How To Get Your Labrador To Lose Weight!

In this article, we will be taking a look at how to get your Labrador to lose weight. There are a few reasons you may need your dog to lose weight, most commonly it is due to your dog not getting enough exercise and having too much food.

These tips and tricks are quick and easy for anyone to implement in their Labradors routine. Just like humans, weight loss in dogs takes time, it may take a month before implementing these changes before you even notice any difference in your Labrador. If you are going to weigh your dog to track it’s weight loss then be sure to weigh it at the same time each weigh in day. This will help ensure that your weight does not fluctuate from food or water consumed during the day.

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How To Get Your Labrador To Lose Weight

Getting your labrador back down to its ideal weight will rely on the two pillars of weight loss. These pillars are:-

  • Exercise
  • Diet

The two pillars work synergistically with each other and although you will see a benefit by doing on correctly. Doing both correctly together will deliver exponential results.

How To Put Your Labrador On A Diet

The key to putting your Labrador on a successful diet is to select a high-quality dog food designed for weight loss. These dog foods have been specifically designed with a lower calorie content to assist with your dog’s weight loss. That said, they still delivered the required vitamins and minerals required to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements.

Different brands will advise you offer your dog different amounts of their food mix for optimal weight loss. This is due to the different ingredients and macronutrient breakdowns different brands use in their foods. Always offer the recommended amount of food per meal according to the packaging of your chosen dog brand.

Many dog owners also make the mistake of overfeeding their dog with the wrong type of dog treats. Most brands of dog treats will offer advice on a maximum number of treats to give your dog per day. That said while trying to get your dog to lose weight, try to reduce treats to a minimum.

Using A Food Transition Period

If you do choose to switch your dog over to a high-quality lower calorie dog food then we advise you use a transitioning period. This will increase the chances of your dog moving over to the new food without protest or any digestive upset.

Each phase of the transition can take anywhere from a day to a week. It all depends on your dog and how quickly it adapts to the new food. We recommend you do a transition similar to this:-

  • 75% old food, 25% new low-calorie food.
  • 50% old food, 50% new low-calorie food.
  • 25% old food, 75% new low-calorie food.
  • 100% new low-calorie food.

How to get your labrador to lose weight.

Making Sure Your Labrador Gets Plenty Of Exercises

The second pillar of getting your Labrador to lose weight and get in shape is plenty of exercises. One mistake many dog owners make is choosing the wrong toy for their dogs to play and exercise with. Our article on how to get your dog to play with toys may help you with this.

As Labradors are a retrieving breed, the best types of toys for them to encourage exercise are usually balls. As they also like to chew their toys a high-quality ball is probably the best option so they don’t break it within a few minutes.

Simply take your Labrador out to an open space free from traffic and throw the ball for it to retrieve for you. If possible, try to throw the ball into long grass or bushes as your dog’s natural instinct is to rummage through the long grass looking for downed game birds.

If you are unable to get out to an open space, you can simply play fetch with your dog in your garden or yard. The distance does not have to be long, the goal is simple, get your labrador’s heart rate up to exercise.

Over this, this form of exercise is perfect to help your Labrador lose weight, especially when matched up with a high-quality low-calorie dog food.

Get your labrador to lose weight.

Making Your Labrador Healthy

We recently published this article on how to make your labrador healthy. Although not only based around helping your Labrador lose weight, it may be some good extra reading for you.

The Best Labrador Food For Losing Weight

We also published this article on the best dog food for Labradors. Although in that particular article, we recommend that you feed your dog a taste of the wild dog food. The article is based on the general wellbeing and health of your dog, not how to get your Labrador to lose weight. Although in our opinion, it is the best dog food for general use with your Labrador its calorie content is not designed to assist with losing weight.

When it comes to losing weight, we recommend you feed your Labrador Wellness CORE Natural Low Fat Dog Food. It’s lower fat food mixture has a lower calorie density to assist you with your goals of your Labrador dropping the excess weight.

How Many Calories Should A Labrador Eat To Lose Weight

If you have an overweight labrador then you probably need to know how much food you should feed it to work towards it losing weight. Thankfully Wellness CORE Natural Low Fat Dog Food comes with a portion guide for their food mix.

As you can see in the image below. It is based off the weight of your dog. This is because dogs mature at different rates and different dog breeds will require different amounts of food at different ages. Thankfully, the weight of your dog is the best indication as to how much food you should feed it each day.

How Many Calories Should A Labrador Eat To Lose Weight - how to get your labrador to lose weight.

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