How To Get Your Puppy To Eat Dry Dog Food!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your puppy to eat dry dog food. Although dry food is arguably better for your puppy, and better for your wallet as it lasts longer once opened, some puppies can struggle to adjust to it. One theory is that wet food is easier for them to consume and has a closer texture to their mother’s milk.

The tips and tricks in this article have proven to help dog owners get their puppies eating dry dog food in no time. They are quick and easy to implement and can start showing results in as little as a single week.

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How To Get Your Puppy To Eat Dry Dog Food

Although you can give some puppies a small amount of dry dog food from around the four week period, this should still be supported by their mother’s milk. It is not advised to move them over to anything but solid food until the six to eight-week-old mark (read more). Depending on your dog’s breed, puppy food will provide all of their nutritional needs until the 12-24 month mark (read more).

Now that’s out of the way, let’s move on to how to actually get your puppy to eat dry dog food. The easiest way is to start off with small amounts of a high-quality dry puppy kibble. There are two situations where you may want to get your puppy eating dry dog food.

The first is during the weaning process when moving your puppy onto food rather than its mother’s milk. The second is if you want to transition your dog away from wet food onto dry food.

Moving To Dry Dog Food From Your Puppies Mothers Milk

Initially, one or two pieces of food will be enough to help get your puppy used to the new taste and texture of the food. You can also put some of the puppy food in a bowl to let the puppy eat it when it likes.

As explained above it is better to start this process at around the four week period. This will mean that your puppies diet is still mainly its mother’s milk but is being supported by the dry food. If you start transitioning later then there is a risk the mother may stop producing milk leaving you with potential problems if your puppy doesn’t take to the dry food quickly.

Get your puppy to eat dry dog food.

Transitioning Your Puppy From Wet To Dry Food

If your puppy is already eating wet food then you have a little more wiggle room as you can always purchase more wet food if required, you cant get your puppies mother to produce more milk. As with any direct dog food change, it is usually best to use a transitioning period of up to four weeks. This will help prevent any digestive upset as well as slowly get your puppy used to its new good.

This is how we advise you go about the transitioning process.

  • 75% wet food 25% dry food.
  • 50% wet food 50% dry food.
  • 25% wet food 75% dry food.
  • 100% dry food.

Each phase can last anywhere from two days to a week. While transitioning your puppy over to dry food, try to restrict any additional food sources to help encourage it to consume its main meal.

how to get your puppy to eat dry dog food.

The Gravy Or Bone Broth Trick

If you are struggling to successfully implement any of the above methods then you can use the gravy or bone broth trick (our post on how to make bone broth for dogs). Most dogs tend to find a high-quality gravy or a high-quality bone broth delicious.

Simply warm up the gravy or bone broth, check that it is not too hot and then pour it over your puppies meal of dry dog food. Not only does this help soften the kibble for your puppy but it also adds a new exciting flavor. The sensation of their food being warm may also encourage your puppy to eat its food.

Similar to the transitioning process above, slowly reduce the amount of gravy or bone broth you put on the food over time. This will help gradually get your puppy used to having to eat dry food rather than having to make the transition overnight.

The Best Tasting Dry Dog Food For Puppies

When it comes to the best puppy food on the market, we always recommend Blue Buffalo Dry Puppy Food. It is available in five different flavors to ensure there is something available for all pallets although the more popular ones often sell out.

The food mix has been specifically designed for puppies and is totally free from corn, wheat and soy. This helps reduce the risk of any potential digestive issues in your puppy. It is one of the best natural puppy foods on the market with a high protein content. The formula has also been designed to promote strong bone and teeth growth in your puppy as well as a healthy skin and coat.

It has proven extremely popular with puppy owners and has over 950 positive reviews on at the time of writing.

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My Puppy Suddenly Stopped Eating Dry Food

If your puppy suddenly stops eating but it usually a fan of his food, look for signs of illness. Unfortunately, not all signs are visible, things such as intestinal blockages require the aid of a veterinarian.

If your puppy is young then it may be teething. The pain of eating dry dog food while teething can often discourage even the keenest of eaters. You can test for teething by applying slight pressure to your dog’s gums and observing your dog’s reaction.

You can try to offer your puppy a high-quality treat such as some meat-based table scraps to see if it eats. This can sometimes help give you a better indication but it can be hit and miss and a trip to your local veterinarian is always the best way to go.

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