How To Help Your Cat Pass A Hairball Quickly And Easily!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to help your cat pass a hairball as quickly and easily as possible. Hairballs are the bane of many cat owners lives and we always see a steady number of cat owners asking for assistance on how best to deal with the problem.

We have researched the topic to save our readers having to do it themselves and hope that this article will help as many of our readers as possible. We have found what we feel is the best commercial product on the market as well as one home remedy that has had some success in helping cats pass hairballs.

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How To Help Your Cat Pass A Hairball

In our opinion, the quickest, cheapest, easiest, and most efficient method to help your cat pass a hairball is to use Laxatone Hairball Relief. It has managed to establish itself as the market leading product in the niche quickly without any real competition due to the high-quality of the product.

There are already a large number of cat owners, especially long haired cat owners making up the products core customer base. You can click here to read a number of reviews left over by these third-party, independent cat owners on their experiences with the product. We feel sharing these reviews of the product without readers help to offer a well-rounded opinion from as many sources as possible.

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Features And Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, Laxatone Hairball Relief has been the leading product in its niche since its release, what we failed to mention that it was released over thirty-five years ago! This gives an indication of how effective this product really is as well as helping to remove any worries you may have of using the product on your pet cat.

The product has been designed to be as effective as possible while being totally pain-free and gentle to your pet cat at the same time. It is quick and easy to administer to your cat and we have a video later in the article showing you how quick and easy it is to get your cat to eat it. Once Laxatone Hairball Relief has been administered to your cat, it quickly gets to work to help pass any hairballs in your cat’s system.


Question – Where is Laxatone Hairball Relief made?

Answer – It is made in Canada and distributed in the United States by a company in Texas.

Question – Are any of the ingredients in Laxatone Hairball Relief sourced from China?

Answer – No, due to the recent horror stories of ingredients sourced from China, Tomlyn have taken all steps possible to prevent these ingredients getting in their product.

Question – Does Laxatone Hairball Relief contain corn syrup?

Answer – Yes it does, we have an image of the full ingredients list later in the article.


We have found the below reports from third-party, independent cat owners online who currently are or recently have used Laxatone Hairball Relief on their cats to deal with hairballs. We have summarised the reports below to make them quicker to read for our readers to get through but you can click on the links to read the original report in full if you wish.

  • This report comments on how they have a long haired cat that has always had problems with hairballs. They mention how they have previously tried other methods to help their cats pass their hairballs but they either failed to work or were not very effective. They mention that they decided to try and find a product to help their cat pass any hairballs that had built up and settled on Laxatone Hairball Relief. They mention how their cat likes the taste of the product and that they give their cat one single dose per day and they feel that it has helped their cat’s hairball issues.
  • This report comments on how their cats love Laxatone Hairball Relief and that they actually think that it is a cat treat rather than medication. They mention that they simply add it to the top of their cat food each day and they eat it without issue and often before they eat their main food. They then go on to say how they have previously used other products on the market but their cats did not like the products and simply wouldn’t eat it. They also say that before using Laxatone Hairball Relief they would end up cleaning up around fourteen hairballs each week whereas after supplementing their cat’s diet with this product they were down to cleaning up one single hairball in the same time frame.
  • This report comments on how their long-haired pet cat ended up stopping eating. At first, they thought that it would be a worming issue but after deworming their cat the issue persisted. They then go on to say that they decided to give Laxatone Hairball Relief a try. They mention that they gave some to their pet and work up to a massive hairball that their cat had passed and their cat started to eat again.
  • This report comments on how their pet cat would regularly have two or three hairballs every single week without fail. They go on to say that they started to supplement their pet cats diet with Laxatone Hairball Relief and that he has not had a single hairball since. They also mention how they simply add it to their cats meal and their cat eats it without knowing it.
  • This report comments on how their cat loves Laxatone Hairball Relief and he will simply lick the gel directly off their owner’s finger as it is Tuna flavored. They mention how their cat’s issues seem to have gone after being supplemented with the product.

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Ingredient Profile

The image below shows the full ingredient profile directly from the packaging for Laxatone in Tuna for Hairball Relief.

Giving Your Cat Its Gel

The video below shows what we feel is the best way to get your cat to quickly and easily take its Laxatone in Tuna for Hairball Relief medication to help it pass its hairball.

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Natural Hairball Remedy For Cats

The video below covers a natural hairball remedy for cats that you may be able to take advantage of. Although it can work, may cat owners report it not being very effective for them.

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