How To Make A Ferret Maze!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make a ferret maze at home out of stuff in your house. While doing out research for this post we have found some excellent ideas for ferret mazes that we will share below.

The majority of them only use things that you probably have laying around your house. That said, one or two may use additional items that can be picked up online cheap. Either way, we are sure that your ferret will love playing in its maze no matter what option you choose to take.

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Basic Ferret Mazes

The basic type of ferret mazes are simple, cheap, and easy to make. The majority of the items required could be in your home or garage right now. We have selected three basic level homemade ferret mazes below and we will spend a little time going over each.

A Basic Cardboard Maze

This image is a good example of a cardboard maze.

The above is one of the most basic ferret maze types going. It is a simple set up of pet-friendly cardboard sheets with holes cut into them to form the various pathways through the maze. This type of maze is quick and easy to make and your ferret will love it.

You can either cut slits in the cardboard sheets to attach them to each other or use tape. If you do choose to use tape then be aware that your ferret may bite the tape and consume some of it.

As ferrets love dark spaces, you can add that extra dimension of fun by putting a sheet over the top of it to block out the light. Your ferret will play in the maze and work its way through keeping itself occupied.

A Basic Drinks Box Maze

This is a good example of a ferret maze made from a drinks bottle box.

The drinks box maze is very similar to the cardboard maze above. It essentially uses empty soda boxes, alcohol boxes or food boxes like the image above or the video below. Either way, many households will have access to these and be able to quickly set up some type of maze for their pet ferrets.

The video below is a good example of a ferret maze made out of spare produce boxes. It shows the ferret playing and working its way through the maze and enjoying itself.

A Basic Tunnel Maze

This image is a good example of a basic ferret tunnel maze.

The above is a good example of a basic tunnel maze. Essentially, the owner has wrapped some ferret friendly tunneling around an object for their ferret to play in. Although it is a basic design, it is fun for ferrets to play in, it is also easy to scale up if you want to expand it in time.

The video below is a food example of how you can expand these tunnel mazes. This owner has simply added a cheap commercially available ferret ball pit to his maze to add that additional dimension for their pet.

Middle Of The Road Ferret Mazes

Middle of the road ferret mazes take a little more effort to set up. They usually have multiple levels to them and add in additional materials to keep things interesting for your pet ferret. We have chosen two examples of middle of the road mazes below.

The Cardboard Multi-Level Maze

This picture is a good example of a cardboard multi-level ferret maze.

This is a good example of a multi-level cardboard maze. They are still relatively easy and quick to make from items you may have in your home right now. Just remember when designing your multilevel maze, your ferret may decide to sleep or hide food in the middle compartments so try to make sure that you have access to them.

The example maze above has also added differently shaped cardboard to it to add an additional dimension. The cylindrical tube acts as a ramp between levels for the ferret to climb through. Different sizes of boxes can also help keep things interesting if you cut the pathway holes in different locations on the box.

A High-End Middle Of The Road Maze

This image is an excellent example of a high-end middle of the road ferret maze.

This is what we class as a high-end middle of the road ferret maze. The creator has invested time, effort, and money into making their ferret this fun and interactive maze. They have used a mixture cardboard and ferret friendly plastic tunneling to make this so most of the materials could be found in your house.

Although each box has been individually wrapped in wrapping paper, it is far from necessary and just ads additional cost and time to the job. We doubt that your ferret is going to care what the outside of its maze looks like.

Advanced Ferret Mazes

The advanced mazes really are something else. They not only require specific materials and skill sets to create, they can take up a considerable amount of time and money. With these advanced ferret mazes, the possibilities really are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Although we did find a few examples, the video below is our favorite example. It is a large wooden maze with a removable roof for easy access to your ferrets if required with a dig/borrowing box in the middle.

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