How To Make A Ferret Cage Fun!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to make a ferret cage fun for your pet. Not surprisingly, a few small and simple additions to your pet’s enclosure can increase its enrichment drastically and give your ferret something fun to do.

You can be as elaborate as you like with these additions too, we have seen some excellent ideas while researching this post that we will cover throughout the article.

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How To Make A Ferret Cage Fun

Taking the time and effort to add a few items for ferret enrichment to your pet’s cage will be well appreciated. Our post on the ultimate ferret starter kit covers a number of items that you can add to your ferret’s cage to increase its fun factor but we will cover as many as we can in this post too.

While doing our research for this post we discovered a number of ferret cage setup ideas that cover a number of budgets. As the ideal ferret cage setup changes from person to person we have broken these down into the following three groups.

Basic Cage Setup

The basic setups are ideal if budget or space is a concern for you. You don’t have to break the bank to add an element of fun to your ferret’s cage, even a few small items are able to drastically increase a cages fun level.

For the more thrifty amongst us, something as simple as a shoe box with its noisy paper left inside can make an entertaining addition to your ferret’s cage as shown in the video below.

Some ferret owners also add the cardboard rolls from the center of a roll of toilet paper to their ferret’s cage. While these can be fun for your ferret, they can also present a potential hazard as shown in the video below. If you do choose to add these to your ferret’s cage, only do it while you are supervising playtime.

There are also a number of cheap and small items that you can add to your ferret’s cage to increase its potential fun levels. These include:-

The photo below is a good example of a ferret owner that has used these strategies to increase their cage fun levels for their pet ferrets.

Middle Of The Road Cage Setup

The middle of the road cage setup is usually has a higher budget and a little more space available for their ferret. The cage doesn’t have to be huge but a high-quality multi-level ferret cage can be fun in itself if you have more than one ferret living in it.

To move up to the next level you can add additional items to your ferret’s cage such as:-

The image below is a good example of a middle of the road cage. It takes up a fair amount of space but it has plenty of toys inside for the owner’s pet ferret to stay occupied with.

Advanced Cage Setup

The advanced cage setup won’t be needed by the vast majority fo ferret owners, especially if you only own a small number of them as your pets. It takes up a large amount of space and can have a high cost.

Not only do you increase the amount of cage space available that adds to the cost but you also add a bunch of toys that can include:-

The image below is a good example of what we could class as an advanced ferret cage. Like we said, it is massive overkill for the average ferret owner but she has done an excellent job of creating a fun environement for her pet ferrets to live in.

Fun Cage/Playpen Hybrid

There are also cage/playpen hybrids that you may like as shown in the image below. Our post on setting up a fun and interactive playpen for your ferret can help you with this.

Making Your Own Toys

There are a number of excellent, quick, and easy homemade ferret toys that you can make. These are usually free as the stuff is common in most houses and they can add additional enrichment to your ferret’s cage.

Making Your Own Fun Bedding

There are a number of fun and interesting homemade ferret bed and bedding ideas that you can use.

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