How To Make A Ferret Gain Weight!

[the_ad id=”4030″]In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make a ferret gain weight. There are a number of reasons your pet ferret may be underweight, it may be malnourished, it may have an illness or it may be recovering from surgery.

The tips and tricks in this article will be able to help any ferret owner get their pet to put on weight safely. That said, weight gain is a gradual process that takes time and effort. Don’t expect your ferret to gain weight overnight, it can take up to a month before you start to see any signs of weight gain. You can start tracking your pet’s weight gain progress more accurately and quickly with a set of pet scales.

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How To Make A Ferret Gain Weight

If you are looking at how to fatten up my ferret then you need to understand the two main pillars of weight gain, these are:-

  • Increase your pet ferrets daily calorie intake.
  • Decrease your pet ferrets daily calorie expenditure.

To get an underweight ferret to gain weight you have to play the game of calories in vs calories out.

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The calorie expenditure is relatively easy to deal with in ferrets, just do your best to limit your ferret’s ability to exercise. This does not mean you have to leave your ferret locked up in its cage all day. Just let it out to play for shorter time frames or let it out but put it into a pet playpen so it plays in a smaller space and usually burns fewer calories.

How To Make A Ferret Gain Weight!

Dealing with the diet side of the equation can be a little trickier. Tracking the calories your ferret consumes can be difficult, especially if you are not using a dry ferret food that tells you its exact calorie content by weight. A common reason for a ferret losing weight but still eating normally or increased meals is due to incorrect calorie calculations by the owner.

The average ferret will eat between five and seven percent of its body weight per day. The problem with this is different food types contain different amounts of calories when organized on a per weight basis.

You can increase your ferrets daily food calorie intake by supplementing their diet with additional meals or treats. Our ultimate food list for ferrets post covers a large number of different food types that you can use for either main meals or treats as well as some food types that should be avoided when feeding ferrets.

Make A Ferret Gain Weight!

The Best Foods To Fatten Up My Ferret

There are two main food types that ferret owners usually use as the main food type in their ferret’s diets. The first one is commercial dry foods and the second is raw meat-based foods. No matter the option you choose to feed your ferret, you are able to work it to your advantage to help your ferret gain weight.

Commercial Dry Foods

In our opinion, if you need your ferret to gain weight fast, commercial dry foods specifically designed for ferrets is the best option. You know exactly how many calories are in each serving of the food allowing you to test and adjust your ferret’s calorie intake from its meals.

Some ferret owners prefer to use either a kitten food or a cat food as the main feed for their ferret. Many of these products are not suitable for ferret consumption and can cause digestive issues amongst a few other problems.

In an attempt to help any of our readers in this situation we published the two posts below. We researched the available products for each pet and published an article covering the top three products for each.

There are two main ways to increase your ferret’s weight with any food type. You either increase the amount of food you give the ferret in each of its meals or you slightly reduce the food in each meal and add an extra meal at the end of the day. Either way will get additional calories into your ferret to help it gain weight.

Raw Meats

There are a number of different meats that you can feed your pet ferret that are readily available to ferret owners. Many ferret owners choose to feed their ferret their meats cooked. There’s little difference between the calorie content in a raw or uncooked meat. Raw meats do help mimic your ferret’s natural diet and do offer some health benefits though.

When choosing your meats try to choose the fattier cuts rather than leaner cuts. Fats are the essential energy source for ferrets and they are excellent for weight gain. Choosing fattier cuts not only helps provide your ferret with the nutritional profile it requires but also increase its daily calorie intake.

When trying to help your ferret increase its body weight feeding it raw meats use the same strategy we explained in the previous section.


There are a number of meat-based treats or table scraps that you can feed your pet ferret. The problem with this type of treat and helping your ferret gain weight is that you don’t know the calories in the treat. This makes it hard to know if its helping get your pet ferret into a calorie surplus.

We recommend using Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried treats as they are a fixed size with a fixed calorie content. This makes it much easier to accurately track the calories your ferret is consuming.

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Homemade Ferret Food To Gain Weight

Many people also choose to make their own food to assist with ferret weight gain. Although there are a number of different methods people use to make their own foods. Our post on making your own ferret food covers the basics. As we already mentioned earlier in the article, just to use the fattier cuts of meat in your own recipes.

My Ferret Gained Too Much Weight

If you have accidentally overdid it on the weight gain then our article on how to get a ferret to lose weight may help you.

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