your own DIY bottle tunnel later in the article but you have to make sure your bottles are wide enough for your ferret to crawl through easily.

The Best Ferret Tubes And Tunnels

When it comes to commercially available ferret tunnels, we always recommend marshalls thru-way. They have been specifically designed for use with small animals and have been certified safe for their use. If you are using some spare tunneling left over from home repairs, it may have potentially toxic materials in it that could present a danger to your ferret.

The video below shows some ferrets playing in the tunneling system. You can see how much they enjoy it and how easy it is to lay down on the floor and leave your ferrets to do their own thing in the tunnel.

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DIY Ferret Tubes

The below are two good examples of two very different types of DIY ferret tubes. The first is a basic one with the second being a more advanced design.

Basic DIY Ferret Tunnels

The below video is an excellent example of making a quick and easy DIY ferret tube using nothing more than:-

  • Plastic Bottles.
  • Scissors.
  • Tape.

Advanced DIY Ferret Tunnels

This image is a good example of making an advanced DIY ferret tube that runs around the wall in your house. This is an excellent guide on how to make similar tunnels for your own home.

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