How To Make A Ferret Playground!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make a ferret playground. Our post on the ultimate ferret starter kit covers a number of toys that you can include but we will touch on most of them in this article too.

Most ferrets are very inquisitive and playful, even with items that are not designed to be entertaining. This works to our advantage, especially if you are on a budget as you can make toys for your ferrets playpen out of common items around the house.

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The Ultimate Ferret Playground Kit

The best part about making your own ferret playground if you can customize it as much or as little as you like. We have researched a number of ideas for ferret playpens and broken them down into three main brackets below.

Basic Playpens

These are usually made up of everyday household items that you have laying around the house. For example, many ferret owners choose to take advantage of items they order online and save up their packing peanuts and a large box. They then turn this into a toy for there pet ferrets as shown in the video below.

One thing we would say is that most packing peanuts are probably toxic to your pet ferret so supervise them as they are playing to ensure none are consumed.

A similar thing is to take an empty box and half fill it with rice to make your own dig box for your ferrets as shown in the video below. Again, ferrets should be supervised when playing as they should not be consuming rice.

Another common but overlooked item that you probably have laying around your house that you can add to your ferret playground is rolled up rug or yoga mat. The example in the video below is a yoga mat but you can see how much fun the ferrets have playing with it.

Ferrets can even turn an old sheet into something to play with. The video below shows two ferrets enjoying playing under an old sheet, you can even just throw the sheet on the floor with a few folds in it to let them borrow they way through.

Middle Of The Road Ferret Playpens

Middle of the road ferret playpens usually have had a small budget spent on them and a small amount of space to work with. They often use a pet playpen to restrict the space and then have a number of both commercial and homemade toys added to the playpen.

In addition to the homemade toys mentioned earlier in the article, popular commercial toy choices include:-

The possibilities really are endless and only limited by the imagination of the owner. The photo below is a good example of a middle of the road ferret playpen. It also incorporates the ferret’s cage into the play area, if you would like to do this then our post on creating a fun ferret cage may help give you ideas.

Advanced Ferret Playpens

Advanced ferret playpens usually require a large budget and a larger amount of space for your ferrets to call their own. Some people even dedicate full rooms to their pet ferrets playpen and add as many toys as possible to it for them.

Similar to the middle of the road ferret playpen above, advanced playpens usually contain both homemade and commercial ferret toys. In addition to the toys already mentioned:-

Many ferret owners who take this option may be out of the house for the majority of the day so they also include additional welfare items such as:-

The video below is a good example of an advanced ferret playpen where they have the roam of the full room with plenty of different toys available for their enjoyment.

The photo below is another good example of what we would class as an advanced ferret playpen.

How To Make A Ferret Playground

As we previously touched on, there is no real right or wrong way to make a ferret playground provider you minimize potential dangers to your ferret. You can use any of the options below and your ferret is sure to enjoy itself. You can randomly swap items in and out of the playground to keep things new and exciting for your pet ferret.

We have known some ferret owners to dig sub-terranean tunnel systems in their garden and bury ferret tubing in the holes then cover it with soil to make a full tunnel network. Every so often the tunnels will lead to a large object in their garden such as a chimney pot with a rain cover. These will allow your ferret to pop its head over the top of the pot to look around but keep it within the system.

These can be very enjoyable for your pet ferret but they can become a nightmare to care for. Remember your ferret loves to hide food so they quickly become filled with rotten food. If rainwater gets in then there is an added water hazard to your ferrets too. Sometimes your ferrets may choose to just sleep in the tunnel systems making it a nightmare to get to them if needed.

Making Your Own Ferret Toys

There are a number of different homemade ferret toys that you can make for free right at home. These toys can be added for additional enrichment to your ferret’s playpen.

Making Your Own Ferret Beds

You can also make your own interesting ferret beds for your pets if you like. Our post on how to make your own ferret bedding can help you come up with interesting ideas.

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