How To Keep Dogs Warm In Winter!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to keep dogs warm in winter. We have seen a number of people asking similar questions so we decided to publish this article in an attempt to help any of our readers with this same problem.

We will be focusing on three main areas of keeping your dog warm during the winter months. These are How To Keep Your Dog Warm During Walks In Winter, How To Keep A Dog House Warm In The Winter, and What To Put In A Dog House For Bedding.

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How To Keep Dogs Warm In Winter

Keeping a dog warm outdoors in winter can present quite the challenge depending on the expected temperatures for your geographical location during winter time. The temperature can have an effect on your dogs walking routine as well as its living conditions, especially if you keep your dog outdoors year round.

How To Keep Your Dog Warm During Walks In Winter

Your dogs walking is an essential part of its routine, not only does it provide, it with essential exercise for it to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle but it also provides an opportunity for it to socialize with other dogs as well as do its business.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to help protect your dog from the cold winter weather no matter how cold it gets!

Doggy Jackets

A high-quality doggy jacket is the quickest, easiest, and often the cheapest way to provide your dog with some protection from the harsh winter elements during its walk.

As they come in a number of sizes, there is definitely something that will help keep all dog breeds warm. Simply wrap your dog up in its coat, put its leash or harness on and take it for its regular walk.

Doggy Boots

A set of high-quality doggy boots provide another quick and easy way to offer your dog protection from the winter elements. One thing to note with doggy boots is that some dogs can make a fuss about letting you put them on your dog, if this is the case for you, our article on how to get your dog to wear doggy boots will help.

Not only are your dog’s paws susceptible to frostbite when walking in winter, they are also a major source of heat loss. Putting a set of doggy boots on your dog is a quick and easy, sure-fire way to protect your dog’s paws with a physical barrier.

Dry Your Dog Off As Soon As You Get Home

Always ensure that you dry your dog off as soon as you get back from your walk. Your dog will continue to lose body heat while wet that can lead to cold and in some cases hyperthermia. Additionally, a wet dog can smell pretty bad and end up smelling your house out. If your dog does smell bad when wet, our article on how to keep your dog smelling good between baths may help.

Limit Your Dogs Swimming

If you live out in the countryside, there is a good chance there are ponds, lakes, streams or other water features along your dogs walking route. Although most people are away that this water is usually freezing cold during the winter months, they will still let their dog roam off their leash around these water features.

A quick and easy tip to reduce the chance of your dog jumping in the freezing water is to simply put it back on its leash until you have walked to an area without them. This only takes a few seconds but totally removes the chance of your dog running and jumping into a water feature not understanding that it will be very cold.

How To Keep Dogs Warm In Winter!

How To Keep A Dog House Warm In The Winter

Moving on to the next section of the article, we will now be taking a look at how to keep an outdoor dog house or kennel warm during the winter months.

Use A Kennel Heater

Rather than go into great detail on kennel heaters for your dog’s kennel during winter, we will just link you to our post on the best kennel heaters on the market. It goes into much more detail as it is a dedicated article on the topic.

Hot Water Bottles

A simple, yet often overlooked way to help keep your dog warm in its kennel during the winter months is to use a high-quality hot water bottle. Chances are, you could already have an old hot water bottle in your house that can be used for your dog.

Simply warm it up to the temperature that you desire and then place it in your dog’s kennel at night to help keep it warm. You can even place it in your dog’s bed or blankets depending on its sleeping arrangements.


Taking steps to insulate the roof and walls of your dog’s kennel is another easy win to help keep your dog warm during the winter months. Always try to get metal based insulation to reduce the chances of your dog eating it. Additionally, always try to place the insulation between the wood of the kennel to further reduce the chance of your dog accidentally eating it.

Raise Your Dog Off The Ground

The first tip and the one that in our opinion most dog owners overlook is to raise your dog off the ground. This is usually good practice year round rather than just in the winter months as it helps put a barrier between your dog and the ground.

During winter, in particular, your dog can lose a large amount of heat to the ground when walking around or sleeping in its dog kennel. A simple way to prevent this is to place your dog’s kennel on some decking. The wood decking provides a simple layer of protection between your dog and the ground while not only protecting your dog from the elements but also helping the kennel retain heat.

How To Keep Dogs Warm.

How To Keep A Dog Warm In The Garage During Winter

Although not technically outdoors, your garage can still get cold during the winter months. Many garages now have heating in them that is attached to the main house. This is the easiest way to keep your garage at a regular temperature during the winter months for your pet dog.

Additionally, you can also deploy the tips covered earlier in the article or in the next section add additional comfort and warmth to your garage for your dog during the winter months.

What To Put In A Dog House For Bedding

Moving onto the next section of the article, we will be taking a look at what you can use in your dog’s kennel as bedding to help keep it as warm as possible during the winter months.

A Warm Dog Bed

A high-quality, comfortable, and warm dog bed should make up the very basis of the items in your dog’s kennel. It offers a comfortable place for it to sit and sleep while also offering it protection from the bitter cold of the floor.

A good dog bed like the one pictured to the right is a quick, easy, and cheap way to increase your dogs standard of living and keep it warm.

You can also follow on to this with our next tip below.

Thick Blankets

Adding some high-quality thick blankets to your dog’s kennel is another excellent way to help increase the warm during the winter. The doughnut ring is a technique of positioning various blankets around your dog’s bed as if it were a doughnut in an attempt to trap as much heat as possible.

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